Most Glorious May Day, Fellow Comrades!

Reds of the world unite, and put behind the petty squabbles planted by counterrevolutionaries to undermine the spirit of the proletariat. Embrace the rain, and the last cool day of 2015. Do as if Glorious and Most Wise Lenin Cat is watching you at all times.

I mean, shit fellas, we still have 4 months of desert to get through before football season. We can either be whimsical and hope the time passes by quickly, or we can go full-on Baltimore on one another. The latter doesn’t end with any winners, from my vantage point.

Glorious Warning – be an ass in this thread, Stalin send to Gulag, maybe not even the one for re-education. Da?

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    Yo JG, I’ve looked but not found anything. Maybe someone with an “in” could give us a clue. I did find a vid from his high school days in PA. Better quality vid, and he shows a nice range of shots around the basket, including some nice jump hooks, turnarounds, and a soft jumper. And of course the requisite slams and alley oops against shorter competition ๐Ÿ™‚


    I think that guy would be AWESOME in our system.


    Dare I say he looks stellar?


    No inside info on Gott’s trip/chances, but if we land him it would be a coup. Most so-called experts seem to think he’s headed to Oregon.

    And screw Canada…we don’t need their bikini mojo any longer.


    I am seeing stars!

    How Stellar got her groove back.


    Papa G’s mini hook is killer. He even has a sweet little fade away. Good passer! Nice touch. Smooth, athletic, CALM. Dude would be an upgrade from KW….who suffered badly from arc fright and neurolapses (brain farts). The High School vid doesn’t show much unless you can judge a guy playing alone in his driveway. The Euro vid seems to have a higher level of competition. Man, I want this guy on our campus. We’d have one of the best big crews in the world.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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