Technician Disappoints Again: “No Daily Tar Hell”. Students Respond

The Technician had it’s chance for redemption after letting down so many NC State fans who appreciated the tradition of printing a Daily Tar Hell, the spoof of UNC’s student paper. You can revisit the story from last year on our entry here along with a response from the former editor of the Technician

We made it. It has been six days since we didn’t publish The Daily Tar Hell, and with the exception of one man who wrote to tell me he “died a little inside” due to the absence of the spoof paper, it appears life will go on.

Nevertheless, I’ve been told I “owe fans, students, and alumni an apology,” so if you are among those who share that sentiment, stop reading this now.

I am not sorry, and I owe nothing to anyone who only picks up the paper once a year to read a joke edition.

He continues

However, the truth is if I had nothing better to do than to twiddle my thumbs or troll the Wolfpack Students Facebook page, I would still be too busy to produce a spoof paper.

Why? Because that’s not my job, and anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken.

Nowhere does my job description say I am required to produce a paper mimicking The Daily Tar Heel. I didn’t decide to work for a newspaper to write jokes, and contrary to the beliefs of some people, neither did the majority of the editors who came before me.

You can read more here but I don’t know why you would.

The new editor preemptively wrote a column letting us know he wouldn’t be doing a DTH either. You can find that here 

Although I am not worthy of a qualified opinion on the subject as I am just some dude, I think Owen Good and Nate Johnson, who are both respected and experienced media folks, have an opinion worth noting.

All is not lost though, we all owe a little appreaciation to the students who are doing what they can to create their own DTH

It is still a work in-progress but you can following along here


The reaction from fans today wasn’t any better. I guess others, like myself, clung to the hope that maybe they had a change of heart and realized they let down a large portion of the fanbase by killing yet another NC State tradition.

Some former Technician staff members weighed in on Twitter.

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    My favorite photo (not sure of year, sometime in mid 80s) was Dean’s head on the body of a guy, dressed in very scant women’s lingerie (or was he completely in the buff?). In any case, he was seated with a basketball strategically covering the naughty bits, and smoking a cigarette. Funny as hell.

    Ah, it was a simpler time.


    No less complex than today. The problem is the endless layering of Orwellian thought control which is advanced under the non-sense of tolerance and diversity.

    I’ll never forget a bunch of guys from Owen leaving Jeff Lesbo ( Lebo) 20 messages on his answering machine the night before the game in Reynolds then taunting him about it all game from the front row.


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