Lots of UNC-CHeat news this week

The Final Four obviously is this weekend. The ACC has two of the four teams in Syracuse and North Carolina. This week has also brought out lots of discussions from a national perspective on the academic scandals at Syracuse and specifically in Chapel Hill. There are too many stories this week to have separate entries so here is a sampling of what has been written and said about UNC this week:

Pat FordeOn Probation vs. Under Investigation

The Final Four matchups are now set. In one national semifinal, we have Villanova vs. Oklahoma. In the other, we have On Probation vs. Under Investigation.

Also known as the Outside Counsel Billable Hours Invitational, underwritten by Bond, Schoeneck & King. Also known as Questions 1 through 30 for NCAA president Mark Emmert, should he have his annual meeting with the media in Houston. Also known as Syracuse vs. North Carolina.

Matt Jones

After that Interview, he was on Twitter as a follow-up:

Andy Katz

ESPN’s Katz interviewed Mark Emmert, president of the NCAA, about several items earlier this week. One of the topics was the UNC scandal.

NCAA president Mark Emmert said the final notice of allegations for the North Carolina investigation into academic fraud “will be done in the coming weeks or a month or so.”

In an interview with ESPN after his news conference Thursday, Emmert said the enforcement staff wants to get it done but also wants to make sure the facts are straight.

“The next step is the delivery of allegations,” Emmert said.

“It’s a great, big, complicated case, and it’s taking a long time to get all the information in place,” Emmert said. “We’re not putting a timetable on it.”

Dan Kane

Kane, who has been investigating this UNC scandal in an excellent way for the past few years with the News and Observer, wrote two articles this week regarding the scandal.

First, he wrote an article in which a 2003 UNC report contradicts what UNC says regarding the number of independent studies classes.

UNC-Chapel Hill, which is under investigation for fraudulent classes involving athletes, has maintained that students were not subjected to a limit on independent studies until the 2006-07 academic year.

That stance appears to have narrowed one key part of the NCAA’s investigation.

But a new document released by the university in March shows that the limit on independent studies started before 2003. Other evidence suggests that the limit was in place since the early 1990s.

In response to a long-standing public records request from The News & Observer, UNC provided a 2003 faculty report that proposed numerous curriculum changes.

Deep within the report, the authors cited a 12-hour independent studies limit. Noting that curriculum changes can’t happen if they run counter to General College and Arts and Sciences guidelines, the report said: “That might mean, for example, considering whether to reaffirm the current rule that an Arts and Sciences student can count toward graduation only twelve hours of independent study.”

The start date of that 12-credit-hour limit is critical because the NCAA considers that athletes who exceeded it received an impermissible benefit.

Going back further than 2006 would add well more than 100 athletes to the list of 10 that the NCAA said exceeded the independent study limit through classes that had no professor, never met and yielded a high grade for an end-of-class paper.

For example, records show many athletes on the 2005 men’s basketball championship team took multiple fake classes, which were directed and graded by a clerical employee in the African studies department – including a star player who took 12 hours’ worth in the spring semester when the team won the title.

His second article was an updated primer on the status of the scandal. Here is one of the questions (and answers):

Q: Men’s basketball coach Roy Williams says there are no NCAA allegations involving men’s basketball. Is that true?

A: No. The NCAA’s case against UNC alleges men’s basketball players received impermissible benefits by receiving special access to the fake classes, largely through the efforts of academic counselors in the athlete support program. Men’s basketball is among the three programs that primarily benefited from the special access. The exhibits along with the notice cite examples of that access, including men’s basketball counselor Wayne Walden working with Crowder to put athletes in the classes. Williams brought Walden to UNC from Kansas.

The notice does not accuse Williams or the coaches of wrongdoing, but the fake classes aided his players, particularly those on the 2005 championship team.

So, before UNC plays Syracuse in the Final Four on Saturday, go through the above links as these topics won’t be addressed much during the game.

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    My take has always been UNC is going to get a light sentence. Doesn’t mean they go unpunished, but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. The longer this goes on, the more convinced I am that will be the case. No idea why in the world it should take this long. Get it over with already. What a joke the NCAA really is.

    As far as Roy goes, he has said he wants to see his through, whatever it be, and leave the program in good shape for his successor. He’s not going anywhere with a win tonight OR with the hammer. But both he and K are out by 2020, which is all the more reason to get our collective stuff together, whether it be with Gott or someone else. We’ve got to position ourselves to have a chance at upsetting the balance of power. We need a good head start on their respective transitions. Maybe we have it, maybe we don’t. It’s looking like the latter but time will tell.

    PK Pollar

    I use to think we had a shot of upsetting the balance of power with current coach, but not looking so good. One could probably show where great coaches have had a first five years like Gott’s and then ignited, but this isn’t his first rodeo so we have some idea how he rides. It is all in Gott’s hands, however, and it is up to him (and his ability to sell to young men) to get it done. Many are right: the details don’t matter anymore, Gott just has to perform.

    The big deal is whether the University Leadership (AD, Head Man, Chief Money Givers, etc) are committed and already executing a proactive search for the successor if Gott doesn’t get it done. If they are not already executing it’s too late. If some are thinking about retirement and others are thinking about other things, then it is too late. It is all in University Leadership’s hands, and it is up to them (and their ability to search for and convince great coaches, up and coming coaches, or future up and coming coaches — and their wives/husbands/significant others) to come and get it done. The details don’t really matter, University Leadership just has to perform.


    WOW….no posts about “THE GAME”. Obviously the announcers forget how exciting the 1983 game was.

    BUT, it was a hard fault contest. Mr. Emmert of the NCAA seems to be less than enthusiastic about handing ORW’s trophy to Jay Wright.

    NOW, only time will tell about UNC and the NCAA….someone needs to start a forum thread. This one, and I am as guilty as anyone, has morphed a bit.

    BUT, it does shut down all the hype. I have a Dr.’s appointment in, of ALL PLACES, Chapel Hill, tomorrow. Going to find my BEST Dark BLUE and trim it with RED outfit. If there is a report of a body found, please call my wife. The Peaceful Pacifists are really dangerous….especially when they loose a game that was THEIR’s.

    ORW did not look like he was up for a photo-op for One Shining Moment….


    The real test begins now. Now that there’s no UNX championship for the NCAA and ESPN to faun over. Will the NCAA move quickly? Will the punishment be as severe as many believe it should be or will UNX skate with a few regular season wins vacated and a 9-game suspension for ORW? At this point, I highly doubt we’ll see a punishment that fits the crime. But tonight was a start.

    lumbee wolfman

    Villanova 77 UNC-Cheats 74 -BEST NEWS THIS WEEK!!!!! Woke up and watched the last 13 seconds of the game. Karma is a bitch, and this is just the beginning of the end of the Holes. Wonder iF Ole Roy’s name will appear in the Panama Papers? Anyone want to start a “Go Fund Me” for Dan Kane to find more facts about these losers?


    20 plus years and still they don’t have a legitimate NCAA title. This was the best of all possible outcomes…with them coming so, so close and having it yanked away. So perfect, so fitting, and so deserved. Cheaters, in the end, DO NOT WIN!


    20 plus years and still they don’t have a legitimate NCAA title. This was the best of all possible outcomes…with them coming so, so close and having it yanked away. So perfect, so fitting, and so deserved. Cheaters, in the end, DO NOT WIN!

    Agreed. I have their hearts ripped out is the best outcome. However, it also depends on what happens to Roy. I agree with Bill in that I thought Roy retired if he won it. I know people say he is not a great coach but the results speak for themselves. I would love to see him retire for “health” reasons.


    The NCAA may not apply the correct penalty… but at least Villanova did!


    Some of ya’ll taking this quite too seriously…

    Tonite, one of four things will happen…

    One team shows up too high…
    Both teams show up too high…
    Neither team show up too high…
    Zebras show up too high…

    Fundamentally… from a bball x and o standpoint… it should be a good game..

    Now remember… coaches will be a factor tonight, more so than usual…

    that said… the team that’s down one or two baskets at the half has the advantage as nobody showing cards in the first half…
    then the second half is only fifteen minutes long…

    if either team is up by 6 or more at then and has possession of the ball…

    the other team spinkters will be hurting from contractions the rest of the way…

    and then …

    somebody could go off and make the shot of his lifetime and win the game…

    It’s basketball, ain’t nothing like it…
    and you can’t beat it…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Lots of detailed chatter on the paid boards. Anybody in the know at SFN heard anything new?


    Yes. In the words of R.L. Burnside, for UNx, “It’s bad, you know.”


    Enough already…..give me some news. No bball, no football. I need something to survive work!


    Unconfirmed, but there’s a lot of chatter about the NCAA adding at least one more major infraction to the five already announced in the amended LOA.

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Unconfirmed, but there’s a lot of chatter about the NCAA adding at least one more major infraction to the five already announced in the amended LOA.

    For someone following this on the peripheral what exactly would this mean if true?


    Allegedly, torpedo #6 is labeled Academic Fraud.


    Allegedly, torpedo #6 is labeled Academic Fraud.

    This jewel was made possible by the minor infractions they reported as a delaying tactic. It allowed the NCAA to amend the NOA with evidence provided in the SACS Response where they basically plead guilty to the Academic Fraud charge leveled by SACS. It’s just so rich. Their own arrogance has done them in on this one.


    But, but… the fake classes were open to all students. AMIRIGHT?

    Roy must not be in the loop.

    Roy’s gonna coach another 5 to 9 years, dadgummit


    The tennis team may never recover ;__;


    According to one of the duke fan websites (I can’t remember which one), and Twitter poster @RCCPMD, UNC has received the amended NOA and it now contains 6 Level 1 and 2 Level 2 allegations (formerly, I understand, it was 5 Level 1 allegations). The new Level 1 is supposed to address academic fraud related to the SACS probation.

    Apparently UNC is waiting until Friday (which Friday, we don’t know) to release a redacted copy.

    I predict that Roy Williams will be suspended for the 1st practice of the season, and the tarheels will be awarded the 2016 NCAA Men’s basketball championship as punishment.


    I don’t believe UNX will publicate anything on the reception of the new NOA, redacted or otherwise, this time around.

    The timeline has been pushed back considerably, so be prepared that football will proceed unfettered, basketball will likely self impose just ahead of sanctioning, and we will be bombarded with tales of the greatness of all things Chapelian, in the meantime.

    A wide spectrum of sports are going to be hit…and hit hard, this has not changed. Again, the small group of “Old Sages” that pass stuff my way, have not wavered since last February of 2015, when something happened that passed off the NCAA Country Club.

    No amount of scepticism can change the fact that severe punishment is to eventually fall on their front door.

    In the words of Ry Cooder: “Money won’t change it, no. .no.”


    In the fall of 2048 the NCAA is going to hammer UNC by reducing the field hockey team’s scholarships by 1/2 a scholarship. Followed by a press conference with stern words about how UNC teams to do better or they will again face quick and harsh consequences.


    Rick, you mean, by 0.5 scholarships, not by 50% of the total field hockey scholarships, I assume. They are allowed 12 scholarships, so 6 would be WAY to harsh a penalty. Reducing to 11.5 (vs. 6) would be far more appropriate.


    Thank you for the correction


    I hope and pray CD is right. I fear Rick is.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    I hope and pray CD is right. I fear Rick is.

    I hope and pray he is right too. I would like nothing better than to have to eat tons of crow on this particular subject.

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