NC State Football By The Numbers – Post L’Ville Edition

Here are the stats and national rankings after the Wolfpack’s rain soaked loss to Louisville.

Team Stats – ACC & National Rank in Parentheses

Scoring Offense: 39.6 (2, 16)
Total Offense: 428.4 (4, 49)
Rushing Offense: 216.2 (4, 25)
Passing Offense: 212.2 (10, 79)

Passing Efficiency: 152.34 (2, 28)
Interceptions Thrown: 0 (1, 1)
3rd Down Pct: 48.5% (2, 12)
4th Down Pct: 60.0% (6, 37)
Red Zone Offense: 91.7% (3, 20)
First Downs Offense: 117 (3, 22)
Sacks Allowed: 2.20 (9, 78)
Tackles For Loss Allowed: 6.20 (8, 72)
Turnovers Lost: 3 (3, 8)

Scoring Defense: 13.6 (4, 11)
Total Defense: 225.8 (2, 3)
Rushing Defense: 80.2 (3, 6)
Passing Defense: 145.6 (4, 9)

Passing Efficiency Defense: 102.09 (7, 17)
Interceptions: 3 (10, 81)
3rd Down Pct Defense: 25.8% (4, 10)
4th Down Pct Defense: 0.0% (1, 1)
Red Zone Defense: 77.8% (4, 38)
First Downs Defense: 62 (4, 7)
Sacks: 2.00 (7, 55)
Tackles For Loss: 6.80 (7, 38)
Turnovers Gained: 5 (10, 98)

Turnover Margin: 0.40 (7,48)
Net Punting: 36.43 (11, 84)
Fewest Penalties Per Game: 3.60 (2, 3)
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game: 38.20 (3, 12)
Time Of Possession: 36:47 (1, 1)
Kickoff Returns: 28.20 (4, 13)
Kickoff Return Defense: 17.20 (1, 14)
Punt Returns: 16.73 (4, 22)
Punt Return Defense: 1.25 (3, 10)

Total: 171,468 (3, 31)
Average: 57,156 (4, 35)
Pct Capacity: 99.23% (2, 27)

Schedule Strength
Past Opposition: 3-8 .273 (13, 115)
Future Opposition: 14-10 .583 (4, 51)
Cumulative Opposition: 17-18 .486 (12, 74)

Individual Stat Leaders

Matt Dayes: 95 att, 522 yds, 5.5 avg, 10 TD
Shadrach Thornton: 30 att, 203 yds, 6.8 avg, 3 TD
Reggie Gallaspy: 28 att, 113 yds, 4.0 avg, 2 TD
Jaylen Samuels: 12 att, 103 yds, 8.6 avg, 5 TD
Dakwa Nichols: 11 att, 53 yds, 4.8 avg

Jacoby Brissett: 90-123, 992 yds, 7 TD, 0 Int, 73.2% comp pct, 159.70 rating
Jalan McClendon: 8-14, 69 yds, 0 TD, 0 Int, 57.1% comp pct, 98.54 rating

Jaylen Samuels: 25 rec, 300 yds, 12.0 avg, 4 TD
Jumichael Ramos: 15 rec, 223 yds, 14.9 avg, 1 TD
Matt Dayes: 18 rec, 158 yds, 8.8 avg
Bra’Lon Cherry: 9 rec, 114 yds, 12.7 avg
Johnathan Alston: 7 rec, 61 yds, 8.7 avg

Punt Returns
Bra’Lon Cherry: 14 ret, 246 yds, 17.6 avg
Gavin Locklear: 1 ret, 5 yds, 5.0 avg

Kickoff Returns
Nyheim Hines: 14 ret, 386 yds, 27.6 avg
Bra’Lon Cherry: 1 ret, 37 yds, 37.0 avg

Field Goals
Kyle Bambard: 1-4 (.250), long of 36

Extra Points
Kyle Bambard: 26-27 (.963)
Jackson Maples: 1-1 (1.000)

A.J. Cole: 21 punts, 39.5 avg, long of 53, 9 inside 20yd line

Jackson Maples: 33 KO, 63.0 avg, 22 touchbacks
Kyle Bambard: 1 KO, 60.0 avg

Josh Jones: 25
Airius Moore: 22
B.J. Hill: 20
Bradley Chubb: 18
Hakim Jones: 17
Mike Rose: 17
Jerod Fernandez: 17

Tackles For Loss
B.J. Hill: 5
Mike Rose: 5
Justin Jones: 3
Darian Roseboro: 3
Bradley Chubb: 2.5
Dravious Wright: 2.5

Dravious Wright: 2
B.J. Hill: 2
Mike Rose: 2
Darian Roseboro: 2
Bradley Chubb: 1.5

Mike Stevens: 1
Jerod Fernandez: 1
Germaine Pratt: 1

Forced Fumbles
Dravious Wright: 1
Justin Jones: 1
Josh Jones: 1

Fumbles Recovered
Dravious Wright: 1
Josh Jones: 1

Top 25 Individual Rankings
2nd – Jacoby Brissette – Completion Percentage
2nd – Matt Dayes – Rushing TDs
7th – Matt Dayes – Scoring
10th – Nyheim Hines – Combined Kick Returns
12th – Bra’lon Cherry – Punt Returns
13th – Jalen Samuels – Scoring
17th – Jacoby Brissette – Passing Efficiency
18th – Jalen Samuels – Receiving TDs
21st – Nyheim Hines – Kickoff Returns
22nd – Matt Dayes – Rushing Yards

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Graduated from NCSU in 1996 with a degree in statistics. Born and inbred in West "By God" Virginia and now live in Raleigh where I spend my time watching the Wolfpack, the Mountaineers and the Carolina Hurricanes as well as making bar graphs for SFN. I'm @wvncsu on the Twitter machine.

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    WV Wolf

    Here are the stats and national rankings after the Wolfpack’s rain soaked loss to Louisville. Team Stats – ACC & National Rank in Parentheses Offense
    [See the full post at: NC State Football By The Numbers – Post L’Ville Edition]


    Schedule Strength Past Opposition = Not Good. That is all.


    Hopefully Friday we put this loss behind us. VT not good on run defense, and hopefully the coach don’t put it all on Dayes, and gives Gallaspy some touches. We lost a game we should have one, which ain’t bad considering undefeated Clemson, hung on to win at home by 3 over Louisville. We did not play a good game either for the most part. So had we done that, we would be riding an unbeaten streak. So let’s start a new one, with wins over VT, and WF on the road, then pull the upset over the Tiggers, and put us back in the picture.


    We lost a game we should have one

    I’m too tired, that melted my brain.


    It’s in yer skillet, Paki.


    There are lies, damnable lies, and then there are statistics .


    We left 8 hidden points on the field. If we would have unhid those points, we would have won.

    Good stats WV.


    Excellent presentation of the numbers…..without social or “Monday Morning QB’ing”.

    Let hope we look as good next week as we do going into this week. If weather cooperates, then we should be victorious. Some dude named Napoleon said that….


    I’ll be in Lane stadium Friday night. The Wolfpack has never lost when Ive been there.


    Some dude named Napoleon said that….

    Vote for Pedro


    Rain in the forecast. No rain here since Monday.

    Anyone know if there are sprinklers on the outdoor plastic turf facilities?

    Just askin’ ’cause I’ve walked that fuxr alot. No sign of artificial rain.


    I believe the Clemson-Louisville game was in Louisville, not Clemson.

    Still, Louisville is a solid, well-coached team. This could be Frank Beamer’s last season in Blacksburg. State needs to take care of VT while the Gobblers are down. If they don’t, this could well be one miserable October.

    I’ll be surprised if the Pack doesn’t win this one.


    I’ll be surprised if the Pack doesn’t win this one.

    I’ll be surprised if we do.

    It’s Va. Tech. IN Blacksburg. Capable team, coached by a guy named Frank Beamer (pretty good coach IOW – kinda like Bobby Petrino is a pretty good coach), who’s hungry to prove they ain’t as bad as they’ve shown so far (kinda like Louisville)…. And we ain’t exactly Ohio State…


    Assume it is accurate. Bermuda grass. 3 – 4K larger than CF, but looks a lot like it. CF was circa 1966/67….

    Lane was completed in 1965. It now has a Beamer Way address….how clever.

    Sky box does not look very modern or futuristic…..and there are plans to upgrade the student section.

    Weather Underground says….

    Friday Night 80 % Precip. / 0.14 in; Thunderstorms likely in the evening. Then the chance of scattered thunderstorms later on. Low 57F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 80%.

    Bring your rain gear and lighting rods….the kind with the battery clamp on the ground lead….no info if Umbrellas and Lightning Rod Helmets are permitted or banned.


    Capable team

    Nope. Not unless they get some of their wounded back. But wouldn’t you know it, Brewer is a game time decision.

    100 TOTAL yards? Against Pitt? That’s total offense. TOTAL.

    That’s far from capable, especially in 2015.

    Doesn’t mean they can’t beat us though.


    We simply MUST show some more creativity with the offense Friday night. And basic competence by the secondary. As noted above, VPI’s offense is freakishly bad, but anybody can score if you serve things up on a silver platter.

    This is a must-win game now.


    VT ain’t the VT of old. But they’re not garbage either, and are probably getting itchy to prove as much. Kinda like the team that just punked us in our own digs.

    I fear that we are about to walk into a buzzsaw of sorts. Hope we’re emotionally prepared this time.


    VT’s season hangs in the balance. I’m sure they are thinking this is the game to turn it all around. We had better be ready or else our season is going straight down the tube.


    The thing that still aches me about Saturday is the fact going forward that was an important game, a very winnable game and we dropped a turd. Now my level of optimism….which I never really experienced as a state fan has taken a drastic hit. I personally am not feeling good at all about coming back with a win after Friday night. Given our history in Winston and after seeing what transpired Saturday, not just the turnovers and missed tackles but the “wtf” offensive strategy, I will not at all be surprised for this team to be 4-3 when Clemson shows up. The boys are better than what they showed Saturday, we are better than Virginia Tech but we have to maintain our offensive schemes that made us successful the first four games. All things could be ok but starting 0-2 or 0-3 in the league this year…..lotta folks not gonna be happy.


    Vegas has us a 2 point dog.
    I agree with BJD this is a must win. I doubt we beat FSU or Clemson so we need 4 out of VT, WF, BC, SU and UNC to get to 8 wins.


    Close, Rick. 3 of 4 out of VPI, BC, Cuse, Wake. The Holes game is f-cking MANDATORY and I refuse to even think about a possible loss in that fixture.

    Naturally, the most NC State thing would be to beat FSU and lose in Winston. Or I guess Clemson since FSU is really kinda meh this year.


    Capable team

    Nope. Not unless they get some of their wounded back. But wouldn’t you know it, Brewer is a game time decision.

    100 TOTAL yards? Against Pitt? That’s total offense. TOTAL.

    That’s far from capable, especially in 2015.

    Doesn’t mean they can’t beat us though.

    Foose, you’re exactly right, and by “capable”, I meant capable of beating us.

    And I like that BJD says “NC State thing” rather than what we previously used here (and I still do, within the confines of my family) to reference situations where our teams somehow snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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