Pack9 Outlasts Miami, Clinches Championship Game Berth

Wolfpack Baseball found themselves in yet another extra-inning affair with ACC Championship implications on Friday night.  Two years ago State fell 2-1 to eventual champion Carolina in an 18 inning marathon, falling short of the Sunday Championship game.  But on Friday night the Pack found answers every time they needed one, with the loudest STATEment coming off the bat of Preston Palmeiro in walk-off fashion, and the Pack outlasting the Miami Hurricanes in 12 innings, 5-4.








NC State knocks off Miami in 12, will play for ACC baseball title (

N.C. State, which has won 12 of its last 14 games, clung to its last hopes after Miami reliever Bryan Garcia struck out Brock Deatherage to open the ninth inning. But Garcia walked pinch-hitter Shane Shepard. Jake Armstrong came on to run for Shepard and advanced to third on a single by senior Logan Ratledge. Armstrong scored on a fielder’s choice when Andrew Knizner bounced to short to tie the game at 4.


Palmeiro doubled to lead off the 12th inning, hitting the left field wall. Carl Chester’s throwing error, all the way into the foul side of first base, allowed Palmeiro to score and put the Wolfpack into the championship game on Sunday at 1 p.m.

#Pack9 Walks Off Into ACC Championship Game (

Palmeiro teed off on the second pitch for a high drive that glanced about halfway up the left field wall and was retrieved by the Hurricanes’ Carl Chester, who attempted to nail Palmeiro at second base. The throw was well off the mark, however, and Palmeiro received the green light as he never slowed up and rounded third.

Miami first baseman Christopher Barr ran the ball down and made a strong throw to the plate, but catcher Zack Collins could not come up with the ball cleanly as he attempted to make a sweeping tag on the sliding Palmeiro.

Tommy DeJuneas (3-3), the fifth NC State pitcher of the night, earned the win after a brilliant three innings of which he struck out six Hurricane batters and allowed just one hit. The Wolfpack got a similar effort in the middle innings by reliever Joe Olczak, who did not allow a hit while walking one and striking out a career-high tying six batters in 3.1 innings.


Papa Palmeiro was as stunned/happy as the rest of the Wolfpack faithful in attendance in Durham, btw…

  Successful Rally Cap of the night…


And Preston needed pads when he was greeted by his teammies…


The Pack now faces UVa Saturday night at 7pm in what has become a de facto exhibition game with their ticket to Sunday already punched.  Regardless of Saturday’s results vs UVa, the Pack WILL move on to Sunday, where they will face the winner of Saturday’s matinee (11am) between FSU and Louisville for the 2015 ACC Baseball Championship.

Alert fans will recall that the Pack lost home series to both FSU and Louisville during the regular season, so a win over either would provide a measure of vengeance.

The Pack9’s NCAAT stock got a nice bump tonight as well.  Bumping off Miami, which was #1 in the nation in RPI rankings before tonight’s game, has bumped the Pack all the way up to #26, making a strong case for a #2 NCAAT seed.  Beating UVa (#21) and/or FSU(#10)/’Ville(#12) would help solidify that case even more.

So, crank up the volume so all your neighbors can hear, and let this rip…



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    Wolfpack Baseball found themselves in yet another extra-inning affair with ACC Championship implications on Friday night.  Two years ago State fell 2-
    [See the full post at: Pack9 Outlasts Miami, Clinches Championship Game Berth]


    Wufpacker, here is the video of the play:


    Great comeback win. Crowd was awesome.

    It will be interesting to see how Avent handles the staff for tomorrow’s game. Does he start Piedmonte or start him on Sunday?

    Would he pitch some of the guys who haven’t thrown as many innings this year, such as Williamson and Stone, and keep Gilbert, Olczak, Orwig, Britt, and DeJuneas ready for Sunday?


    ^ Sweetness!! I hadn’t seen the replay until now. GoPack only just put their write-up up and I had just added it, but hadn’t yet added the vid. Glad you already did 🙂

    Fun Game, to say the least.


    Cool vid 🙂


    ^ Indeed.

    And after seeing it on replay, I’m even more concerned that Palmeiro might need tomorrow off. Those dudes might as well have given him the piledriver. Yikes.


    I had to drive a kid to a sleepover last night (in f-ing FUQUAY, no less). When I left my house, I had flipped to fast-pitch Lady Pack anyway, in hopes of being cheered up (since my Cardinals were also getting shelled, and Lance Lynn looked hurt to me). It was working, early 1-0 lead!

    So, I drive 25 minutes to BFE, and get pulled over on the way back, because of course I do. I am dead honest with the cop when he asks me if I know why he pulled me over “I was driving too fast” and if I had any reason “No, I just dropped my kid off at a sleepover, I’m tired, and started going too fast trying to get home.”

    Saving grace for the day – cop was super nice, and doesn’t give me a ticket. Maybe because I at least answered his questions honestly, and wasn’t drunk. Then I get home, just in time to see the Ducks pound us for a 4-spot. I’ve heard no encouraging news from Durham, so I don’t even bother checking. I just futz around online for 10 minutes and go to bed.

    NICE SURPRISE, Pack 9! I will see you for Pack 9 appreciation night in about 11 hours, since I am the gracious recipient of Wuf’s extra ticket!!


    If you went to bed early, you missed a great game. My brother’s family and my family all ended up at my parents house to watch (we’re in TN). You could feel we still had something in us, but after chances in the 9th and 10th, I thought we might be falling behind a little.

    The adults in the room were acting like a kid on Christmas morning when we saw home umps arms fly out to the sides. What a game, what a win. Go Pack!


    Raffy’s progeny wins it on a Little League HR. TOO MUCH FUN.

    Don’t worry, I won’t risk my Charlie Brown jinx factor by attending the finale, just tonight’s scrimmage.

    For a sense of how HUGE it would be to get the monkey off our back Sunday…has anyone calculated what our wolven record is in conference finals (combined) since our last “Big Three” sports championship? My brain says the goose egg streak has to be at least 12, right?


    I admit to quiting when Avent refused to sac in the 8th. Pinch hitting for Fincher caused an apoplectic seizure, for good measure.

    I absolutely love how these kids overcome so many hurdles placed in their path.

    Tonight will be a nice night out. See ya at Tobacco Road.


    Thanks for the video. I’ve watched it 20x. That type of celebration has been missing for a long time. Sheer joy displayed by players and fans. Win out boys and girls.


    For a sense of how HUGE it would be to get the monkey off our back Sunday…has anyone calculated what our wolven record is in conference finals (combined) since our last “Big Three” sports championship? My brain says the goose egg streak has to be at least 12, right?

    Dunno. Too long is all I know.
    For tonight, fans can relax and enjoy an nice night out. Sunday, battle armor.

    Off to the demon’s lair. Hope to emerge at least in time to make first pitch, Tobacco Road would be a bonus of gargantuan proportions, but am aiming for it.


    College baseball for me is easily my second favorite sport to watch behind football. NCAA basketball has become such a garbage game that’s it’s no longer even a close comparison. And college baseball is WAAAYYY better than MLB. Every at bat has me on the edge of my seat, there is much more strategy involved all over the field than in the MLB.

    I can easily see college baseball becoming a pretty lucrative television deal in the coming years.


    I’ll be there Sunday doing my part. Saving another Moon pic for tmrw morning too.


    Looking like we will get the Noles on Sunday; currently leading the Ville 6-0 in the 8th…


    Man oh man. Just finished watching the replay. What a way to win. I remember getting a homerun like that in fifth grade. Shouldn’t have needed it if that play had been called safe at home in the earlier inning. He would have scored on the later hit. At least the good guys won in the end. That Caps For Sale rally cap was epic.

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