Your “And Then, Depression Set In” Miami Open Thread

Wow, that was an ugly 8+ minutes, huh?

75-59, 8:45 (give or take) to play.

At Home.

We Gott dis.


We don’t Gott dis?





 John Gillon – 43 pts

Instant reactions: NC State drops overtime loss to Syracuse (

1) John who?

John Gillon spent a year at Arkansas-Little Rock and three at Colorado State before transferring to Syracuse this year. The 6-foot point guard had played in 117 college basketball games before Wednesday night and never scored 30 points in a game.

Gillon had 43 in Syracuse’s 100-93 overtime win at N.C. State. He was an incredible 9 of 10 from the 3-point line and perfect 14 of 14 from the foul line. Gillon also threw in nine assists for good measure.

He entered the game with an 8.9 scoring average but did have 21 points and 11 assists in Syracuse’s win over Florida State on Saturday. Still, in Syracuse’s first nine ACC games, Gillon was 12 of 38 from the 3-point line. He nearly matched that total on Wednesday.

Crazy to think I’ve seen Steph Curry score 40 points here in an NCAA tournament game (on eight 3s) and Marcus Paige light the place with seven 3s in a half but Gillon’s performance topped them all.

2) Rolling hot, stopped cold

N.C. State couldn’t have played any better than it did in the first 12 minutes of the second half. Dennis Smith Jr. (15 assists) was dealing, Maverick Rowan (31 points) and Terry Henderson (16 points) were both hitting from outside and forward Abdul-Malik Abu was scoring inside.


The problem for N.C. State is the mathematical reality of the situation. At 3-7 in the ACC, the Wolfpack is more than likely going to be playing on Tuesday in the ACC tournament. That’s not good.

There are no gimmes left and they can’t take care of business at home (losing to Georgia Tech, Wake Forest and now Syracuse). That’s not good either.

‘Nuff said.

 Miami at NC State

I don’t have much to say about Miami or this game.  We already made them look like world beaters once this season.  You ‘member that, right?

Hopefully we don’t do it again. But also we might do it again.

Tipoff: Saturday, February 4th, 3pm

Coverage: ACCNetwork (Locally on WRAL5)

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Three to know: Miami at N.C. State (

1. We gotta guard them, too

When the story of this season is written, the lack of improvement on the defensive end will likely be what’s pointed to as this team’s fatal flaw. It was a worry when, in nonconference play, small-conference schools kept pace with the Wolfpack and name-brand foes had scoring binges.

It’s only gotten worse in ACC play. Conference opponents are shooting 47.7 percent from the field and 42.6 percent from beyond the arc. The Wolfpack’s league foes are averaging 86 points per game.

Overall, N.C. State ranks 199th out of 351 teams in defensive efficiency according to

Too often, the Wolfpack seems to lack effort when playing man-to-man and cohesion when it goes to any zone look. That showed on Wednesday night when Syracuse’s John Gillon, who scored a PNC Arena record 43 points, had no trouble getting open and almost single-handedly brought the Orange back from a 16-point hole to win 100-93 in overtime.

2. Return match

The Wolfpack and Hurricanes have already tangled once this season with Miami taking an 81-63 win on Dec. 31 in Coral Gables.

Led by forward Kamari Murphy, who had a double-double, the Hurricanes outrebounded the Wolfpack 41-33 and notched 40 points in the paint.

But the most intriguing part of the game was the matchup between Fayetteville freshman Dennis Smith Jr. and Miami’s Ja’Quan Newton. In his ACC debut, the Wolfpack’s point guard didn’t disappoint, putting up 21 points and five rebounds. But Newton was up for the challenge, registering 21 points of his own.


Miami Hurricanes at North Carolina State: Live Streaming and Game Info (

Miami and North Carolina State previously met in the ACC opener on New Year’s Eve at the Watsco Center. The Hurricanes doubled a nine point halftime lead in the second half on their way to an 81-63 victory.

Newton lead Miami with 21, Reed had 20 and Brown 17. Kamari Murphy also finished in double figures with 11. The Hurricanes shot 47.7 percent from the floor and held NC State to 38.9 percent. The Wolfpack did make 10 of their 23 three-point attempts. Miami was also dominant on the boards with a 41-33 advantage.

Lack of scoring outside the big three and turnovers have plagued Miami all season. In the last meeting, the Hurricanes committed only eight turnovers against the Wolfpack. If they can keep the turnovers down and dominate the rebounding, they should be in the game late.

North Carolina State has great balance with five players averaging in double figures. They are led by freshman sensation Dennis Smith Jr. Smith averages 18.7 points per game, 6.9 assists, 4.7 rebounds and 2.2 steals. He is listed as the consensus fourth pick in the NBA draft in June according to NBADraft.Net.

Go Pack!!!!!

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    Herbie’s doing good stuff with Santa Clara, anyone know if he wants to come back?….maybe as an AD?


    This is just crap. These guys can not play a full game. Always fall apart in the final 10 minutes. and we run the same stuff, that ain’t working. Losers! Or should I say a loser coach? Please fire him! Inexcusable.


    Seems it’s something different every game. Today, rebounding killed us


    Like we needed it, but this is further proof Lutz was the glue.

    Imagine the possibilities if Lutz were HC and Gott was just an assistant out recruiting. We had it backwards.

    I’ll say it again.. time to mortgage the entirety of the athletics program on Archie Miller. Whatever it takes.


    Forget a win…would just like to watch a game and someone on the opposing team NOT get a career high.


    Truly at a loss for words. The evidence is all there and even the signed confession. If a change isn’t made we may never be able to dig out. DSJ is long gone after this year and the transfers will happen. Assistant coaches will leave while they have a chance as well. So sad.


    Rivers get it.


    Insert “Brian Kelly Quote” here!!


    I think that frequently (usually) our team doesn’t expect to win, especially in a close game like today…therefore, we don’t…it has become a broken record self-full-filling prophecy of failure. It’s gotten downright fugly…


    The problems we have are 100% due to coaching. Gott either completely mailed it in this year or Lutz was running the show before. So the good news is the problem has been identified.


    well, IF, big IF, Dennis, Yurt and Abu become respectable NBA players in a year or so, I’d like to hear Gott’s take on that..all that talent and the NIT doesn’t even come calling?…Yeah, I know, you were “on your way to Phoenix, and one thing led to another, and the plans got all effed up”…..Ok, “Death before Disco” Dennis…


    The reason state loses in many ways is that Gott does not make adjustments to counter whatever the opposition is doing. That is what good coaches do.


    With the talent on this team Mike K would have State in one of the top 3 spots.


    Tony Bennett or Jim Larranaga would probably be undefeated. They’d shit their pants if they had the chance to work with this level of talent.


    Gott meets his team…


    I meant WITH EXCITEMENT, not how WE shit our pants.


    This season should do it for GOTT.


    I really wanted this to be the season where the program takes off. All the talent is there. The depth is there. This is ALL on the head coach. He has to be fired. I will e-mail Ms. Yow with that request.


    I’d rather sit through two to three years of losing seasons with a young not so talented roster than watch just one more gd game where we give up 30 open, uncontested three point shots or allowing opposing team players to have career nights. Good luck in the NBA Dennis, thank you for the pack family loyalty. Yurt7, check you on a D league roster if not another D1 squad that will properly develop you (probably your better route). Malik, good luck young man, Mav…sorry bro, graduate early and get the f out that way you could play immediately somewhere and get some exposure.

    Seriously, just checked the box score, seriously….Kapita and Markel played just 2 minutes each. Stellar, absolutely stellar job Gott


    I want all the players back and all the coaches gone.

    I’ve been saying since day one that we’d have been better off with Lutz coaching and Gott recruiting. Looks like that’s obvious.

    Miami just had two guys get career highs, out rebounded us and shot 50% from 3. Seem like trends?


    I’ve been saying since day one that we’d have been better off with Lutz coaching and Gott recruiting. Looks like that’s obvious.

    yes sir, brother.. i didn’t see where you said that, but we’d have us a contender this year I think if that were to be the case.. but it wasn’t meant to be.. at least the issue has been exposed.


    Outscored by the Miami bench 35 to 2. Wow! Every game somebody has a career high, and usually shooting 3s. Horrible excuse for coaching and drawing a paycheck. We are certainly capable, with our talent, of beating anyone, but just lost on the court with what to do. Still scratching my head at DSJ at the top of the key, dribbling the ball, with 48 seconds, letting time run down, trailing by 8. No (I) in team.


    Minus another 1983 run at a championship, Gott has to be toast for next year in Raleigh. Then again we are NC State so who knows, we may extend his contract lol.


    Write your “representatives”

    Bobby Purcell ([email protected])

    Dr. Randy Woodson <[email protected]>

    You can google an NCSU email directory and find Dr. Woodson. Same for the WPC.

    My LTR’s are now paid up. I was going to start additional giving (like a Tile in Reynolds)….NO MORE. I will continue to purchase my tickets and pay my dues, but NOT ONE FARTHING MORE….

    That also includes NCSU apparrel. I usually spend about $150 – $200 or so per year. THAT is being curtailed.


    Hey guys you know what is really bad if Gott dont win another game this year. His last two years will not even match Lowes record.

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