Baseball Regular Season Finale – Heels Come to Town

Time’s running out for Wolfpack Baseball (32-17, 13-12 ACC) to distinguish themselves as one of the top 8 teams in the nation as the Pack took it on the chin this past weekend at Louisville. When the dust settled, the Cards had not only swept the Pack, but also limited State to 3 runs in 3 games and never trailed at any point in any of the three games.

‘Twas not a good series for the Pack.

No time like the present for a little home cooking as State returns to the friendly confines of Doak Field to host Carolina for the regular season finale this weekend.

Frankly, both teams are struggling as they approach the finish line. Carolina is fighting to remain in the ACC Tournament field (currently they’d be the #9 seed out of 10). On the other hand, State is fighting to stay in the regional host discussion, hoping to get back into the national seed discussion, all while having lost 6 of their last 7 games.

If the Pack’s bats don’t wake up soon, it could be ugly.

And that could become problematic considering that Carolina, as usual, has one of the best pitching staffs in the nation. As an ENTIRE staff, they sport a 2.98 ERA compared to 3.81 for the Pack.

And while they don’t hit with the same power or average that the Pack does, they do the little things very well to get an extra base or scratch out that extra run. They draw walks better than we do, they don’t strike out nearly as much and they’ve stolen twice as many bases on the year as the Pack.

Boil that all down and it results in a Carolina team with a significantly lower team BA (.285 vs .303) and slgpct (.411 vs .443) still scoring virtually the same number of runs per game as the Pack (6.71 vs 6.75).

Translation….this series is pretty much a toss up.  Fortunately, we have them in Raleigh.

Carolina at NC State Game Schedule

  • Thursday, May 19, 6:00pm – ESPN3
  • Friday, May 20, 6:30pm – ESPN3
  • Saturday, May 21, 1:00pm – ESPN3

*All ACC series this weekend are Thursday thru Saturday (ACCT starts Tuesday)


ACC Standings

Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Louisville 19-8-0 .704 43-10-0 .811
Florida State 15-8-0 .652 33-17-0 .660
NC State 13-12-0 .520 32-17-0 .653
Clemson 13-14-0 .481 35-18-0 .660
Wake Forest 13-14-0 .481 32-20-0 .615
Boston College 11-14-0 .440 29-18-0 .617
Notre Dame 11-14-0 .440 27-24-0 .529
Schools Conf W-L-T Conf PCT W-L-T PCT
Miami 19-6-0 .760 41-9-0 .820
Virginia 16-11-0 .593 33-18-0 .647
Georgia Tech 12-14-0 .462 34-18-0 .654
North Carolina 12-15-0 .444 33-19-0 .635
Duke 12-15-0 .444 31-21-0 .596
Pitt 10-16-0 .385 25-24-0 .510
Virginia Tech 6-21-0 .222 19-33-0 .365


Elsewhere in the ACC this Weekend

  • (3)Miami at (9)FSU
  • (5)Louisville at Wake
  • VT at (8)UVa
  • (19)Clemson at ND
  • BC at (22)GT
  • Duke at Pitt

If the ACC Tourney started today…

This time next week the ACC Baseball Tourney will already be underway. As of the moment of this writing, the seeds/pools would break down as follows.

  1. Miami (19-6)
  2. Louisville (19-8)
  3. Florida State (15-8)
  4. Virginia (16-11)
  5. NC State (13-12)
  6. Clemson (13-14)
  7. Wake (13-14)
  8. Georgia Tech (12-14)
  9. Carolina (12-15)
  10. Duke (12-15)

    ND (11-14)
    BC (11-14)

Pool A would be (1)Miami, (4)UVa, (5)NCSU and the winner of the (8)GT/(9)Carolina play in game.
Pool B would be (2)’Ville, (3)FSU, (6)Clemson and the winner of the (7)Wake/(10)Duke play in game.

But with FSU hosting Miami this weekend, and UVa getting VT at home to end things, even the top spots aren’t set in stone yet. And there will almost assuredly be some shake up of spots 5 thru 10.

Fortunately, anything short of getting swept by Carolina this weekend, and the Pack is pretty safely above the play in game line. As a bonus motivation, sweeping Carolina this weekend could potentially knock them out of the field altogether if either BC or ND could pick up a win vs GT or Clemson, respectively.

But that also works the other way as well. Which is to say that Carolina will be motivated to NOT get knocked out of the field.

Anywhoo…we’ll revisit the ACCT issue after the weekend’s games are over and the field is set.

NCAA Tourney National Seeds (again, if the tourney began today)…

There was a question on another thread regarding how national seeds are determined and how RPI is used for same. Essentially, just like basketball tourney seeding, RPI is only one metric used. To be honest, I don’t know specifically what they weight more or less. They look at RPI as a guide, but it is definitely not the end all be all. Overall record, conference record, record against top 50 RPI, top 100 RPI, SOS etc., all enter into it.

Based only on what I’ve observed in the past, this would be my guess as to who the national seeds would be if the season ended today.

Florida (43-9) – No brainer as #1 overall
Miami (38-9) – Tough call between them and ‘Ville for #2 overall. But the ‘Canes played the tougher schedule and have a better conference record.
Louisville (42-10) – See above
Texas A&M (39-13)
Ole Miss (39-13)
Mississippi State (37-14-1)
Texas Tech (38-13)
South Carolina (38-13)

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 5 SEC teams, 2 ACC teams, 1 Big12 team.

And in spite of our #6 RPI currently, we are barely even in the first four out right now IMHO. Vandy, LSU, FSU and UVa (D1Baseball has UVa in place of Ole Miss for example) have as good or better cases than we do currently.

Bottom line…we’ve got work to do over the next two weeks if we want a national seed and even if we hope to hang on as a regional host.

‘Twernt a lot of highlights at Louisville, but here’s the two that made the cut….

So I’ll supplement the video selection this week with a flashback from not quite a year ago at the DBAP….

That was a really fun game to be at, FWIW.

Go Pack!!!!!

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    Wuf…I’m still flummoxed on why you run with no outs, with Kizner at the plate with 2 strikes. Not once, but twice!


    Avent desperation. That’s all I got.
    Can we still blame the damned snake? Yeah, probably not.


    In fairness to our Idiot Savant, I doubt Dethreadge received a signal. That was on him, most likely.


    any surprise we’ll lose this game, lose this series?


    Shut the fuc up.


    Hitting is struggling right now. Not getting good contact at the plate. Timing and pitch anticipation is not there.


    any surprise we’ll lose this game, lose this series?

    We might. And since it’s baseball, I can’t say that it’ll be a surprise IF it happens.
    But feel free to take ‘Dog’s instructions literally…all things considered.


    Hitting is struggling right now. Not getting good contact at the plate. Timing and pitch anticipation is not there.

    ‘Ville’s pitching really screwed us up.


    any surprise we’ll lose this game, lose this series?

    Why are you really here? Go post on the chicken little thread.


    Orwig doing his Tim Stoddard thing. Love it.


    ya’ll countryboys gott a live stream for this?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    bill, only one I know of is ESPN3. But gimme a sec to do a search….


    Only thing I can find besides ESPN3 is the audio feed from


    Covered porch radio here, Bill. Hahn instead of Haynes, but I don’t let that get in the way of my eyesight.


    Yeah baby.




    C’mon Andrew. What’re you looking for there?


    That’s alright. Just took a little time to get adjusted. Still not out of the woods as far as getting the bats going. Let’s get a 1,2,3 inning.


    I love our bullpen.


    Kinneman makes an adventure out of that one. But the result was fine. Just fine.


    Beckman has that bender working tonight. Yay.


    Boom. Let’s put some runs up!


    Nothing more pretty than a sweeping breaking ball.


    If ya wanna run…now!


    I was impressed that Kinneman made it 1st to 3rd with Shepard at the plate with 2 strikes actually.

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