MOAR BLOOD Makes the Grass Grow For Your Children’s Children KILL KILL KILL Game Thread

Despite my well-founded trepidation, I was asked to repeat the authorship and title of last year’s game thread. There was some beautiful hatred in the lovely comments, and the mojo was certainly right that November afternoon. So…I am back.

This MAY be our last chance for awhile to really hurt a non-probation Holes squad. I say “may” because I am 42 and no longer naive enough to think that truth and justice always, or even often, win out in this f-cked up beyond belief world. So we need to make it count. Due to unfortunate way our schedule fell, it’s also the only genuine “prove it” opportunity we have to show real growth in 2015. Thusly, it’s not hyperbole to say that this the most important game of Coach Doeren’s tenure at NC State. If’n he wins today, he’s a F-CKING HERO.

Re-read last year’s goodness, and feel the GET HYPE:


Repeating what I said in 2013, with still even more intensity (hate is like a fine wine or a stinky cheese, for you weirdos that eat disgusting things like cheese, only gets better with age):


Men (you quit being boys when you cut their balls off in their backyard last season), you know what you have to do. They’re the same crop of assholes, more or less. A little more focused is all. YOU are still better. YOU still have more character in your morning constitutionals than in their entire mass of humanity. YOU are who can and will make us proud this afternoon and evening.

The grass of Carter-Finley Stadium needs blood too.

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    To my question is – is this a personnel issue or an x and o issue? I suspect both.

    It was obvious from game 1 that our receivers weren’t getting separation. It was also obvious that once someone with moderate speed broke through our dl up the middle they were going to get a big gain.


    In a nutshell:
    Good enough to beat ANYONE with the DL,OL,RB,TE.
    Not big enough, or athletic enough at WR,and D back 7.
    Jacoby was tough, but did not progress.
    Not sure if Huxtable survives. Iā€™m really curious as to what happened with McKeever this year.

    CD: Agree with you on most of that but disagree on OL part; especially pass blocking. When your QB is getting sacked multiple times in every game, you don’t have a good OL. I understand Jacoby and the WR’s are a part of that, but our OL is bad. I think the left side, where the three seniors are, is the weakest link. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing for the future.


    The OL is fine. One of the units I am not concerned about, other than injury and depth.

    Not all sacks are created equal. Id say RB’s, receivers, and the QB were responsible for more sacks than the OL.


    Looking back is for fools…so I’m a fool. IMHO the game had a huge turning point in Q 1 when the official from across the field called the late hit despite two officials basically in a 10 foot perimeter of the play who did not happen to see a foul. It was perhaps a foul…but apparently it was a judgement call and the dude’s opinion from afar was that it indeed was a foul. Nonetheless, I told my wife at that point that the Cheaters would score on the next play….and they did. That is simply the definition of NC State $hite. No flag meant they would have punted to us as we had held them on 3rd down. Do we go down and score from there???? Who knows. But, the Cheaters don’t and, to me, the margin we had to overcome drove the play calling later in the game. In particular, the first on sides kick. After all, we beat them 27-10 after Q 1 and lost by 11. We played pretty good football for 3 Q’s against a very good team. So a 14 point swing “what if” scenario has us winning the game. But, like I said, I’m foolish.


    10th in this conference in recruiting? Most of the players we have don’t seem like they are being developed. I’ve seen and heard enough. Sucks we’ll have to wade through mediocrity for another 2 or 3 years before a change is made at the top.

    Oh and I was down in the endzone for the 1st unc “touchdown” and had a great look at it. Not a catch. Whatever though.


    Galt – you can’t say that the refs cost us the game (and I don’t think you are.) However, I would say there were two huge calls and one no call (the hold on 3rd down of their first drive) that made a competitive game less likely.

    I also didn’t like us punting in our first drive.

    I think I the team fought, but it looked like a mismatch out there. When they had to UNC scored. When we needed to stop them, we couldn’t.


    The game was over when we punted on 4th and 5 on the Hole side of the 50 in the first quarter. Timid from top to bottom. Let me know that we were playing “not to lose” unlike the Clemson strategy. VERY disheartening.

    It was an embarrassment of epic proportions.


    The strategy and game planning was definitely off yesterday. UNC appears to have better players than us at many positions, but not THAT much better. I don’t feel like we really wanted it, and this a day later. They certainly did.


    maybe we should try cheating too.. you know.. shake things up a bit


    Pick your head up, suck it up and move on. Get better and play better.

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