More coaching turnover; eyes on Dwayne Ledford [Updated 9:10am]

Lots going on with the Wolfpack coaching staff right now.

After Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada was dismissed on Saturday, word has leaked that well respected and popular offensive line coach, Mike Uremovich is headed back to his stomping grounds for a promotion to offensive coordinator at Northern Illinois.

There also is less substantiated speculation that Tight Ends/Fullbacks/Special Teams Coordinator, Eddie Faulkner, might be heading to Ball State where one of my favorite coaches, Pete Lembo, just left to take the Assistant Head Coach & Special Teams job at Maryland? Could Faulkner be in line for the Head Coaching job at BSU, from which he holds a graduate degree and coached from 2003 – 2010?

What to expect with all of this new opportunity? Well, for one of these (potential) openings I’ve got my eyes on western North Carolina native and East Carolina graduate, Dwayne Ledford. You can take a look at his biography on the Appalachian State homepage linked here:

Coaching Experience
2005: North Carolina (assistant strength and conditioning)
2006: Frankfurt Galaxy (intern/offensive line)
2007: Frankfurt Galaxy (tight ends and tackles)
2007: Sanderson (N.C.) H.S. (offensive line)
2008-09: East Carolina (graduate assistant/offensive line)
2010: Tennessee State (offensive line)
2011: Gardner-Webb (offensive line)
2012: Appalachian State (offensive line)
2013-pres.: Appalachian State (co-offensive coordinator (run game)/OL)

Playing Experience
1995-98: East Carolina (DL/OL)
1999-2000: San Francisco 49ers (OL)
2000: Jacksonville Jaguars (OL)
2001: Carolina Panthers (OL)
2003-04: San Francisco 49ers (OL)
2005: Cleveland Browns (OL)
2006: New Orleans Saints (OL)

Alma Mater: East Carolina, 1999
Hometown: Marion, N.C.
Birthdate: Nov. 2, 1976
Wife: Meredith (Cunningham)
Son: Hudson
Twitter: @Coach_Ledford

I’ve got a lot of thoughts about some of these moves, but I’m going to hold off until we have a little more visibility into how some of all of this is going to shake-up.

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    Lots going on with the Wolfpack coaching staff right now. After Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada was dismissed on Saturday, word has leaked that well
    [See the full post at: More coaching turnover; eyes on Dwayne Ledford]


    Ledford is a good coach. and i guess its not a bad thing the Offensive coaches are leaving as it allows the new guy to bring in his own staff i guess.

    …but what about the defense? no moves there?


    Pete Lembo is no longer at Ball State. Took a position at Maryland. Faulkner might be in the running for a head job.

    Alpha Wolf

    Any thoughts on what kind of offensive philosophy he has?


    Thanks for the update on Lembo. Total brain fart


    With Uremovich’s departure, doesn’t it seem as though Ledford would be lined up as Offensive Line coach replacement as opposed to offensive coordinator?

    I know absolutely nothing. Just asking.

    Also worth nothing…Ledford played in college for Steve Logan, whose boss in San Francisco got fired yesterday.

    Lol! It’s fun to play these games!


    I’d hire Logan in two seconds if you could get points for out talking the other team’s coaches.


    Outside of the place kicking this year, the WTF time out calls, and the rogue fake punt against UNC, I’ve thought special teams were a bright spot for this team. I do think the coverage has been good. We’d not given up many long returns since DD has been here. While we’re not blocking many kicks, we’re also not doing dumb things like roughing the kicker (well, other than that BS penalty in the bowl game).

    Wow, I guess the way this is coming out is saying something — and sadly lots of things……….


    This is who we are and forever will be. Coaching openings and we are chatting excitedly about, AT BEST mid major coaches, mid major assistant coaches….searching for that diamond in the rough. Let me know how it turns out.


    Fire the damn defensive coordinator already. I mean seriously WTF? The offense isn’t close to being the top priority and most critical issue that needs addressing.


    TheAliasTroll: I think you’d probably be firing the head coach at that point…………..

    Now, that’s not to say that we won’t fire Hux……


    This is who we are and forever will be. Coaching openings and we are chatting excitedly about, AT BEST mid major coaches, mid major assistant coaches….searching for that diamond in the rough. Let me know how it turns out.

    Instead of spelling out N-C-S-T-A-T-E, I think we should go with M-e-d-i-o-c-r-e

    It would be unique and honest at the same time.


    And…..S&C coach Veltkamp is gone also. Dantonio Burnette to take over as S&C coach.


    If Canada deserved firing, then surely Hux don’t need a job on Doeren’s staff. Absolutely awful play calling, when the average fan could even see that. The last game was our most recent example. The QB for Miss State had all day to pass in both halves. No adjustments at all, and we saw lots of that during the regular season. Much like the first quarter vs. the holes. I sure hope DD has the good sense to rid us of Hux. We deserve better.


    Read the stats on Ledford, and really like what I saw, as well as being a young coach, with more excitement. Did a great job with the App State offense.


    pLUS 1 on S&C…

    which may get the DC Hux ONE more season…

    when you sitting in the stands a little more than half way up and you can’t tell the difference between the DBs & the LBs,
    the WRs and RBs…

    you know you’re in trouble….

    NOW… if that has something to do with RECRUITING…
    so be it…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Lets get serious for a moment. I’m a state graduate and I have followed the Pack every since I was 4 years old listening to Pack radio games with my Dad, also a State grad. I played ball just before Holtz came. So I would like to say that Dorian is just another sad coach in a long line of sad coaches that have come and gone from State. I email with Debbie from time to time and she told me back 4 years ago that O’Brien was going. Why? We both agreed that he was a great guy, but after 6 years it was clear he would never bring a championship to State, he would only give us 7 or 8 wins per season with some low rung bowl. She said she wanted a coach who could give state a championship. She hire Dorian but you get what you pay for and State has never been willing to pay for an established coach who has won championships. Maybe we can’t afford one but if we can’t then please don’t pretend we want a championship. I’ve been waiting 36 years for one and if you can hire a winner who can recruit because in the end, recruiting is the bottom line. Dave did ok last year but this year we don’t have a single 4 star must less a 5 star. I’ve heard the old story that we recruit for our style of play but it doesn’t wash after 36 years. If you can’t pay for a good coach you are forced to hire cheap coaches to support him. So if State is going to be serious than put up the bucks or just tell the fans to enjoy having all the others fans tell how you haven’t beaten a SEC team since 1999 and we have to play RPI teams below 100 just to get into a bowl with 6 or 7 wins. Samuels is a great player but totally under utilized. The fact Wake Forest has won a championship in the last 15 years just adds to the shame. One more season should do it for Dorian with a tougher schedule next year. I hate to write this note but I would just love to hear a sportswriter or Debbie Yow admit that we can’t win a championship doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I think they call it insanity and for myself I have had enough. God Bless the Pack!

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