CFB 2015 Starts THIS Week: What do you expect from the Pack?

Well, the 2015 College Football season is just a few days away, with a pretty big slate (of mostly small schools) on Thursday this week.  But a couple of ACC teams do get moving on Thursday, including (16)GT hosting Alcorn State and Wake hosting Elon.  Both are viewable on ESPN3.

Oh yeah, the first of what will hopefully be many 2015 Chapel Hill L’s might also come on Thursday, as the Fightin’ Asterisks travel south to Charlotte to meet the Gamecocks in the middle.  That one, not surprisingly, is on the Flagship at 6pm.  Sadly, I’m not sure the ‘Cocks can “ram” it home in that one.  But we can hope.

Following that, (2)TCU hits the road at Minnesota (9pm, ESPN)

‘Cuse tees it up Friday as they play host to Rhode Island, also on ESPN3.

As does (4)Baylor, when they travel to Dallas to face SMU (7pm, ESPN).

Another top five program, (5)Michigan State also starts out on the road on Friday as they travel to Western Michigan (7pm, ESPNU).

(23)Boise State hosts Washington in Friday’s nightcap out west (10:15, ESPN)

But not until Saturday do most of the big boys get rolling.

A handful of the more interesting Saturday games are:

  • (21)Stanford at Northwestern (Noon, ESPN)
  • Louisville/(6)Auburn in ATL (3:30pm, CBS)
  • BYU at Nebraska (3:30pm, ABC)
  • (15)Arizona State at Tejas A&M (7pm, ESPN)
  • Tejas at (11)Notre Dame (7:30pm, NBC)
  • (20)Wisconsin/(3)Bama in Arlington, TX (8pm, ESPN)

There’s even a Sunday game, sort of (Purdue/Marshall).

Then in prime time on Labor Day Monday, the defending Nat’l Champs travel to Blacksburg to take on the Hokies (8pm, ESPN).  The Pack will of course have to face the Hokies in a little over a month, so it will be interesting to see how they fare.

Our own Pack of course, opens up the 2015 campaign at home at 6pm on Saturday, as they welcome the Trojans of Troy to the friendly confines of Carter-Finley Stadium.

But rather than talk mostly about the game vs Troy, as there will be plenty of time for that later in the week…not to mention that I’m on the road and bored but am nonetheless currently limited by use of a mobile device and its woefully undersized keyboard, and thus am not gonna sit here and type up a big preview…I’m more interested in folks’ opinions on what they genuinely expect of the Pack this season.

Some opinions of persons that I respect and which command my attention when I hear them, seem to indicate that we might be a year ahead of where I think (thought?) we were.  Granted, the soft schedule has at least a bit to do with that I’m sure.  But if I’m listening correctly, it is not the entire story they’re trying (not) to tell.

For my own opinion, I expect a floor of 8 wins with this schedule.  I’m also fully aware that in the past when I’ve had those sorts of expectations, we’ve struggled to reach that mark more often than not.

Soooo….what is YOUR expectation of this year’s team?

Will we flop?  Should we be scouting theeOhioState on Monday as well, expecting a January showdown?

Everyone is still undefeated as of this moment, so there’s no wrong opinion.

Some recent news:

Prized RB recruit Johnny Frasier is likely to redshirt….

NC State’s Frasier will have to wait his turn (

N.C. State has enough depth at running back, even with senior Shadrach Thornton’s suspension, that the plan is to redshirt Johnny Frasier this season.

Frasier, a freshman from Princeton, was rated as the top recruit in the state by Scout and in the top 100 nationally by both Scout and ESPN. Frasier (5-10, 230 pounds) ran for 7,100 yards and 99 touchdowns in his prep career and made waves before Signing Day in February when he switched his commitment from Florida State.

But Thornton, junior Matt Dayes, sophomore Dakwa Nichols and freshman Reggie Gallaspy are ahead of Frasier on the depth chart.

Coach Dave Doeren said Frasier, who was practicing earlier in the week with the scout team, will likely redshirt this season but he hasn’t made a final decision.

“If that’s what we end up doing, we will only do it because we think it’s the best thing for him,” Doeren said.


At least in part, if Frazier’s redshirt does come to pass, it will come due to a youthful abundance in the backfield….

NC State May Turn to Stockpiled Frosh RBs Sooner Than Expected (

One of the school’s supporters dressed in red waiting in line added some commentary as Doeren signed.

“Sure hope you can get that Bryce Love kid,” he said, referring to the then-Wake Forest High senior that was a four-star prospect ranked the No. 6 running back in the nation.

Doeren, who is known for speaking in a flat tone with the media, didn’t display stress over the recruiting battle for local talent or irritation at the question. He didn’t lift his head as he kept signing, stating in an even tone, “There are a lot of good running backs in the area.”

And Doeren landed three of them.

Although Love committed with Stanford, three other nearby four-star running backs that signed with NC State: Garner’s Nyheim Hines (No. 2 all-purpose back in the nation), Princeton’s Johnny Frasier (No. 24 RB in the nation) and Greensboro Southern Guilford’s Reggie Gallaspy (No. 28 RB in the nation). Frasier had committed early to Florida State before de-committing to stay closer to home.


Luke DeCock, who incidentally is NOT one of the aforementioned opinions I referred to above, seems to think our O/U is in the 9 win range….

Nine wins well within reach for Wolfpack (

It took Tom O’Brien four years to win nine games at N.C. State, and it took Chuck Amato three years, and it took Mike O’Cain two. As Dave Doeren enters his third season at N.C. State, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t get there as well, in roughly the same time frame as his three predecessors.

That’s where the bar is set for the Wolfpack this season: Nine wins, at a minimum, with third place in the Atlantic Division eminently attainable. Ten wins and a solid, attractive bowl game are within reach – and with an upset or two and some help elsewhere, perhaps even a very slim shot at the division title.

Either way, with what should be four guaranteed nonconference wins to open the season against Troy, Eastern Kentucky, Old Dominion and South Alabama – which sounds like the roster of teams at a low-grade holiday basketball tournament in some wind-blown beach town otherwise shut down for the winter – N.C. State is in prime position to make another leap forward in the win column.


And a couple of other preview type thingys from Sammy Batten and JPG, respectively….

N.C. State football: Season preview (

Five players to watch

Leader of the Pack: Jacoby Brissett

Position:  Quarterback

Class:  Senior

About Brissett: Jacoby was one of three Power of Five conference players to pass for 2,000 yards, rush for 300 throw for 20 or more touchdowns and have five or fewer interceptions last season. He capped the year by earning MVP honors in the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl when he piled up 293 yards of total offense.

The Target: David Grinnage

Position: Tight end

Class: Junior

About Grinnage:  At 6-foot-5, 265 pounds, Grinnage looks like a prototypical tight end. But he’s much more, having emerged as a deep threat and consistent pass receiver as a sophomore. Grinnage led the Wolfpack with five touchdown receptions in 2014, including a 45-yarder against Florida State. He made 27 catches on the year for 358 yards.

The Rookie: Nyheim Hines

Position: Running back-receiver

Class: Freshman

About Hines:  One of the most versatile athletes on N.C. State’s roster, Hines will see action at running back, slot receiver and returning kicks this season. If he touches the ball as much as we expect, Hines should be a strong contender for ACC Rookie of the Year honors.

The Veteran: Mike Rose

Position: Defensive end

Class: Senior

About Rose:  Mike is one of the most experienced players on N.C. State’s roster with 36 games played in his career. He was one of the ACC’s top defenders in 2014 when he made 46 tackles, a team-best 15 tackles for loss and five sacks. Rose also paced the Wolfpack with five quarterback hurries.

The Hammer: Shadrach Thornton

Position: Running back

Class: Senior

About Thornton: Despite starting just two games in 2014, Thornton led N.C. State in rushing with 907 yards. He was at his best down the stretch, racking up 367 yards over the final three games. Thornton enters his junior year 10th on the Wolfpack’s career rushing list with 2,369 yards. He’ll miss the first two games of the season for a team violation.

NC State football: What you need to know (

Best-case scenario: The defense picks up where it left off, the key new parts on the offensive line merge with the old and Brissett leads them to a split with Clemson and Florida State and N.C. State’s first Atlantic Division title.

Worst-case scenario: The defense reverts to early 2014 form, the offense stalls and the special teams are a mess with a freshman kicker and freshman punter. South Alabama bites them in late September, the division road woes continue and a home loss to UNC keeps them out of a bowl.

Bottom line: There’s a chance here for N.C. State to make a move. A division title might be down the road for Doeren but there are 10 wins available (including the bowl) on this schedule.

So, less than six days until the Pack’s 2015 Season gets rolling.

I’m all goose-pimply in anticipation of the end of the summer doldrums.

So, talk it up already!!!!

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    Well, the 2015 College Football season is just a few days away, with a pretty big slate (of mostly small schools) on Thursday this week.  But a couple
    [See the full post at: CFB 2015 Starts THIS Week: What do you expect from the Pack?]


    Predictions? I tend to stay away from them. But I would pick 8 wins if forced to guess.

    If you’re looking for something to get amped for the season, I recommend the second half of the 2008 UNC/State game:

    PS – Every State fan should subscribe to cylonwolf’s youtube site.


    ^ Thought you were about to go all Clubber Lang on us there. 😀


    Season already started Wuf. Montana upset 4 time defending FCS national champion NDSU on Saturday in a great game that went down to the wire.

    Wolfpack nets 10 wins in 2015, minimum.


    The Tom Herman era begins in the Scenic Third Ward as the Houston Cougars look to put enough fannies in seats to attract at P5 invitation.


    I would not be surprised with a 1 loss regular season.

    …Nor with 3.


    I’ll take 9 wins in the regular season, 10 if we take the bowl game.Hope I’m wrong on the down side.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    I will say 10 wins (which includes a decent bowl). I will also prognosticate 1 big upset of the Tiggers or Noles, and a thumping of the Fighting Asterisks (that made me snort coffee, Wuf).


    Yawn……Wake me up in 30 days.


    I expect Wolfpack sports as usual. We’ll lose one we shouldn’t and win one we probably shouldn’t. Another season of peaks and valleys. No consistency here.

    If we don’t win 9 in the regular season, I think most of us will be disappointed and feel like we plateaued a little bit, but obviously our trajectory had to flatten out a little. We aren’t going to win 13 games.

    I think a 9 win regular season, plus one in the bowl – for 10 wins overall would be great. How many times has the Pack ever won 10 in a season?

    Well, according to this site, technically the answer is NEVER. But we did win 11 in 2002 when PR beat Notre Dame. But other than than, 9 is the best ever. So a 10 win season would be phenomenal!!


    Well, according to this site, technically the answer is NEVER.

    Well, if you want to get TECHNICAL, you are WRONG.

    The Wolfpack did win 10 games in 2002. However, it did not win ONLY 10 games. 🙂

    It’s called the English language. Sorry pet peeve. Nothing personal. The bastardization and misuse of words and language have almost become the norm.

    Words have meanings, as do punctuation. And no, I’m not referring to obvious typos,
    auto-corrects, and/or other errors resulting from mobile device use.


    Looking ahead to Clemson perhaps or just because its tradition, we suffer the bi-annual bad loss at Wake (after an open date) thus ending our undefeated season to that point on 10/24. From there it’s business as usual….beating who we should and losing where expected. And that puts us on a two game losing streak going to BC where we struggle but pull it out despite that particular tradition. We win the first half at Fla St before they play a complete game, all in the third quarter, and blow us out. We recover and beat ‘Cuse at home before hosting the CHEATERS. And Cheaters never win. Despite finishing 9-3, the Wake loss keeps us out of a nice bowl. And if it’s not Wake, its one of those screwy high school road games….cause that’s what we do.


    Once again, apologies to all for the above, especially PapaJohn. That was a general commentary aside, nothing directed towards him.

    Now back to football…

    I expect a win at Winston-Salem. Yes, I know the history, but I also know the HISTORY.

    I also know the CONTEXT.

    ‘WTF’ loses are always a possibility with any team, any program. But as long as we keep Doeren, their frequency with the Wolfpack will be greatly reduced.

    But then, what do I know?… Coach is in over his head.

    For with Doeren, for the first time since Sheridan, the PROGRAM no longer has ankles of clay.

    For you heathens out there, that’s a Biblical reference.


    Totally agree ‘Foose. WTF losses will be greatly reduced under D. For me, Winston Salem is a phobia. Been there too many times…heading in expecting to win and coming out with my wolven tail tucked between my legs surrounded by drunken Baptists. Been beat by that stick too often to not fear it and thus, now, doubt the outcome.


    The road wins State needs most this season are in Mobile, Norfolk, Winston-Salem and Chestnut Hill. If they do this plus win at least 3 of their home ACC games, then I think State football will have taken a significant step forward.

    A 4-4 ACC mark simply isn’t going to get this program up where it belongs. State issimply going to have to become an ACC contender before we’ll be taken seriously, which will help us land games (including bowl games) against opponents that will give us major exposure.

    I see improvement over last season, but still think it’ll play out to 8-4 and a bowl I probably won’t buy tickets to.


    Expect?? I expect a swift kick in the nuts because social conditioning. Don’t even trip, dawg. Not a Biblical reference, but very close (Rick and Morty).

    If I get past that, I expect more of a consolidation year than anything. We DO beat Wake, go 9-3 and lose a decent bowl game, or 8-4 and beat up a shittier foe. We not ready for the bigtime quite yet, but we will show flashes, and next year we will curse not having one more year of Jacoby.


    I understand. I too have been there in person for many of them (losses at Wake).

    The pre-Ohio State one I distinctly remember. But that one had nothing to do with voodoo, it was 100% coaching.

    I know that because I was there and saw what the coaches were doing, not what the tv was showing.

    A la Dan Reaves and John Elway, Rivers was shackled by Mazzone’s (the departed Galbraith had been OC the previous year) play calling. In almost every pass play, State would send out 3 or 4 receivers, but none deeper than 12-15 yards. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

    Over and over and over.

    I got so disgusted I started sharing my thoughts out loud in exasperation, also pointing out Philip’s obvious frustration with the play calling. Soon those around also saw the idiocy and began like commentary.

    The rare exception in which a receiver would run a deep route was usually preceded with Rivers looking to the sidelines, throwing his hands up in disgust, then turning his back to the sidelines as he waved off the nonsense coming in.

    There was definitely some ‘stuff’ going on that game, and on the sideline too. The body language of Philip was not difficult to read when communicating with coaches.

    In my opinion, it played into the early poor play the following week and the suspect play calling at the end of the game. But that’s another story.

    Late in the game and several scores down, the play calling finally opened up. Furious rally ensued, but too little, too late.

    Anyway, the point being State was hamstrung by coaching, again. That is the ‘voodoo’ that has plagued the Wolfpack in Winston, not some sort of black magic.


    Man alive, I am loving what teh Foose is selling this week. I just drafted a long broncos preview for a new NFL/humor site (that arose from the ashes of the sadly corporatized and ruined KSK), and I went on a long rant re Elway/Reeves. Still in draft until 2 September, but I will link it as soon as I can! Also bitched about this live at poker Friday night with a 49ers fan.


    I am pretty scared of the VA Tech game at their place only six days after battling Louisville. And we have a hard time beating Clemson. FSU in Tallahassee will be tough but we have their number. So I’m going with 2 L’s, which may give us an extra game in Charlotte! That scenario will be hard to live up to, but I think we are loaded in all the right places and I like being optimistic.


    I’d bet on 8, but I could see it get to 10 if we take 3 of the 5 toughies (‘ville, hokie, iptay, holes and noles) and don’t slip in Chestnut Hill. I’m confident they will get 2 of the three at home. The Doak and Blacksburg feel like too much to expect.

    What I know, is we will be no fun to play for anyone, and coaching isn’t likely to be our problem…….for a wonderful change.

    Won’t be stunned to see the 1000 yard runner drought end, maybe twice in the same year.


    I agree with the assessment that we probably lose one we shouldn’t and win one we shouldn’t. Winning the first 4, 2 of 3 through Lou/VT/Wake, Split Clemson/FSU, and 2 of 3 BC/’Cuse/UN* gets us to 9. 10 not out of the question. Winning in Tallahassee is tough, but late October is prime season for Clemson to pull a Clemson, right?


    @BJD… got our family Christmas present all set. Annual Broncos game on the east coast in December. Seeing them play Big Ben at the Heinz on 12/20.

    And yes… Reeves hamstrung Elway with bad coaching and teams, otherwise he would have two more rings.

    Pack wins in Winston-Salem this year, makes the Cheaters not prosper, and get 10 this year. Book it!


    Well, Foose, the feet were partly made of iron.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Maybe I’m just not drinking the Kool Aid like I should, but I don’t see 10 regular season wins on the schedule given that we play FSU, Clemson, Louisville and travel to VT. I don’t even seen 9. Mix that in with a trap game against BC, and I see 4 ACC regular season losses.

    We’ll start off going 4-0 playing a soft schedule (though in S. Alabama a team better than its name suggests). From there, I think we’ll be 4-4.

    We’re a year away. I kind of agree with BJD’s assessment.


    I expect outsiders (even many insiders) to be shocked by State’s success due to coaching, depth, s&c developement and discipline. All these areas have been lacking for a long time. It takes 3 years to iron things out.

    I believe Hines’ ankles are made of liquid Mercury. That kid can skate.

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