Fantastic Dave Doeren interview – contrast in styles with Larry Fedora

On the weekend that Johnny Frasier is in town — please click here for a great recruiting update — I thought it would be an appropriate time to link this interview with Dave Doeren from WRAL. It is a fantastic watch.

This isn’t one of those interviews with 2 or 3 fluff questions and boring answers; this is a great interview because it is has enough length for you to really get into it and learn some stuff. It also is one of the first times that I’ve really seen Doeren this relaxed, open and transparent. I feel as though Doeren was particularly guarded in his interaction with the media and the community during his first season at NC State; but his second season saw him feel more comfortable and integrate nicely into the feisty underdog status that comes in tandem with being a Wolfpacker. And, we absolutely LOVE IT!!! Please note, that unlike a couple of those ‘NC State’ blogs who seem to spend more time apologizing for State than defending the Wolfpack, we are nowhere close to telling our football coach to shuddup. (But, please don’t forget what site is deemed by some misguided souls as “HateFansNation”. Puhlease.)

A couple of quick observations from Doeren’s comments in the interview:

* I love how he talks about the community service, GPA and developing men both on the field and off the field.

* You can tell that he is not happy about the Bo Hines transfer and he signaled some things going on by referencing “his family’s decision” a couple of times.

* Doeren’s last statement is a home run and is a GENUINE reflection of how he thinks about his players and his program. It doesn’t get any prettier than this:

“…here is how you fit into the formula – not just as players, but as men. I think that is the biggest thing I tell parents – ‘I’m the head coach of your son’s football career , but I am also going to be the one who makes sure that he becomes a better man while I am in charge of him and hold him accountable and make sure that his goals off the field are important to him not just in this recruiting conversation but for the next four or five years of his life.'”

Now…compare this over-arching philosophy that is integrated into every facet of the NC State football program with THIS MUST READ ENTRY from this past season and you tell me who does it the right way?

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    On the weekend that Johnny Frasier is in town — please click here for a great recruiting update — I thought it would be an appropriate time to link
    [See the full post at: Fantastic Dave Doeren interview: Contrast in styles with Larry Fedora]


    Shots fired!

    Nice interview … thanks for linking.


    Impressive interview, this guy is the real deal. Would be happy to have my kid play for him.


    THANK YOU! That was great!!

    DD said everything exactly the way we would want him to. Sounds like he is here for a while, and I believe he will build a program we’ll be proud of.

    Yow gets a lot of credit for getting a guy that not only has the skills to coach winning football, but cares about character development, and wants to take the program as a whole to a higher level.

    Very, very impressed with our Coach.


    I watched this and came away with the impression he wants to be here for the long haul. I understand circumstances change but if he can have success here then we will have something to build on. I also get he is coached to say what we want to hear. Not going to be Mr. Negative but we wiil have to wait and see how this plays out. He is on the right track and that’s all I can can hope for at the moment.


    I think all the stars are aligned perfectly for us to get Frasier. Hynes, Gallaspy, and Frasier to go with Shad and Dayes? That is bordering on incredible.

    I’m thinking maybe Gallaspy will redshirt with all the guys we’ve got. (or will have after we get Frasier). Frasier is ready to play now, and we need Hynes to play some in the slot.

    Edit: Oops, wrong thread. Pretend this is in the Johnny Frasier visit thread.


    Yes coach D says all the right things but somehow I actually believe him. Granted these things are rarely perfect so things could change in the years ahead but at this point I’m on that train. Seems his actions and his words match well so far.


    I’ve been firmly in DD’s camp from the beginning, mainly because of his recruiting effort. That’s what will take us up the ladder. But it will take time. You have to be a solid top 40 team before you can get solid top 25 recruiting classes. He’s doing it the right way, though hard work, and demanding hard work from his coaches and players. He does seem to be a builder of men and that’s what we want. If this class finishes strong, that just helps speed up the process. Jumping back to recruiting, if Frasier comes, I would expect Hynes or Gallaspy to make a position change. Hynes could play the slot and run from the back field when you need the speed. Frasier seems to be the same type of back as Gallaspy but more nimble. If he is the same bruiser that Gallaspy is, maybe Reggie moves to linebacker. Or as suggested maybe he redshirts. Being in Greensboro I’m a big fan of Reggie. He can be a work horse back. Its hard to imagine him not becoming a go to guy.


    Looking forward to another great season of football, with a group players with more experience, and a great incoming class. The skies the limit. But for now here is hoping the BB team gets back on track, and knocks off ND. Go Pack!


    DD is the right guy at the right time for NC State. I love his attitude regarding NC State and our fan base. For once we have a guy that is down to earth, seemly happy to be here, says he’s willing to stay and knows how to recruit and game plan.
    I am fully behind DD and what he is doing for NC State football.


    I really like that interview. DD has things going in the right direction and realizes he has to keep it going and moving forward. 8 wins does not a championship make. It is a process and State is going forward. Next fall should be a lot fun.


    Great hire Debbie.


    Great hire Debbie.

    You can at least hope that he will stay in Raleigh if he manages to produce a consistent winner and get us back to the top of the ACC. I just like the way he seems to go about his business. There are still going to be some growing pains, but I think DD has got this.

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