Villanova’s Piccolo Girl Now a Bobble Head

As you happily recall, NC State, as an 8 seed, beat top-seeded Villanova 71-68 in the round of 32 this past March. As the game finished, there was an image that went viral. A member of the Villanova Marching Band, Roxanne Chalifoux, was spotted by TV cameras crying while still playing her fight song on her piccolo.

Chalifoux enjoyed her unexpected “fame” as she was on the Tonight Show among a few other places. She handled the viral sensation of the aspect pretty well from what I recall. A few weeks later, I saw that there was a Kickstarter idea to create a bobble head of the piccolo girl, with the proceeds going to the Villanova band. I thought this was a good idea. So I donated a few bucks for the cause. In return, I would get a bobble head.

It was delivered today. It is really cool. A great way to always remember a big victory by the Wolfpack!

Nova Piccolo Girl

Nova Crying Girl