NC State Football By The Numbers – 2014 Final Edition

Here are the stats and national rankings after the Wolfpack’s bowl win and the national championship game.

While Ohio State won the championship on the field, here is how the mythical National and ACC championship belts ended up at the end of the season.
WWE World Heavyweight-Championship-Title-Belt

National Heavyweight Championship: TCU holds the national championship belt at the end of the season. TCU defeated West Virginia to win the belt, defended it against K State, Kansas, Texas, Iowa St and Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl.

ACC Heavyweight Championship: Florida State had the ACC belt the entire season and has held the belt since December 2012 (773 days).

Team Stats – ACC & National Rank in Parentheses

NC State finished in the top 25 in the following categories:
Blocked Punts Allowed – 1st
Fewest Penalties Per Game – 23rd
Kickoff Return Defense – 23rd
Net Punting – 14th
Interceptions Thrown – 9th
Tackles For Loss Allowed – 11th
Tackles For Loss – 24th
Turnovers Lost – 16th

Scoring Offense: 30.2 (8, 55)
Total Offense: 408.5 (6, 57)
Rushing Offense: 204.5 (4, 37)
Passing Offense: 204.0 (9, 82)

Passing Efficiency: 134.90 (7, 50)
Interceptions Thrown: 6 (1, 9)
3rd Down Pct: 45.8% (3, 26)
4th Down Pct: 50.0% (7, 58)
Red Zone Offense: 86.5% (5, 41)
First Downs Offense: 282 (6, 49)
Sacks Allowed: 2.23 (11, 80)
Tackles For Loss Allowed: 4.54 (4, 11)
Turnovers Lost: 15 (2, 16)

Scoring Defense: 27.0 (13, 65)
Total Defense: 373.1 (10, 46)
Rushing Defense: 168.4 (10, 65)
Passing Defense: 204.7 (7, 30)

Passing Efficiency Defense: 121.54 (6, 42)
Interceptions: 10 (9, 82)
3rd Down Pct Defense: 48.5% (13, 121)
4th Down Pct Defense: 60.0% (11, 90)
Red Zone Defense: 80.0% (7, 43)
First Downs Defense: 269 (10, 74)
Sacks: 2.31 (7, 48)
Tackles For Loss: 6.9 (4, 24)
Turnovers Gained: 20 (10, 65)

Turnover Margin: 0.38 (5, 37)
Net Punting: 40.45 (3, 14)
Fewest Penalties Per Game: 4.85 (3, 23)
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game: 42.92 (5, 32)
Time Of Possession: 29:29 (8, 71)
Kickoff Returns: 18.28 (13, 118)
Kickoff Return Defense: 18.81 (5, 23)
Punt Returns: 3.65 (14, 121)
Punt Return Defense: 7.75 (11, 71)

Total: 380,785 (4, 31)
Average: 54,398 (5, 36)
Pct Capacity: 94.47% (4, 36)

Schedule Strength
Cumulative Opposition: 73-56 .566 (5, 29)

Individual Stat Leaders

Shadrach Thornton: 164 att, 907 yds, 5.5 avg, 9 TD
Matt Dayes: 104 att, 573 yds, 5.5 avg, 8 TD
Jacoby Brissett: 124 att, 529 yds, 4.3 avg, 3 TD
Tony Creecy: 52 att, 282 yds, 5.4 avg, 2 TD
Jaylen Samuels: 15 att, 143 yds, 9.5 avg, 1 TD

Jacoby Brissett: 221-370, 2606 yds, 23 TD, 5 Int, 59.7% comp pct, 136.70 rating
Garrett Leatham: 1-6, 8 yds, 1 Int
Bo Hines: 1-3, 20 yds
Shadrach Thornton: 1-1, 20 yds, 1 TD

Bo Hines: 45 rec, 616 yds, 13.7 avg, 1 TD
David J. Grinnage: 27 rec, 358 yds, 13.3 avg, 5 TD
Bra’Lon Cherry: 27 rec, 354 yds, 13.1 avg, 3 TD
Matt Dayes: 32 rec, 321 yds, 10.0 avg, 5 TD
Marquez Valdes-Scantling: 22 rec, 257 yds, 11.7 avg, 1 TD

Punt Returns
Bra’Lon Cherry: 6 ret, 35 yds, 5.8 avg
Bo Hines: 9 ret, 31 yds, 3.4 avg

Kickoff Returns
Matt Dayes: 21 ret, 384 yds, 18.3 avg
Dakwa Nichols: 11 ret, 217 yds, 19.7 avg

Field Goals
Niklas Sade: 12-17 (.706), long of 48

Extra Points
Niklas Sade: 46-48 (.958)

Wil Baumann: 60 punts, 45.4 avg, long of 67, 23 inside 20yd line

Niklas Sade: 74 KO, 63.6 avg, 47 touchbacks

Jacoby Brissett: 10 fumbles, 7 lost
Shadrach Thornton: 3 fumbles, 1 lost
Matt Dayes: 2 fumble, 0 lost
Bra’Lon Cherry: 1 fumble, 0 lost
David J. Grinnage: 1 fumble, 0 lost
TEAM: 2 fumbles, 1 lost

Hakim Jones: 80
Jerod Fernandez: 78
Rodman Noel: 76
Dravious Wright: 57
Josh Jones: 56

Tackles For Loss
Mike Rose: 15
Rodman Noel: 12
Art Norman: 9
Thomas Teal: 8
T.Y. McGill: 8

Art Norman: 6.5
Mike Rose: 5
T.Y. McGill: 3
Thomas Teal: 3
Brandon Pittman: 3

Josh Jones: 4
Jerod Fernandez: 2
Rodman Noel: 1
Jack Tocho: 1
Pharah McKever: 1
Juston Burriss: 1

Forced Fumbles
Mike Rose: 3
Dravious Wright: 2
Thomas Teal: 2

Fumbles Recovered
Mike Rose: 2
Monty Nelson: 2

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Graduated from NCSU in 1996 with a degree in statistics. Born and inbred in West "By God" Virginia and now live in Raleigh where I spend my time watching the Wolfpack, the Mountaineers and the Carolina Hurricanes as well as making bar graphs for SFN. I'm @wvncsu on the Twitter machine.

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    WV Wolf

    Here are the stats and national rankings after the Wolfpack’s bowl win and the national championship game. While Ohio State won the championship on th
    [See the full post at: NC State Football By The Numbers – 2014 Final Edition]


    Here’s the season according to Sagarin

    Final Ranking – 48
    SOS – 63 (12th in ACC)

    Presb – 166
    USF – 147
    WF – 125
    ODU – 116
    SYR – 97
    UNC – 77
    Ga South – 63
    UCF – 58

    BC – 44
    L’ville – 30
    FSU – 16
    Clemson – 13
    GT – 12


    I liked my viewpoint of the past season better before I saw the numbers lol. We don’t look very good on paper but somehow this team eeked out 8 wins. Whatevs I’ll take it.

    Am I missing something? I’ve got that puzzled look on my face like I used to when I would look at the box score after Duke or UNC played BC, FSU, GT, Wake, or us and I would see that the blue bloods were destroyed relative to FG%, rebounds, and assists. But there is that one intangible, the foul line and our best players would be in foul trouble while their best are cleaning up at the free throw stripe.

    I guess it makes sense, we did barely win versus sub par non conference opponents and we were what, 3-5 in conference? I guess these numbers fill in the gaps where the record 8-5 leaves off. I rather focus on the record and hope our boys pull off 9-10 wins next year.


    Looks like we were pretty “average” in most of the categories both in conference and overall.

    Generally speaking we beat the lesser teams (<48) and lost to the better teams (>48). With the benefit of hindsight we see just how difficult our ACC schedule was. At the time I was very disappointed in the BC game since I actually watched the game in person (at least until the sky opened up) which is a rarity for me, but as others have pointed out that game was all about us being on the short end of bad matchups. Finishing off the season strong has softened my view of coach Dorean.


    Thank you for putting these together. And thank you, VaWolf82 for that last set of information as well. So, we beat who we were supposed to beat and lost to who we were supposed to lose to…I’ll take that for a second year coach.

    Would like to see our SOS get better, but that should come as we as a team get better and schedule better opponents along with that progression.


    I wish I had the ability to “Like” the posts as well as the majority of the responses to them. VaWolf and WVWolf thank you for compiling. BC was matchups and that Louisville game that QB who fumbled happened to have that knee or elbow down right as the ball came out and that was a 14 point swing. As was our multiple turnovers against Ga Tech.

    That game got out of hand but before we lost our friend “Mo” as in momentum that game started out pretty good.


    Seems like our offensive efficiency was really good. Too bad our defensive efficiency was so, so bad.


    One of the numbers that really stands out to me is the “Interceptions Thrown” (1,9) which also positively impacted the “Turnovers Lost” (2,16). When you consider where we were the year before and how much some of the lesser numbers (Defense Efficiency) seemed to improve later this season, you would really expect overall better things for next year. With a young team, I’m hoping that we can create some momentum for the following years to come….


    Am I missing something?

    Turnovers Lost: 15 (2, 16)
    Net Punting: 40.45 (3, 14)
    Blocked Punts Allowed – 1st
    Kickoff Return Defense: 18.81 (5, 23)
    Fewest Penalties Per Game: 4.85 (3, 23)

    Not beating ourselves with turnovers and penalties, and keeping teams from flipping the field on us on special teams. These stats are foundation type stuff, and are music to my eyes.


    Thanks so much for compiling these numbers.


    Want to be happy about this year! Not satisfied, but happy! Liked 23 nation on fewest penalties. Coaching is about mindset, mental strength, desire. We have shown improvement. Still believe we would have beat GaTech, without the immaculate interception at the goal line.

    Believe the five losses where expected, feel Clemson was the worst, but no surprises in the loss column.

    Lots of positive over 2013, expectations will be higher for 2015. Beat goats, give Clemson better fame, upset FSU. Will be fun to watch!

    Thanks to all for giving us this forum!


    Tob’s teams were strong in this area. What is very impressive to me is that he has done this with a young team. To do the “don’t beat yourself” stuff so well for a young team bodes well for the future.

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