Yes, Tomorrow Is Very Important

No doubt, you’ve heard the concept of “house money” applied to the 2014-15 Wolfpack. Although the players aren’t just “happy to be here (in the Sweet Sixteen)” there is a consistent undercurrent in the media that State made its bones by knocking off Villanova and can now run along while the big boys finish their apéritifs.

I humbly suggest we yank away the tablecloth instead.

There’s a reason we give the Elite Eight a separate nickname, between the Sweet Sixteen and the Final Four, while no such treatment is given to the Round of 32. It means something. Making the Sweet Sixteen separates the teams that make true “Cinderella runs” from those that merely get hot for a game. And making the Elite Eight further separates wheat from chaff – you’re more than a Cinderella run, you have every right to be taken seriously as a true contender. That’s the level of respect you earn by making the Regional Final.

Think back to March of 1986, when V’s charges fell to a late Danny Manning-led Kansas comeback. State lost in the Regional Final for the second straight year (Chris Mullin and St. John’s in 1985), but this was fast becoming Wolfpack territory, with 3 appearances in 4 seasons.

Then the next 28 seasons happened. Those that track the tournament on newsprint brackets (like I still do) never had the chance to write “NC State” on that line again.

It’s time to right that historical wrong, and start a new golden age of Wolfpack basketball. It starts by making the Elite Eight, and having the nation’s full attention on Sunday. This is the right team, the right coach, and the right moment.

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    So much ammunition MG can use. The biggest trump card for me – hey guys, you’re in the Sweet Sixteen…and haven’t even played your A game yet. No matter what the media may say or think, there are no limits on what you can accomplish. Just give it your all and come what may.

    I doubt anyone (other than Kentucky) has gotten so many contributions out of NINE players on the roster in the first two rounds. Who would have thought we would be saying that about a Gottfried team? Or that defense would be our calling card?


    I was high-fiving and celebrating our victory about 30 seconds before the end of the Nova game and was told to sit down and can it. I will be told to sit down and can it for the same reason tonight too. 🙂


    BJD 🙁

    The amount of shi#y beer that I have drank in my lifetime is exponentially greater than the good stuff I’ve consumed.


    With me, it’s wine. Once you get above $10, I can’t tell the difference between anything pricier.

    Now beer, I can tell a difference between good stuff and swill. Sadly, all of beer is a migraine trigger for me, so I’ve mostly given it up for cider and organic red wine.

    Bombay sapphire and tonic when I say “screw the headache, I’m gettin’ shitfaced.”


    “You’re in the Sweet 16. You knocked out the #1 seed and you’ve already beaten the #4 seed in the region this year. That must be why the experts have given the regional to the #7 seed, without you even being involved in the regional final. They Gotta guard us too pal.”

    Alpha Wolf

    One of the reasons I got into brewing (aside from saving lots of money) was that American commercial beers like Bud Light give me raging headaches. I think it is one of their additives that hates me or the relatively high levels of fusel (bad) alcohols.

    Since pretty much the only thing in my brew is malt, yeast, hops and filtered water, it’s pretty kind. An additional bonus is that the yeast isn’t filtered out, and yeast has a lot of B-complex vitamins, and those are the very thing that stops a hangover before it ever happens.


    The Acc has changed. Conference banners are harder to come by even for the heavy weights. Notice Duke and UNC have not won any of the last 4 ACC tournaments. I am fine with that. Good coaches are going to be judged by finishing in the top 4 in the conference and making deep tournament runs in the NCAA. Gott has been able to accomplish respectability. Making 4 straight NCAA tournaments and 2 Sweet 16’s is nothing to disrespect. That’s rare air for coaches taking over and rebuilding a program. It’s time for the pundits to stop looking at State as an underdog. It’s time to become a conference heavy weight. This is our coach and our program. It’s time to punch that ticket to the Elite 8!!

    Let’s Go Pack!


    I will be drinking my PBR for the third time during the tournament. Funny how a tourney run can make you feel like you’re a college kid again.

    I only drank PBR on Nickel Night (Thursday) at Crazy Zacks (That should date me fairly well). I haven’t had it since and won’t be starting this week.


    ^ send me some via UPS? 🙂


    I’ll tell you this : I’m sick and f*cking tired of reading articles online bashing the Pack. I’d like to punch Myron Medcalf in the face.


    I am in PA reading and listening to a lot of garbage. The papers up here cannot let go of “The Big East.” The fans and papers have cried so much for Villanova, that I hope the Pope visits with them when he is in Philly this September. Maybe he can convince them that the ACC and the Wolfpack are Real. Gotta admit I am getting as nervous as the proverbial who** in church. But I have lots of good juice to get me through tonight and tomorrow night.


    I haven’t shaved since last Saturday either. It’d better be worth it. My back is looking rough.


    Let’s just get the good juju started now:

    I approve!

    My back is looking rough.

    Haha nice.


    My body does not react well at all to either beer or wine. Beer has some ingredient that makes my throat close up, and wine blesses me with tremendous headaches.

    Liquor however, let’s do it!


    I’m sticking with my numerology: 1 loss, 3 wins, 1 loss, 3 wins, 1 loss, 2 wins and counting…


    It will be scotch for me. Sipping if we are winning in blowout… moderately imbibing if the game is nip-and-tuck… hammering if we are getting hammered.

    I am optomistic and saying that I will be no more than six fingers into my Dalwhinnie.


    Alpha – Nice art work! I swear that reminds me of the pool at a Hyatt in Hartford I’ve stayed at many times. Sadly, I’m the best looking person I’ve ever seen there.


    Alpha – interesting note on homebrew. I have thought about doing that. I have become a fan of microbreweries. My favorite in Winston is hoots. They have an awesome all day beer. (I think it’s done in the spirit of the English bitters but I am not sure.)


    I used to drink San Miguel.
    It was rumoured to have been brewed with the use of formaldehyde.

    I’m here to tell ya…no rumour.

    I’m here, so it must be true.

    Alpha Wolf

    My back is looking rough.

    Quip of the day. Well done, PackerinRussia!

    Chop, it’s not terribly expensive to get started making your own beer. If you follow instructions well, you’re first batch will be pretty decent. If the hobby catches on and you upgrade a bit, you can not only make even better beer that competes with any micro, you’ll also be able to do it for less expense than the beginner batches cost. Right now, it costs me ~$15-$25 for five gallons. That “all day” brew you speak of would cost me about $0.35 for a twelve ounce serving.

    Cowdog: the human body makes formaldehyde naturally. Just not a lot. ¯\_(?)_/¯


    Those in Cary who enjoy English-style beer should check out Fortnight Brewery. I may head over there tonight myself and pick up a growler of my favorite Coffee Amber for tomorrow night.


    Yes…Yes there is good juju at Fortnight.

    BTW. Alpha has invited all 500 of us over to his house to quaff his beer, and watch the game tomorrow. I thought that was nice!


    In Soviet Russia, back hair grows YOU! 😀


    I am optomistic and saying that I will be no more than six fingers into my Dalwhinnie.

    WIVC-Ahh-the Gentle Spirit-good stuff-I think that four fingers of McClelland’s (good Islay malt) will help us win manana…


    Sit back and relax tomorrow and watch a great game! This does not happen every day!


    This is a big stage for some young Pack men. I think they play the part of the spoiler, AGAIN! Give me another sad piccolo…

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