BeeJay Anya to the rescue!!! #CardiacPack #LSUSheeeeet [Updated 12:05pm]

CONGRATULATIONS, WOLFPACK!!! BeeJay Anya scored State’s last two baskets in amazing style!

From a different angle with great work from the N&O:

State was down 14 points at halftime and then by 16 in the second half. Ironically, State squandered exactly a 16 point lead vs St. Louis in the Round of 64 of last year’s NCAA Tournament. In the last four minutes of tonight’s game, LSU went 1 of 7 from the free throw line and 0 of 12 from the floor.

From ESPN:

1. BeeJay Anya scored the gamewinner from the low post, taking a feed from Trevor Lacey and connecting on a hook shot that seemed to hang on the edge of the rim for an eternity. But when it fell it rewarded the unsung big man for a strong night. Anya finished with just four points – but they all came in the last 46 seconds, when the Wolfpack needed them most and needed his inside presence most. He also added seven rebounds, helping to keep LSU’s much more dominant inside presence at bay.

2. This was a comeback or a crash, depending on your point of view, but from the neutral bird’s eye, it looked more crash than comeback. LSU was 0 of its last 12, hitting its last field goal with 10:26 left in the game, and missed six consecutive free throws in the final three minutes. LSU stopped attacking the rim with gusto, settling for layups instead of going to the rack with authority, and that opened the door for the Wolfpack, who happily charged through it.

3. That said, credit N.C. State for staying with it. The Wolfpack trailed by 14 at the break looked out of synch offensively for much of the first half, and overwhelmed by the Tigers’ size and athleticism. But N.C. State upped the defense in the second half, limiting the Tigers to just 29 percent shooting, and systematically chipped into the lead.

4. Cat Barber, who N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried said has been the difference in the Wolfpack’s late-season surge, again played catalyst. He finished with 17 points, 11 of them in the second half.

5.. The Wolfpack will pose some problems for Villanova in the second-round game on Saturday. They’ve got more size inside and have good shooters to match the Wildcats’ offensive firepower. But N.C. State can ill afford another slow start because unlike LSU, Villanova won’t fall apart.

State is now 4-9 on the season when trailing at halftime.

Mark Gottfried is now 4-3 in the NCAA Tournament as NC State’s Head Coach.

State advances to play the #1 seeded Villanova Wildcats on Saturday.

I thought these were really nice:

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    Confession time-I gave up and went nighty-nite with about 4 minutes left-after 40+ years following our wuffies I should know better-Go Pack!


    I may have given up, but there was no tomorrow, I was already going to be hungover, and maybe just maybe I had a voice in the back of my head reminding me this was LSU and not Duke (or a behemoth like Boston College, for that matter).


    And really, please do understand the “group therapy” aspect of game threads. For many of us, we just need to get it all out, and yelling at the teevee box only gets you so far.

    Wow, and yell I did. My throat is raw, from the mad yelling to the celebration shouts. Now I even have a killer cough on top of that, and I can’t even drink whiskey anymore. Consider that my divine punishment. :D

    The win was part relief part thrill. Let’s just point Villanova Saturday and be done with it.


    Confession time-I gave up and went nighty-nite with about 4 minutes left-after 40+ years following our wuffies I should know better-Go Pack!

    I usually do the same but I just could not give up this tine.
    Glad I did.


    I hope last night broke my jinx on watching. I went to the bedroom at halftime(didn’t watch any of the first half), turned on the TV, was reading the newspaper and halfway listening to the game. A run of a few points, then lose a little, another run, backup again, another run, backup…I finally put the newspaper down at the 7 minutes to go mark and said “well, show me what you got, Pack”! They kept inching forward at a snail’s pace, the the Coonasses couldn’t buy a basket, but we threw up a few bricks and I wasn’t very hopeful and when that final shot went in with .1 left on the clock, my immediate thought was “Deja Vue, 1983 all over again! Way to go, Pack. You guys can play if you’d give it 110% every minute of the game!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    “Quarterman did a real good job on Lacey. He got it to me and I thought it was time for me to shoot. Trevor asked for it back, but he had his turn. It was my turn to shoot.”

    Somebody print a T Shirt!!! This is one of the great quotes in Pack history, right up there with the many, many pearls V left us with.

    I listened to the interview and couldn’t believe my ears. So funny!!

    I look forward to the next couple of years of his post game comments.


    And really, please do understand the “group therapy” aspect of game threads. For many of us, we just need to get it all out, and yelling at the teevee box only gets you so far.

    Thanks for pointing that out BJD & Rick. I am very guilty of giving up multiple times in some games and threatening to kill Refs, opposing players, our players, and our coaches. So far, I have neither given up on the Pack (for more than a day) nor killed anyone (so far as you know).

    It’s an emotional game and the Pack makes it really hard to watch sometimes. So we vent. But that ember of hope never completely burns out until the clock runs out on that last game of the season. And then a day later, I’m dreaming of the next season.


    Honestly, sports would be no fun if I was full of hope and confidence for an entire 40 minutes. Imagine being a Kentucky fan this year. Sure, your team will probably win it all, because they win everything. But how boring must it be at times? The rollercoaster makes it special. Couldn’t care less if Kentucky went undefeated, watching their games is a drag; they’re putting a damn NBA team on the court every game. I’ll take my Cardiac Pack and vent and cheer on the boards for 40 minutes.


    I purposely fell asleep in my chair right after tip hoping to wake up with about 10-15 minutes to go. My plan worked perfectly except when I woke up and saw we were down 12 I couldn’t bear keeping myself awake through another loss knowing it would be well after 1 before I was able to get back to sleep.

    I watched the last 5 minutes during my lunch break, and I couldn’t help but wonder, what does LSU’s coach say to his players after that game? I mean, that is an epic choke job; can’t imagine what kind of positive spin you can put on that as a coach.


    Final comments on Abu’s hand. Watching it close each time they showed it, one angle makes it look like he clearly was a few inches from the ball. It wasn’t needed but we should give Abu one more star for his performance. He was in the right spot, poised to tip the ball back in and did not move his hand forward unnecessarily. We are going to enjoy these bigs for a couple more years.

    But we do need to get the next wave of recruits coming.


    poor Buffalo. I would not want to be playing West Virginia again.


    The Abu play was closer than I thought, but he didn’t touch it. I was going to post some screenshots from the N&O video, but then I found this definitive look. The angle is everything. Very cool!

    And props to Lacey, once he realized that KH was going to take the shot, he got into position for a rebound.

    If anyone can get that Vine to post, please do.–nc-state-s-final-shot-a-close-call-053347360.html


    Buffalo roaring back.

    Duke alumni making a comeback this year, with Laettner and his special/commercials, and Hurley with his Bison.


    Once I knew he didn’t touch it, it was moot how close he got, in my mind : ) But I guess the media needs to keep interesting story lines going. That said, excellent judgement on his part to pull back his hand when he did.

    Most importantly, the best part of these videos is the reaction of people in the background. Like the reaction of the cheerleaders when that player’s shorts hit the floor. Priceless.



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