NC State 69 Virginia Tech 53

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It was a game that could only hurt NC State’s chances to get into the NCAA Tournament, but the Wolfpack took care of business to effectively ‘hold serve’ in Mark Gottfried’s quest to dance for the 4th consecutive season. After the win, ESPN’s RPI indicates that the 16-11 Wolfpack sits at #46 in the RPI having played the 2nd toughest schedule in the country. FWIW, State sits at an impressive #34 in ESPN’s proprietary ranking- the ‘Basketball Power Index”.

I found this interesting:

NC State has scored more than 1.3 points per possession in three games this season, including Saturday night against Virginia Tech. (The Tennessee and Richmond games were the other occasions.) Their performance against the Hokies was their most efficient effort of the season.

It never felt that impressive to me, I think largely because the game was so slow. KenPom has it officially as a 51-possession game, and it’s hard for me to imagine that a regulation game could be much slower. I looked at the slowest-paced team in the country (American U.), and found they’ve played one 49-possession game but no other contests under 50 possessions.

So State-VT wasn’t the slowest game of the season, but if American’s results are an indication, it’s in the neighborhood. The national average tempo is 65 possessions per 40 minutes. American, which is dead last, averages 57.1.

The Pack and Hokies both play at an average pace, so I would not have expected them to combine for such a slog fest. I don’t even want to think about what the scores would’ve looked like if these teams shot poorly.

upcoming scheduleThe Wolfpack still has four regular games on the horizon that will provide plenty of opportunity to bolster an NCAA Tournament resume. The equation for State is pretty simple — win and we have no problem advancing to the NCAA Tournament. My math indicates that – presuming that a large population of the current ‘bubble’ doesn’t suddenly go on a tear – State shouldn’t have much problem securing a tournament bid by winning three of our last four games (and would be a LOCK if one of those three wins was on the road in Chapel Hill on Tuesday night) and would still be in contention for a bid heading into the ACC Tournament by winning two of the next four.

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    Please watch:                 It was a game that could only hurt NC State’s chances to get into the NCAA Tourn
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    Good solid game by the Pack. Lots of good things in this game. The only negative thing for me to say (which can be said all year) is Turner/BSW is one of the worst defensive players period. Obviously he brings a big plus on offense when he is “on fire” but dang his defense is weak.

    Anyway, I may be in the minority here with this thought but I hope we see DEZ get more minutes against UNC. I think between DEZ and CAT we could really pressure Paige on defense.

    Don’t know what’s up with KW and Cody Martin not playing. Either way Send Dez in to stick on Paige like glue and hack him when needed.

    I agree Tokoto (known as Turkey-Toe at our house) is the wildcard. He can be difficult to stop when he is on his game. His play can be similar to Lacey at times.

    Anyway, great game and effort against VT. If we use our bigs more we are MUCH stronger.


    I wouldn’t call last night’s game one of our better efforts, but we got what we needed. However, like eas observed, we’re going to need our bigs. That will be especially be true at UNC and Clemson and here vs Syracuse. I don’t know what’s going on with KW, but if he continues to sit, this is not going to make us a better team IMHO.

    UNC, always a house of horrors for us, will be a very tall order without the interior presence of #32. And having #15 wouldn’t hurt us either.


    I think we have been a better team with KW sitting. His decision making is a killer. He is a weaker rebounder and defender than Freeman as well. Is only plus is offense. Kid has great effort and attitude and once he learns to play under control more and understand situations he can be a plus player for us. Until then I like the way the minutes have gone in the last two games.


    I agree on the Dez thing. We need a stronger defense against the Holes. Why not do something like we did against Duke and put one guy on one of their key players like Paige. If nothing else, simply disrupt things a bit.


    Great win for the men vs VT, then today/Sunday, the women knock off #10 Duke, in Reynolds. Way to go ladies. Love to see a follow up blog on their game.


    I think our victory vs. Vatech took us to #4 sos and #51 RPI.

    We are still in good shape. We win 3 of next 4,and we are in. 2-2 and we need to win minimum 1 tourney game and likely 2 to feel good about selection Sunday.

    The skinny: we need 1 more good win (UNC, Clemson or our 2nd opponent in acc tournament would likely qualify.) And we cannot have a bad loss.. (@ BC or 1st round acc loss) without having a “marque win or 2”


    We did what we had to do. Held serve against a very weak opponent.

    Whatever we do, we better NOT let Paige go off for 30. He plays his very best against us. Roy will have them ready. This is a giant game for us. We can still get in without this one, but it won’t be easy. Win and IN.

    Alpha Wolf

    Why not do something like we did against Duke and put one guy on one of their key players like Paige. If nothing else, simply disrupt things a bit.

    That and slowing down Tokoto would greatly enhance our chances.


    That and slowing down Tokoto would greatly enhance our chances.

    I’d really like to see what would happen if we put Tokoto into positions where he has to make quick decisions with the ball. To me, he is a great reactionary player but his decision making leaves a lot to be desired.

    Paige is a consummate game manager, and he has killed us in this capacity in 4 of 5 games against. This is why I want the ball out of Paige’s hands as much as possible.


    Fire Gott!!! Get him out!

    Just kidding of course.

    Glad we could take the easy pickings off Buzz this season.. I can guarantee the ease of victory against VTech will erode in short order as seasons go by with the Buzzard steering their ship.


    Agreed alias. He’s a good coach and comes across as a likeable one too.

    As for unc-ch, the keys will be keeping them off the offensive boards, not giving up the open 3’s and being patient on offense.

    Alpha Wolf

    Buzz made some good strategic adjustments late in the first and for the first part of the 2nd half that put the Pack on the back foot. He just ran out of bullets with a thinner and less talented team. When he does have a good bench with skills, his teams won’t go down so easily.


    Well if you were watching uva you just saw their best 2 remaining players take each other out on a play.

    john of sparta

    bottom line…Gott’s our Guy.
    he’s done enough long enough.
    but we’ll get beat @ UNX.
    Good Lord…Roy said he would rather
    “beat State than eat.” table is set.
    we’re the guest. or the entrĂ©.


    The heels are going to be motivated Tuesday.

    I watched the Dean Smith memorial ceremony today and if those boys are not motivated to beat the heel out someone (especially NCSU and Duke) then something is wrong with them.

    No doubt IMO Roy and the holes are going to be coming with guns a blazing and seeking to destroy us on Tuesday.

    I certainly hope we go in that game with the right frame of mind to beat the chit out of them and knock them off their high horse.

    Alpha Wolf

    Hopefully, we’ll have something to say about whether or not they beat us. Carolina is not that much better than we are — if we’re playing a good game. And you never know, sometimes a lot of emotion can go the other way and turn into a negative.

    No matter, it’s the two games afterwards that matter the most for us — they’re have-to-have wins. BC doesn’t worry me too much…play solid and we should win. Clemson, we’re going to have to do better than we did against them in Raleigh. Come back home, maybe beat Syracuse (I give us even odds) and go to the tournament and get at least one win. If we can do that, we should be okay on Selection Sunday.

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