Tyrone Riley Flips to NC State

NC State has landed a commitment from three star defensive end Tyrone Riley from Savannah, Georgia. Riley was previously committed to Kentucky as defensive line coach, Ryan Nielsen helped persuade Riley to flip from The Wildcats. He held offers from Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Purdue, Wake Forest plus Wisconsin. Riley displays the perfect frame for a defensive end in college as he is 6’7″ and weights in around 230 pounds. I recently mentioned a player that took a secret official visit to The Pack two weeks ago as Riley was this player. This commitment is huge since former three star defensive end commitment Malik Douglas from Southport, NC will not be enrolling with #Pack15 due to academic concerns.

So what’s left for NC State? There are currently three players left that NC State could potentially sign in the next week. Three star defensive lineman, T.J. Fehoko from Salt Lake City, Utah officially visited The Pack the past couple of days as he has now cancelled his remaining official visits. Fehoko is one of the top high school football players in Utah. Look for him to make a decision early next week, most likely on Monday.

Junior College defensive tackle, Courtney Miggins will be in Raleigh this weekend for an official visit. Miggins currently attends Pearl River Community College in Poplarville, Mississippi. I don’t have much info on Miggins but he currently holds an offer from Mississippi State plus visited Kentucky last weekend. He could be a player to watch over the weekend.

The final player to keep an eye on is three star defensive end, Jason Strowbridge from Deerfield Beach, Florida. Strowbridge at the moment is committed to Kentucky but officially visited NC State two weeks ago with Tyrone Riley. Strowbridge is still considering Central Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina and NC State but word of lately has Strowbridge projected to The Heels. Strowbridge would be a big time pick up for The Pack as hopefully Riley can sway him to join #Pack15.

Despite reports of Florida attempting to make a run at NC State quarterback commit Jakobi Meyers, Meyers confirmed on his twitter account this morning that he is solid with The Pack. This is huge because it’s hard to find another future quarterback in five days. StateFans Nation will be posting updates as Signing Day approaches. Go Pack.

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    NC State has landed a commitment from three star defensive end Tyrone Riley from Savannah, Georgia. Riley was previously committed to Kentucky as defe
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    Great info and inside scoop. Can’t wait to see these guys play. Maybe a couple more will come our way, it is going to be exciting.


    Sounds like this coach, who is in over his head, seems to know what he is doing. Go Coach Doeren! Bright future for the Pack!


    Can’t read a football post without seeing a comment chiding those who expressed doubt of DD. He had a horrible first year and a great second year. It’s a push so far. tho opinions vary he seems to have improved the team and recruits well for our standards. As of today I believe he will be pretty good coach tho only a fool would make an early assessment and stick to it – blind to any new information. We should all reevaluate any opinions formed based on new information so as to mitigate emotional and cognitive biases inherent in most humans.

    Many folks formed an early opinion that Gott was good tho there is no persuasive objective reason to think he can win championships here. We should move on tho it takes many biases folks years to come around.


    All seriousness wasn’t it you that said he was in over his head? Not trying to call you out just bad memory.


    Go wolves – I stated during the 12 game losing streak that I was worried he may have been over his head. (Key item being “may” – its a key word folks who like to twist things around ignore or intentionally miss) I also said that when I saw him interviewed I was impressed.
    However, I never called for his head – I reserved judgement the way any rational person would. I don’t call for a coach to be fired unless there is ample evidence the ship can’t be righted…and I always thought unless he totally screwed the pooch, he should be given at least 4 years.

    I went all in after south Florida and was then disgusted by what I saw vs. Clemson and BC. I am optimistic again. But I look at coaches like I look at stock – you are a “buy”, “sell” or “hold”. Right now, dd is clearly a “buy” – gott is “hold”.

    Funny though – some of dd’s supporters said one or both of his coordinators should have been fired while at the same time making the circular argument that dd still couldn’t be fairly assessed because the team was so young and didn’t have enough talent.

    Its a message board and we all get proven wrong. I base my positions on what I see and the past. Dd didnt have track record of a gott or tob or a Paul Johnson. And to add a twist to a famous saying “no one ever went broke underestimating the mediocrity of wolfpack sports (since 1994).


    I actually found your post before you replied chop, I was curious to see how it got started. And you were fair in your comment:

    “I will take the win. It was ugly, bit we won.

    This game did nothing to ease my fears that dd and staff are in over their head. Those fears are based on what I saw last year, this year and someone who worked with previous staffs. OTOH, every time he is interviewed, I come away impressed. Jury is still very much out and hopefully, we’ve got a great coach here in Raleigh that we won’t have to fire.

    This season will be very interesting. I think its possible we can have a good one and plenty of good seasons have had shaky starts.”


    Can’t read a football post without seeing a comment chiding those who expressed doubt of DD.

    What an f’n joke.

    YOU did more than ‘doubt’. You bashed and ripped, incessantly, the coach, the staff, and the players. In spite of those with knowledge and experience, those with playing and coaching backgrounds saying otherwise, you bashed… and bashed… and bashed. YOU knew better, YOU were the all seeing genius. It became a broken, bitter record with you. Every opportunity you saw or imagined, you took it to bash.

    CD, myself, and others not only did not share your bitter opinion, we not only backed the coach, but we said we were fortunate to have him. We saw what he was doing; we were IMPRESSED. All the while you bitched, and bitched, and bitched.

    You’ve earned all the ‘chiding’ you’ve received, and all that you still have coming.

    He had a horrible first year

    No, he did not. And you were told so. Repeatedly. But you didn’t want to hear it. You were happy wallering in your bitterness. The TEAM had a horrible season, per W’s and L’s. But the COACHES, and the program to a lesser extent, had a decent to good year, all things considered.

    It’s a push so far.

    So far from it.

    You should’ve just stood by your criticism, or backtracked and apologized. This weaseling BS is pathetic.

    If you simply don’t have the knowledge to see, then have your opinion, and share it if you wish. But that’s not what you did.

    In the future, I would suggest that when you have an uniformed opinion, you shouldn’t be so loud and conspicuous in expressing it. But if you do, at least have the cajones to own up to it.

    But don’t worry, it’s basketball season. You have a current outlet for your bitter ripping of NC State athletics and athletes.


    foose, those are my sentiments exactly, and one of the reasons I’ve only had one post on here since the Ga Tech game. There was a part of me that so badly wanted to do the “told you so” dance when we whacked the cheats and then won the bowl game, but I didn’t. I thought “nah, the negative nellies will still find a way to pee in the corn flakes”. The fact of the matter is, and things continue to come to light that reinforces this stance, that DD is a VERY good coach, from academics all the way to recruiting. But you know what, I bet if we go 10 – 2 in the regular season next year and lose to CU & FSU the same bunch will be still fussin’ that he is in over his head.

    I happened to see an article yesterday from last July in USA Today that discussed the up coming season. The writer actually spoke about how dire our talent was and everything DD and company had faced and was facing. The prognostication was at best a 6 – 6 season but more likely 5 – 7. That was probably a pretty good judgement, HOWEVER, 35 – 7 on the cheats and a VERY good bowl win made it a VERY good year in light of what it could have been, and with a bit of good fortune we could have won the Louisville and BC games too. And don’t look now, the good recruits are piling up. For as long as I can recall I don’t know if we have ever had this good a class of in state recruits, and the overall class is impressive IMO. In my mind I CANNOT wait til next season.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Foose is in the house! Cheers, now if I could only buy a round of drinks.


    Great post, thank you.
    This kid looks good. Nice to see we are continuing to fill in our gaps and are able to recover quickly when a player is ineligible.


    Funny – since the departure of v and Sheridan our football and basketball coaches have either shown promise and didn’t deliver, never really showed obvious warts in their second year and we had one coach who left on his own for another job – and he was the most unpopular out of all those coaches.

    Like I said, its understandable that anyone has a negative outlook for wolfpack sports. I have gone from optimistic to pessimistic to optimistic back to pessimistic back to optimistic with doeren.

    I do think he combines the best elements of tob with a much better personality and an aggressive approach to both game planning. As a result, I don’t have the same concerns with the ceiling that I have with tob. The big question for me was how he’d hold up under this pressure and how he’d and the fans would react to another bad season. I also think he gained a ton of buy-in from the holdovers when he suspended his kids and took a team to Louisville that absolutely played its heart out.

    I don’t think its a coincidence that the team won 4 out of 5 games after that game. (And while the loss to gwtech wasn’t a fluke the barrage of 2nd quarter to’s that turned the game were.)


    Chops, you are granted absolution.

    Troll? Would you care to come to the alter?


    Prowling Woofie

    Thanks for the info, Bsim412 – hope all this pans out as presented !

    Nice to see kids flipping for the Pack, for a change….


    OMG ‘Foose. I love reading your comments and the one above may be a classic it was SO well said.

    I changed with the CD. You could absolutely see something in the UL game. We lost but it wasn’t a confusion, lack of discipline loss like we see in one of our current sports. We went down swinging and I think the season turned on THAT game.

    Does Riley remind anyone else of Carl Reeves? For those of you young guys here he was the fastest first step DE we’ve ever had at NC State and a joy to watch play football. Speaking with him in Raleigh sometime around ’97 or’98 I asked him if he ever truly weighed what the guide listed him as. I think I asked if he ever got to 245 lbs. Carl laughed and said “With my uniform on”. If you ever get the chance to talk to him Carl is one of the nicest Pack player alums you’ll ever speak with.
    Welcome Mr. Riley!


    I went all in after south Florida and was then disgusted by what I saw vs. Clemson and BC.

    I hope “disgusted” was simply a bad IMO choice of words. I was disappointed by our play vs. Clemson, but certainly not disgusted. Had I not been so upset by how Clemson played the first half, I would have been relatively pleased by our effort in the second half. Clemson didn’t pull its starters until the fourth quarter had started. What there was to see was once again our players did not quit but played harder and with heart in the face of being blown off the field in the first half. Players and coaches not quitting is a very positive sign for the coaching staff.

    On a more general note, I would be cautious about evaluating what I saw these coaches do. What we think they are doing may not be what they are actually doing. What one does in a teaching mode may not be what one would do in a playing mode. Fans can be painfully short-sighted. We only see the moment. Our defense was in a teaching mode in the first half or so of 2014. We were building a defense and we chose to teach basic defense before we installed blitz packages and that neat little trick where Pharaoh McKever dropped back into coverage. You can’t do that stuff if your base assignments aren’t second nature. A new defense that is being played with the players thinking about what they are supposed to be doing is not the same as the same defense with players flying around unrestrained by having to think. Rodman Noel’s second half of 2014 was All America type play while the first half was tentative.

    IMNSHO we would all enjoy Doeren and the Wolfpack a whole lot more if we tried to understand what the coaches were doing or trying to do, instead of second guessing EVERYTHING they do by comparing it to what WE would have done.

    Note to foose and Yogi: don’t waste your time with some POS troll — although I will admit I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 😉 Glad to see you two guys back and Mr. DOG commenting about football.


    First – thanks for the info and your contribution, Bsim.

    Second – general note:

    Disagreement and differing opinions are welcome here. This is not a circlejerk forum. If you have a problem with what someone else said, deconstruct it like Foose did, and argue points of contention. Flaming others is frowned upon, but it’s the internet and tempers will flare, etc. Try not to dogpile. That said, the “I’m a superior fan and you’re not worthy of being a fan” mantra is absolutely not allowed. GTFO with that bullshit.

    Also, try to stay on topic – each author takes time out of their schedule to try and publish content that is worthy of news and discussion. Respect it.

    Thank you.

    Carry on.


    Cowdog – thanks – I usuw have to wait until Sunday for that.

    Grey – “disgusted” fits for Clemson game, probably an exaggeration for BC. But the team rallied and the staff and players deserve a lot of credit for continuing to fight…and I am excited about the future of this program.


    CD, present and accounted for at the alter, 🙂

    I didn’t mean to start this circle jerk. I was just curious about who said it. I thought for sure it was PA44. Anyway doesn’t matter.

    This team progressed and showed its chops as the season went on. The program is going in the right direction. Please return to our regular scheduled program.


    For you Bill, were you calling me the POS? I sure hope not. I was really just trying to figure out who said it. PA44 always seems to light the match and walk away.


    ^Wasn’t calling anyone in particular out 🙂

    Just a general reminder before this thread derailed into a he-said / she-said.


    GW.. the guys that make me boil are the “ignoranttrollswithsomebodyelsesnumberintheirusernames”…
    who don’t keep the ‘good’ posts in balance with the ‘bad’ ones…
    instead choosing to post the same old -same old BS… at every opporuntity…

    You ain’t GOTT no numbers in your username….

    They know who they are.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Grey – “disgusted” fits for Clemson game, probably an exaggeration for BC.

    Chops, If you and I sat down and had a conversation, I’d bet that we were referencing a different connotation of the word, “disgusted.” And thanks for the unasked for retraction of “disgusted” on the BC game. Peace!

    Also, try to stay on topic – each author takes time out of their schedule to try and publish content that is worthy of news and discussion. Respect it.

    Unfortunately after about 6 posts on topic most everything to say on the topic has been said. Meanwhile the topic causes thoughts along similar lines and off we go. If the topic is football related, don’t be surprised to see us branching off on similar topics.


    ^Yeah that’s fine – and understandable. The good thing here is that most of the time we stay away from petulant flame wars, and hopefully we can keep it that way.

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