Trea Turner: Major Leaguer

Alternate title:  Mr. Turner goes to Washington.

Ian Desmond, keep an eye in your rearview.

You might also want to get your DC area home spruced up and ready for the open market.  You know, just in case.


n. 1. A member of a major-league baseball team.

-Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.


Yep, earlier than even the most optimistic among us likely expected, Mr. Turner got the call up to the big club on Friday.

In surprise move, Nationals call up shortstop prospect Trea Turner (

Turner was sitting in a movie, “Straight Outta Compton,” with his Syracuse teammates when his phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number, so he didn’t pick up. It kept ringing, so he finally answered. Chiefs manager Billy Gardner was on the other end, and asked Turner if he’d ever been to Washington D.C. He had, once, when he was younger. Gardner told him he was going back.


That Turner joins the Nationals now, two weeks before rosters expand in September, qualifies as a surprise. The Nationals have a logjam of sorts in their middle infield, where Ian Desmond has shown signs since the all-star break of breaking out of a season-long slump, Anthony Rendon is still searching for his timing at the plate as he recovers from injury, and Danny Espinosa continues to seize opportunities with power and grit.

“It depends on need. It depends on where we’re at in games and how he can contribute to it,” Nationals Manager Matt Williams said. “With T-Mo and his ankle, we were short on the bench anyway, so we had to get somebody here. Trea gives us a lot of options. Middle infield guy. He’s got speed. He’s had a great year. Puts the bat on the baseball. So there’s a lot of opportunity for him. But it will depend on how that particular game plays out.”


Best of luck to Trea, of course.

And my not too distant future road trip might now be in need of some alterations to the itinerary.

Turner did get into Friday night’s game, btw, replacing Desmond at short to begin the 7th.  Sadly, he went 0 for 2 in his MLB debut.

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    Alternate title:  Mr. Turner goes to Washington. Ian Desmond, keep an eye in your rearview. You might also want to get your DC area home spruced up an
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    SO happy for TT! Hope he takes the NL by storm, but not so soon that I can’t draft him in my Diamond Mind Baseball long-term keeper replay league rookie draft.

    There is also a joke to be made somewhere about a white dude talking on the phone in the theater during the NWA movie. Hee hee. Tis ok, everybody knows Trea is as gangsta as they gets.


    Not too shabby for a player to be named later.


    I am happy for this dude. This guy has some fire in his belly. This is a question for others who follow him more closely. It’s been said he has a long swing. I understand how that can be a detriment. What can you do to correct that and still keep your hand eye coordination? Hitting against a fence? Learn to be a slap hitter and then re-grow your swing? I know he has been working on that.

    Williams is struggling right now as the skipper. Some would think this call up is a desperate move. Those same people realize how bad the middle infield is struggling. Those who follow the Pack and ML prospects know this kid can play. Sure hope he doesn’t get in his head that he has to save this team. Just play.

    Never thought I would say this but as a Braves fan I hope the Mets take the division and leave Washington hoping for a wildcard spot. Which is unlikely in my opinion.


    Too many questions at once, Gw. Turner is long, but his hands make up for it some.

    Yes, yes, yes on the fence drill. Just make sure it’s a throwaway stick. 🙂


    Just an update of sorts….

    Turner still hasn’t started a game, and like the other 3 games he’s seen action in, he came in tonight as a late inning sub. His 7th inning AB was an f9, and he’s unlikely to get another PA tonight unless the Nats blow a 3 run lead quickly at home.

    Having appeared in 4 games total now, Turner is hitless so far in 5 major league at bats. (2 ground outs, a fly out and 2 k’s, btw).


    Turner got his first MLB start tonight at home vs Miami.

    Sadly, it was an 0 for 3 night at the plate for him, so he’s still hunting for that 1st major league hit.

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