Aluminum Watch – Early Season ACC Attendance

With the recent attention to the amount of visible aluminum at a couple of local stadiums as well as discussion about the decline in college football attendance, I thought I’d take a look at some early season ACC attendance numbers.

ACC attendence week 3

Some observations:

Compared to percent capacity from the 2014 season, attendance is down 23% at Syracuse, 19% at North Carolina, 7% at Boston College and 6% at Florida State. Attendance is up 5% at State and Duke, 18% at Virginia, 13% at Pitt and 4% at Miami. Everybody else is within a percentage point or two from last year.

State and Clemson lead the conference in percent capacity despite not playing a Power 5 opponent at home.

While State can brag that we (barely) lead the ACC in percent capacity, it would be fair to point out that Clemson does lead the ACC in average attendance.

Four of the bottom 5 schools in percent capacity are former Big East schools. However, 2 of the top 4 are also former Big East schools.

Wake has only played one home game vs Elon and did a better job filling up their stadium than half the conference.

Syracuse is dead last in the conference at just over 50% capacity. Why has Syracuse dropped off so much? Donovan McNabb wasn’t that long ago was it?

That light blue school down the road comes in at #13 and their stadium is barely 2/3 full. Plus it’s interesting that they are only school where their average attendance is a nice round number. It’s almost like they don’t report their attendance accurately. Which is so out of character, they would never lie, cheat and steal over there.

If you’re curious, Cincinnati leads the nation in percent capacity at 110.30% and Michigan leads in average at 109,167. Eastern Michigan is at the bottom of both rankings at 18.11% and 5,469.

And of course, the season is still early (hence the “Early Season” in the title)

#1 – NC State
Percent Capacity: 99.87%
Average: 57,526
Opponents: Troy, Eastern Kentucky
Power 5 Opponents: 0
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 94.47%

#2 – Clemson
Percent Capacity: 99.86%
Average: 81,384
Opponents: Wofford, Appalachian St
Power 5 Opponents: 0
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 100.31%

#3 – Louisville
Percent Capacity: 95.83%
Average: 52,708
Opponents: Houston, Clemson
Power 5 Opponents: 1
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 96.31%

#4 – Virginia Tech
Percent Capacity: 95.80%
Average: 62,875
Opponents: Ohio St, Furman
Power 5 Opponents: 1
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 93.18%

#5 – Florida St
Percent Capacity: 93.39%
Average: 76,864
Opponents: Texas St, South Florida
Power 5 Opponents: 0
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 99.89%

#6 – Georgia Tech
Percent Capacity: 90.57%
Average: 49,816
Opponents: Alcorn St, Tulane
Power 5 Opponents: 0
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 88.22%

#7 – Wake Forest
Percent Capacity: 86.11%
Average: 27,126
Opponents: Elon
Power 5 Opponents: 0
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 86.38%

#8 – Duke
Percent Capacity: 85.54%
Average: 29,034
Opponents: NC Central, Northwestern
Power 5 Opponents: 1
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 80.41%

#9 – Virginia
Percent Capacity: 81.37%
Average: 50,041
Opponents: Notre Dame, William & Mary
Power 5 Opponents: 1
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 63.94%

#10 – Pitt
Percent Capacity: 76.29%
Average: 49,969
Opponents: Youngstown St
Power 5 Opponents: 0
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 63.08%

#11 – Miami
Percent Capacity: 74.28%
Average: 48,524
Opponents: Bethune-Cookman, Nebraska
Power 5 Opponents: 1
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 70.10%

#12 – Boston College
Percent Capacity: 70.79%
Average: 31,502
Opponents: Maine, Howard, Florida St
Power 5 Opponents: 1
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 77.01%

#13 – North Carolina
Percent Capacity: 67.46%
Average: 42,500
Opponents: NC A&T, Illinois
Power 5 Opponents: 1
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 86.77%

#14 – Syracuse
Percent Capacity: 54.31%
Average: 28,244
Opponents: Rhode Island, Wake Forest, Central Michigan
Power 5 Opponents: 1
Final 2014 Pct Capacity: 77.78%

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Graduated from NCSU in 1996 with a degree in statistics. Born and inbred in West "By God" Virginia and now live in Raleigh where I spend my time watching the Wolfpack, the Mountaineers and the Carolina Hurricanes as well as making bar graphs for SFN. I'm @wvncsu on the Twitter machine.

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    WV Wolf

    With the recent attention to the amount of visible aluminum at a couple of local stadiums as well as discussion about the decline in college football
    [See the full post at: Aluminum Watch – Early Season ACC Attendance]


    I used to have a link to these types of numbers, but I’ve since lost it. Can you post where you got the raw numbers? BTW, I really appreciate all of the analysis from you and the others on these types of topics.


    Avg attendance for Duke is 52,708? That must be a typo. Or maybe the “estimate” by someone at UNC


    Wallace Wade capacity is just under 34K – wondering if the 52K is the combined attendance for the first 2 games. If so, they would be 52K of potentiually 68K, or 76%. No way that place even renovated holds 52K.

    I also find it interesting that the light blue are at only 67% of capacity – they had to expand and build new boxes but……….

    WV Wolf

    The Duke (and Va Tech) numbers have been corrected, the dangers of copy and paste. Thanks for the heads up.

    The stats come from the NCAA, attendance is under misc reports


    For a little “Tongue-in-Cheek” insight….

    I had posted there and noted the “Rounded” numbers from UNC. I guess the Great Blue Zone Upgrade did not include Ticket Scanners….or they don’t know (or chose) to use REAL data.

    This post could NOT have come at a better time. Thanks to SFN for the stats…

    john of sparta

    AL-u-Min-E-um is a visible by-product of 3 qualities:
    1. student body demographics.
    2. live video availability.
    3. HDTV.

    Alpha Wolf

    Perhaps Carolina should do like the Jacksonville Jaguars and cover up empty sections.


    Interesting article on this…..

    Read the comments…..maybe some alter ego’s of those here were there….who knows.

    What DID strike me as funny was the line in the article about Duke coming to town and how THAT will fill the stands. YEP….Living Social (and maybe Groupon) has been running a 52% DISCOUNT on the Arch Rivalry GAME OF THE DECADE….

    SO, it will be interesting to see if Kenan is filled on Nov 7.

    Really surprised that someone did not point that out in the comments section of the article.


    Latest “MEDIA” to weigh in….may hit a paywall with the link

    Besides the Bug Howard Tweet, it was a bit informative. Quoting Andrew Carter….

    “An announced crowd of 41,000 showed up at Kenan to watch the Tar Heels’ 48-14 victory against the Illini. And since “announced” crowds are almost always inflated – at UNC and nearly everywhere else, too – that means the actual number of people in the seats was somewhere in the 30,000s.”

    Seems like Andrew suspects that UNC is “Cheating” on the attendance numbers….


    What good is attendance if the program is laughable? UNC has historically had a slight edge in football and a large edge in every other sport. We have to get better as a program for me to feel proud of these peripheral metrics.


    Exactly who’s program is “laughable,” there 44?


    Exactly who’s program is “laughable,” there 44?

    I think we both know to what program he mistakenly refers , CD. He has yet to learn that…

    “You can observe a lot by watching.”

    … or at least how.




    That attendance Saturday was embarrassing for the heels. Of course, the students and alumni may partially embarrassed by the ongoing academic scandal. Given the same set of circumstances and the lack of good tailgating options, I imagine the attendance at the Carter would be awful.

    In general, attendance for noon games suck…of course, I believe if we were beating a big 5 conference team, I am willing to be a digit that at some time on that Saturday – the stadium would be full.

    Our problem as a fan base is in general, we get there late and leave early….but we usually show up for at least some of the game.


    So its an embarrass unto others as they have embarrassed unto you type situation.

    They deserve each other.


    I’m lost as to who deserves whom.

    But I did like the slipping in of the Yogi quote above, ‘foose. Nice.


    Heels like to show their ticket purchases to everyone, they just don’t like actually going to the games!

    Alpha Wolf

    Given that Carolina has had attendance problems going all the way back to the Mack Brown era over there, one has to wonder — why have they given up the support of those lovely pine trees by expanding their stadium twice since Mack went to Texas?


    ^ Field of Dreams is a powerful, powerful movie…


    UNCheat counting rogue fans, apparently.


    Game day! Waiting for the blog on the State/USA game.

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