State downs Canes in resounding fashion

It was a great win and a really fun day at PNC Arena. State played loose but with really good focus from the start and hit key free throws over the last three minutes that served to extend the lead and give state a resounding 85-69 margin of victory. Heck, the Pack got three or four offensive rebounds on the FIRST possession of the entire game – serving to set the tone for the effort that was to come over the next 40 minutes.

It comes as no surprise that Cat Barber led they way with ANOTHER 30 point game on 10-18 shooting from the field and 10-10 from the foul line (where he has hit 35 in a row!)

Other than Barber, Abdul-Malik Abu delivered a performance consistent with what we expected to see this season – scoring 19 points and grabbed 7 rebounds.

Link to N&O article.

the roots of the gritty win were set in practice on Thursday and Friday. N.C. State (12-10, 2-7 ACC) coach Mark Gottfried blasted his team after a lackadaisical effort in a 90-83 loss to Georgia Tech on Wednesday.

The practices were intense and were completed in plain white T-shirts, instead of the usual practice gear.

“(The practices) were crazy,” junior forward Lennard Freeman said. “That’s all I can say.”

The new spartan practice gear will remain in effect, Gottfried said Saturday, until the “privilege” of playing basketball for N.C. State is fully appreciated.

“Coach G was trying to send a message because people weren’t playing hard,” Freeman said. “He thought we were taking things for granted.”

Gottfried got the response that he was seeking with his pointed comments after the Georgia Tech loss but he was not in a mood to celebrate on Saturday.

“You have to learn how to do it every single night,” Gottfried said. “It can’t be one of those things where we do it every now and then. This league is too good. Hopefully we’ve learned a lesson that will carry on.”

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    It was a great win and a really fun day at PNC Arena. State played loose but with really good focus from the start and hit key free throws over the la[See the full post at: ]


    Fun day in what has been a disappointing season. Hope there are a few more like this one.


    Agreed. Abu’s little dance number says it all. Everyone needed this one, hope there are more to follow.


    Good win, and a blueprint for the way we can win some more. Miami is actually pretty good this year. Here’s to hoping we see a few more like this.


    … ah … another NoName Thread with the backdoor unlocked…

    is this another way to keep things interesting around here?

    Yes… the PACK played to it’s potential against a “strong” opponent who didn’t….

    Take the WIN and keep on pushing…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    We looked like a completely different team yesterday. WAY more focused, more disciplined, and more driven.

    Losing Henderson was the second worst thing that could have happened to us this season.


    Moses should have cracked the tablets a couple weeks ago.

    That’s it, from this particular Pharicy.


    Speaking of resounding victories, the women’s team just beat the Holes 78-49. That’s not a typo. I believe that brings us to 7-2 in the league, while the Holes fall to 2-6.


    Mr. Dog…

    methinks you’re much more of a “Prophet” than a “Pharisy” ….

    somethings in the areas of respect for structure and discipline and tolerance for those who think they GOTT it right and they really are wrong…


    on the other hand…
    challenging the “manhood” of today’s kids can be a high risk approach, but…

    when you GOTT nothing to lose…
    you GOTT nothing to lose….

    Rematches on the road this week against the Noles (mon) and Dook(sat) should prove evidential of our progress or lack thereof…

    I’m thinking we split — 1-1 for the week… in two close games….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    challenging the “manhood” of today’s kids can be a high risk approach, but…

    That the team responded like they did shows their character.


    ^Yes… and I especially like the plain white – no name – practice jerseys …

    the story is told in Durham of one game in Cameron where Dook was getting blasted and Coach Rat called timeout and told his kids in some erratic and angry combination of English, Polish and cuss words… that WoJo translated…

    Before you go back out on the court …
    turn your shirts in side out…
    cause you ain’t playing Dook basketball… (PG version)

    I don’t remember who won that game… in not important to the point being made…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Glad we got the win and that MG shook up the team….but why does it have to come to this before he demands excellence? We’ve seen this before.

    Now that they have won, does MG go back to his previous style of coaching? Until he demands this level of performance consistently, we’re still just a middle of the road ACC team.


    It is a nice win against a good team.
    I agree he needs to demand more from his teams. I think he can be too much of a “players coach” which makes it confusing on why so many leave.


    Maybe he should just call everybody “Calvin”.


    “Maybe he should just call everybody “Calvin”.”

    That made me laugh out loud! Great way to start a day!

    Canes game was a great report card for both staff and players. Staff got the player’s attention, players responded and played up to their potential against a very good, well coached team. In the post game Larranaga said that the Pack beat them in ‘every phase of the game.’

    I am encouraged, but want to see how the week plays out before I start thinking positive thoughts. There’s only 9 regular season games left, barring a miracle, too late.


    We don’t always win basketball games. But when we do, we prefer to beat Top 25 teams.
    Stay hungry, my friends.

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