Here comes Dennis Smith Jr.

h/t for picture from NC State basketball

Even though that this is a few days old, we wanted to make sure that everyone saw this really good profile of incoming freshman basketball point guard Dennis Smith Jr. Joe Giglio of the News and Observer.

In the article, Smith says:

“I want to come in and win games and have a pretty good season,” Smith said in an interview earlier this summer. “Ultimately I want to win a championship.”

“A championship” sounds vague, does Smith care to narrow that down?

“You have to start with the ACC championship,” said Smith, who is rated as the No. 7 player in the freshmen class by 247 Sports. “That’s the first one. That comes with winning games. And eventually win the national championship. That’s the ultimate goal.”

Another really interesting article regarding Smith is from

Smith Jr. committed to NC State in November, deciding to attend the school that his father and grandmother grew up rooting for. He chose the Wolfpack because, as he said, their coaching staff built trust ‘by coming to every game they could come to.” But then came another decision: He wanted to enroll early.

The idea behind the decision was multi-fold. For starters, he needed to rehab, and both father and son knew that the best possible treatment he could get on the knee would come from the NC State coaching staff. Plus, it would also give him a jump-start on academics. Once on campus, Smith Jr. thrived academically as well. He finished 18 credits during a time that he could have easily been at home, cruising through his final season of high school ball.

Instead, he was on campus getting to know his teammates, making friends and enjoying one class in particular.

“Sociology,” Smith Jr. said, when asked what his favorite class was. “That’s my major. I like sociology. It’s the study of human interaction.”

He played with teammates Maverick Rowan and Abdul-Malik Abu at Adidas Nations this weekend, and anyone watching closely could see an already emerging chemistry among the trio. Add in other members of a highly-ranked recruiting class and several other returning upperclassmen, and the Wolfpack could be in for a surprise 2016-17 season.

Smith will be passing the ball to a couple of guys who are showing some pretty good verticals so far this preseason:



As the football team prepares to face Wake Forest on Saturday, these stories and videos remind everyone that basketball is not too far away.

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    h/t for picture from NC State basketball Even though that this is a few days old, we wanted to make sure that everyone saw this really good profile of
    [See the full post at: Here comes Dennis Smith Jr.]


    A loss to WF would shift a lot more attention to basketball.

    State basketball certainly has a lot of interesting pieces. Time will tell if the pieces will make a whole team or not.


    Fall always brings cool weather, the fair and the basketball hype.
    Hopefully we live up to it.


    I cannot wait to see DSJ suit it up for the Pack. Most anticipated player to wear the red and white in my memory. (I was 2-3 when David Thompson showed up.)

    Hopefully Yurt will be given clearance Clarence.


    Watched the Gott press conference on WRAL… Gott says he 100% fully believes Dennis is going to be the best PG in the country, and said he thinks he could be the #1 draft pick this year.

    Hype machine at full throttle! But for real, we’ve got one heck of a roster this year. Here’s to hoping everyone stays injury free.

    Prowling Woofie

    Hoping one ball will be enough to keep everyone happy…


    Why does anyone including DSJ himself talk about early enrollment with regards to classes and his major if he is one and done?

    Prowling Woofie

    Meanwhile, Anya reports at 344 pounds…


    A King Hippo that eats is a King Hippo that produces (historically). Plus, we only need 10-15 mpg from him if Yurt is cleared.


    The only reason I see that BJ is still on the team is that we have a “good coach”.
    He’s GOTT more than his share of “love” and at this point, there’s a dozen other guys on the squad, coach can have more success with. Coach has GOTT to spend the “love” around, you know. But then, there’s that NOlostsheep thing.

    Roundball starts in 15 days!!!
    Be there or BeJay!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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