Gottfried unhappy about the way FSU game was officiated

H/T to the Tallahassee Democrat.

After Florida State held on to beat NC State 77-73 last night, Mark Gottfried was unhappy with how the game was officiated. Despite the 31 points and continued fantastic play by Cat Barber, he was double teamed, pushed, held, and too physical with the point guard. Gottfried said:

“My personal opinion, I thought it was way too physical,” Gottfried said. “They allowed Florida State to bump him and put their hands on him too much.”

“That game tonight was nowhere near called the same way it was in November,” Gottfried said. “If the national supervisor of officials wants to have a discussion, he can call me.

“We can watch that game and go watch every game in November. You won’t convince me that it was called the same way.”

He continued on later in the post-game press conference:

Gottfried said the only way FSU could slow Barber was by holding him.

“With Cat, he’s so quick and fast, you have a hard time containing him without bumping him or putting a hand on him,” Gottfried said. “Despite all that, the guy still gets 30 and has a great night.”

It will be very interesting to see how this translates to the way the game is officiated on Saturday, when the Wolfpack takes the short ride over to Durham to play Duke at Cameron. As a reminder, in the first meeting between Duke and State, Cat Barber attempted 0 free throws. The only other game he attempted 0 free throws this year has been the game at Chapel Hill. Hmmm…interesting.

Highlights below —

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    ^ It’s not you ’87. The overall construction of the latest version of basketball leaves even the best of officials both weary, and clueless.

    The best any coach (or fan) can hope for is to see a guy like Mike Eades on the floor.


    … the “inequity in officiating” between teams and games starts, as I see it, with a combination of

    1. a team with a consistently deep bench — that’s next year’s starters 6-10 ….
    2. a Coach who uses a “very aggressive” style of Defense — I’m thinking West Virginia last season….
    3. a Coach who “knows” the various officials better than they know themselves — you scout the other team, why not “scout” the zebras?

    alot of that has something to do with the Coach getting it right every night…

    Add that to Mr. Dog’s observation — ” overall construction of the latest version of basketball “

    and yeah… what you see is what you GOTT…

    Now… the problem is also the solution, which is a conundrum for many fans….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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