Matt Dayes lost for the season

You know that it is #NCStateShit when a sentence in the N&O’s article reads:

The timing couldn’t be much worse for N.C. State. The Wolfpack plays at Boston College, the nation’s top-ranked run defense, on Saturday.”

I’m too depressed to add much to the News & Observers’s story.

This is miserable…and, it casts even more frustration about what appeared to be an over-reaction to Shadrach Thornton’s friggin moped incident. How is that victim, by the way? Did he live? Could they afford the medical bills of the band-aids the guy put on his fingers?


N.C. State’s running game looked unstoppable in September.

Then the Wolfpack lost senior running back Shadrach Thornton and now it has lost junior running back Matt Dayes.

Dayes, the team’s leading rusher and the ACC’s leader in rushing touchdowns, suffered a foot injury in last Saturday’s loss to Clemson and is scheduled to have surgery on Friday and will miss the remainder of the season, the school announced.

Dayes was on pace to become N.C. State’s first 1,000-yard rusher since 2002 before injuring his left foot in the final minute of the first half of the 56-41 home loss to Clemson. The 5-9, 203-pound junior from Weston, Fla. rushed for 865 yards on 134 carries in the first eight games. He averaged 108.1 yards per game, third-best in the ACC and the most by an N.C. State running back since Joe McIntosh in 1981.

“I’m disappointed for Matt because he was having a really good year,” N.C. State coach Dave Doeren said in a statement released by the school on Thursday night. “But in football you’ve got to have a ‘next man up’ mentality, and I’m confident that his teammates will be ready to take on bigger roles and be successful.”

N.C. State will turn to sophomore Jaylen Samuels, who has spent the majority of his time at tight end this season. Samuels replaced Dayes in the second half of the Clemson game and ran for 65 yards and a touchdown. He also had eight catches for 74 yards and a 40-yard touchdown reception.

On the season, Samuels has 208 rushing yards on 29 carries and six touchdowns. The 5-11, 236-pound sophomore from Charlotte also leads the team in catches (42), receiving yards (429) and touchdown catches (five).

When Doeren met with the media on Thursday, before the announcement about Dayes’ surgery, he said that Samuels would move into Dayes’ role and sophomore Dakwa Nichols and freshman Reggie Gallaspy would be more involved in the running game.

Asked if the offense would change with Samuels at tailback, Doeren said: “I don’t think it’s different. I just think you’ll see more of (Samuels).”

The depth at running back was N.C. State’s strength before the season started. Thornton and Dayes, the top two rushers from a year ago, were back and Doeren added three of the top running back prospects in the state in the freshmen class.

With so many options in front of the highly-touted freshmen, Nyheim Hines was moved to receiver and Johnny Frasier, who was also slowed by an ankle injury, was redshirted. Gallaspy, who enrolled in January, is the only one of the trio to take a snap at running back. The High Point native has 123 yards on 34 carries this season.

Thornton, the team’s leading rusher the previous three seasons, was suspended for the first two games of the season and then kicked off the team on Sept. 30 after a third arrest. In his only two games this season, Thornton ran for 203 yards and three touchdowns.

In a 63-13 win at South Alabama on Sept. 26, N.C. State ran for a season-best 330 yards with Thornton (111) and Dayes (104) both cracking the 100-yard mark. The duo never played together again.

Dayes took over the load as the primary runner with at least 100 more rushing attempts than any other running back on the roster. Even after his numbers dipped without Thornton, he was on track to become N.C. State’s first 1,000-yard rusher since T.A. McLendon in 2002 (1,101 yards).

Samuels’ versatility has been a plus for N.C. State’s offense, which ranks No. 32 in the country in rushing (201.9 yards per game). He had a reserve role as a freshman but was a prolific runner, with 1,404 yards, as a senior in high school on Mallard Creek’s state championship team.

Samuels has had a large role in N.C. State’s offense this season but he hasn’t had more than seven carries in a college game. That means Nichols and Gallaspy will have to do more. Gallaspy, who runs with some power at 5-11, 212 pounds, only has seven carries in four ACC games for 13 yards. He didn’t have any carries against Clemson.

Nichols, a third-year sophomore from Rockingham, has 13 carries for 60 yards on the season. His two rushes for seven yards against Clemson are his only attempts in four ACC games this season.

The timing couldn’t be much worse for N.C. State. The Wolfpack plays at Boston College, the nation’s top-ranked run defense, on Saturday.

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    You know that it is #NCStateShit when a sentence in the N&O’s article reads: “The timing couldn’t be much worse for N.C. State. The Wolfpack plays at
    [See the full post at: Matt Dayes lost for the season]


    Gloom, despair, and agony on us.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    I was hoping for 3-1 but now looking at 2-2. Hopefully. Guess I’m trading my Saturday pint for a fifth the rest of the season. This was a very depressing header to read :/


    Perfect tweet from Carlton Tudor:

    Caulton Tudor [email protected]

    Elijah Hood could be all-ACC RB opposite Dalvin Cook now. One upshot of Dayes’ injury. Hood was right there anyway, though.

    I guess when you go into semi-retirement, you can openly pull for your favorite team.



    I don’t want anyone to think that my Moral Compass is in the “Sainted” category, but….

    Shad had issues that were overlooked and forgiven (after appropriate punishment or earning of trust).

    Then he, like an idiot, was riding a motor scooter on a sidewalk. One could do all the “what if’s”. It is a matter of common sense and public safety. He could have seriously injured someone.

    He did not have his Scoot registered. He used poor judgement. He had used up his shares of “OK….now run some TD’s….”

    It was the right and most appropriate call….harsh….not really….but now it is being taken out of context….


    The University of Houston started 3 new offensive linemen against the number 13 defense in the country last Saturday night. Two red shirt freshmen making their third starts were at guard with a freshman tackle making his first ever start.

    Hold you head up and go kick some a** against the boys from Beantown!

    It sucks that we are down to our third TB, but how long has it been since we had a third TB the caliber of Jaylen Samuels? DD has done a great job stocking the roster with some quality depth for the first time in a long time. He won’t be singing the TB Blues on Saturday.


    Good point on Samuels. It wasn’t that long ago when amato started a db as running back. (All right it was over 10 years ago, but it doesn’t seem that long ago.)

    Here’s to hoping that we build on Clemson game momentum from the offensive side of the ball and our d finds its mojo again.

    Its actually a huge game for the program.


    Samuels is a quality RB but for the sake of our program I hope Nichols and Gallaspy have breakthrough games. A nice mix of JaySam, Nichols and RGII — all being successful — along with Grinnage and Hines contributing should be all it will take to bring home a win. Spread the rest of the catches among Cherry, Alston, Ramos, Trowell and Cook. And for God’s sake throw it up field.


    Anybody know what had been up with Ramos the last couple games? Almost no production. Is Jacoby not getting it to him our are there others issues?


    Same thing up with grinnage the first 2 conference games?


    How about Jalen McDaniels at RB until he’s needed at QB. Hope he’s not needed. That guy can run. Next year he’s going to have to. Let’s get him some time on the field. He can also throw. That’s opens up the play book a little.


    I predict we gon’ throw the ball an awful lot from tomorrow forward. Fun ‘n Gun, West Raleigh style! Maybe the Head Ball Coach will start hanging around practice to help make sure we beat the Holes…


    The top VT back ran for over 100 yards against BC, so if we block, we can gain yards, with the backs we have. VT won 26-10, so play offense like the Clemson game, and we win. Just gotta pick up on defense.

    john of sparta

    we play @BC props:
    1. over/under 10K fannies in the seats.
    2. the fastest ACC football game this season.
    3. the ACC refs are PERFECT. there’s a chance.

    1. pictures rule. it’s easy to do.
    2. EST running from kick to quit.
    3. well, no complaints.


    Yea that definitely makes the whole moped thing a glaring overreaction. Bet Coach D wishes he could have that one back. Kids will be kids. Least he wasn’t drunk.



    We all have the rights to our opinions….and lately, the athletes seem to think that THEY are the center of the universe (RE: University of Missouri).

    Coach Doeren gave Shad more chances to “straighten up and fly right” (which was a favorite term of my HS FB Coach).

    Yes, Shad was not drunk. Yes, the student was not seriously injured.

    BUT, what if the student had been a elderly person or a child? Riding your moped at night on a sidewalk is stupid. Shad has done things that we do NOT know about….he has done things that we DO know about. In every instance, he has shown that he is irresponsible. Contrite afterwards….YES.

    The situation could been handled much better if Shad had cooperated….if there were extenuating circumstances and the RPD overreacted, then I would be in Shad’s corner. Laws are laws for the protection of the public. What is the victim had been your grand mother or child? You can’t say…”Gee, no harm – no foul” and then turn a blind eye….

    I have seen folks that were contrite after accidentally shooting someone. They were “not thinking” at the time….but it happened and they had to face the consequences.

    Since this was not a “first offense”, it is highly likely that it would the LAST time Shad did something like this, Coach Doeren probably had given him the “that was your last warning…” It is called progressive discipline and it is used in dealing with adults and children. If you look at the union contracts, there are literally 10’s of pages dealing with how it is to be administered.

    Shad was aware of where he was in the discipline spiral…..he was dangerously “close to the ground”. Thus, he needed to straighten up and fly right. He did not. It is unfortunate. I have no animosity against Shad. I hope that he did learn. BUT, the Coach and the AD have to have team rules and enforce them.

    I would have really been more disappointed in Coach Doeren if he has let this go than I was in Shad for letting down his teammates, the university and its supporters. Letting it “SLIDE” is what you might expect a few miles down the road or in Coral Gables or other places where the SEC dominates.

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