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It only took 43 years: Wolfpack Club makes move to improve Carter Finley traffic flow

Alternative Title: After 43 years, Wolfpack Club takes leadership of Athletics Department’s responsibility (again) After last week’s game against South Carolina, SFN opened an interesting thread on the message boards asking people to share their ‘non-football’ experiences at Carter-Finley. As a Stadium SE permit holder, I have noticed the last several years that nobody has […]

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NCAA strikes a much needed blow against injustice, SEMOST style

  “The NCAA hasn’t busted a single big-time men’s basketball program in nearly two years. It hasn’t nailed a major football program in nearly 15 months. It’s the longest stretch of compliance for the once iron-fisted organization in 46 years and the second longest ever according to an analysis of the NCAA’s major infractions database.” […]

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Technician falls under the evil mind control of SFN, but some still resist!!!

Flashback: March 30th, 2006 from “Kennel Delivers Annual Communique To The Masses”: Dear Chancellor Oblinger, NC State is a Great University, and you are doing an excellent job building upon the strengths of previous Chancellors and taking us even further. Sincere thanks to you. [snip] Finally, I wish to state my personal support for whatever […]

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