Starting offensive lineman charged with DWI

Before the Clemson game we highlighted that NC State was healthier at this point of the season than we have been in recent memory.

So…naturally…that was a cue for #NCStateShit to strike and find ways to upset the apple cart.

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NC State football player Will Richardson has been suspended indefinitely from the team after being charged with DWI Sunday morning, the university announced.

Richardson was arrested on Hillsborough Street, according to Raleigh Police.

The redshirt freshman offensive tackle started all eight games this season at right tackle after sitting out last season. The 6-foot-6, 303-pound, Burlington, North Carolina, native is 19 years old.

Richardson is a key part of the offensive line who has helped the team rush for 1,621 yards on the season and allowed 22 sacks in eight games.

Fellow redshirt freshman offensive tackle Tyler Jones is set to take over the position while Richardson is out.

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    Before the Clemson game we highlighted that NC State was healthier at this point of the season than we have been in recent memory. So…naturally…th
    [See the full post at: Starting offensive lineman charged with DWI]


    Is the kid going to get kicked off the team for a DUI?


    DUI is obviously a serious matter, but then there’s this:

    A Zamboni driver was arrested Friday on suspicion of operating the machine while drunk during a high school hockey game in Fargo, North Dakota.

    Steven Anderson, 27, was arrested after exhibiting “erratic behavior” between the first and second periods of the hockey game. A school official called police to the arena, where Anderson was arrested

    jimi eno47

    DUMP HIM!!!!!! He broke team rules, broke state law … has no respect for TEAM, COACHES, SCHOOL, FAMILY … SELF. If he’s not dumped, we need to change our uniforms to baby blue or thug orange!


    Say what ya will about TOB but this sh!!t didn’t happen this frequently under his watch


    This stuff seems to happen with far less frequency in Raleigh than in most places. The kid is a 19 year old and has made one mistake as far as we know. It isn’t the end of the world.


    IMHO – there are a lot of factors that should go in to the punishment – if any – for this incident. Is it his first “strike”? What was his BAC? Was he cooperative with arresting officer, etc.

    Depending on the answers to those questions – his suspension should be anywhere from a half to a season.


    Apparently it is University policy that any student that is convicted of DWI gets a one semester academic suspension from NC State. That seems pretty tough. But if it is policy then that’s the way we will roll until the policy gets changed.

    I’d be curious if all of the campuses of the UNC System have the same policy.

    john of sparta

    he’s under 21…any alcohol trace is DWI


    Texpack – it just shows you how little our administrators care about their students.


    ^What exactly is this mandatory “academic suspension” stuff? Never heard of it. And how in the heck does the university monitor what the heck is going on the courts? Is that for on campus arrests only? I know several counselors who deliver pretrial treatment and I’ve never heard this. The courts are littered with college kids with similar and identical offenses.

    My 2 cents are similar to chop’s and Statefans. If there was no accident, no excessive speed, bac wasn’t more than twice the legal limit, and he was cooperative, then run his tail off, get him enrolled in the pretrial treatment, encourage him to get a decent lawyer who knows what judge to put him in front of. If he has a problem, then encourage him to some real help.

    His age creates some other obstacles for him, but if’s it’s a run-a-the-mill DWI, then it’s misdemeanor with a likely outcome of unsupervised probation, a few community service hours, small fine, a license suspension with limited privilege (and possible ignition interlock depending on the circumstances). He’ll learn his lesson and move on. Run his tail off.

    I’d like to see a uniform athletic policy on this type of thing. A more consistent policy among academic scholarship holders as well.


    As to punishment from the coaches I’ll defer to them. As to his legal issues I agree help him find proper representation and if needed proper assistance.


    I will have some misgivings regarding the University if he is held out for more than one game.

    If and when he is actually convicted, he then loses a semester if that is University policy applied across the board. This case should be continued and punishment served for the Spring (if convicted), but just because he disregarded his teammies, he absolutely stays home Saturday.

    No further actions need be required until trial.


    Encouraging game vs. Clemson, then of course one of our starters, decides to turn his brain off. Really! Hope it was worth it. It doesn’t sound like it so far. Hopefully his replacement does as well or better, and doesn’t decide to follow his path. We have a season to take charge of.


    Say what ya will about TOB but this sh!!t didn’t happen this frequently under his watch

    I only cite this because I don’t wish for anyone to forget Sweezy punching out a bussie, Mo Greene,and Shad’s first scrape, The Great College Inn Pot Bust…And please explain “frequency.”

    What the hell has happened to you, boy? Did Doeren tap your sweety or sumpthin?




    Thank you for your excellent memory. I played football in HS with JR’s (Sweezy) grandfather, Roger. Roger’s dad, JR’s Great Grandfather, was a rowdy young man….that my Uncle often got into HOT WATER with his wife and our family after he and the Elder Sweezy went to some local juke joints. However, he met the lord and became a minister.

    I met JR his Senior Year and he made me look a bit puny and I am 6-2 and 225. JR has it in his DNA….and when you prime it with a little distilled spirits (or recreational chemicals), it is a synergistic combination that often results in some confrontations. Roger was with him and is still as quick witted and wiry as I remember him. That “confidence” factor is what made JR’s GD a great tight end….and it is manifested in JR.

    As you pointed out, TOB was never able to tame the wild side of JR. Don’t know how Pete Carroll is doing or if JR has a full covey of attorneys on retainer in Seattle. HOWEVER, I think the following pretty much answers that question… is a GREAT read….

    BUT, young Will done MESSED UP. GOTT kicked off his star Walk On….but he was reinstated the next year.

    Will DOES deserve a public ridiculing… well as taking some heat from his teammates….

    I have NO idea of what Coach D’s policy is on this….but I suspect that it is a carryover from TOB’s and it is also very thoroughly reviewed by AD Yow and Miss Annabelle. It is probably CONSISTENT with our sister universities.

    We will miss Will this weekend….and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    With the recent “stuff” that appears to get swept under the carpet, I applaud Coach D for not knuckling under to “the Board Monkey paranoia”. He is and has been a credit to our university.

    Need to dismount slowly from soap box as my agility ain’t what it used to be….


    Its true cow – tob allowed a 2 time infraction guy back on the team…I applauded the actions on Shad only because it was a third offense and the last one just indicated such a lousy a terrible lack of judgement that the kid obviously needed more of a timeout than a game or two.

    As for Richardson – this is the first known incident for him. Coach d has earned our respect that he will be as strict as necessary (if not moreso.)

    And let me tell you – IMHO – whether it’s within his control or not this guy is much stricter than tob.


    Just don’t let him get a moped, please.

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