Purdue 66 NC State 61

NC State drops its first game of the season on the road at Purdue and slides to 6-1. Purdue is a young team that has a chance to end up on the NCAA Tournament bubble; so this one may come back to haunt us in March unless we’ve taken care of more business in the regular season than we have the last couple of years.

Interestingly, the point spread of Purdue – 4.5 was covered by just a half a point. Wow!

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State lost this game for two simple reasons: (1) Defensive Rebounding and (2) free throw shooting. The Boilermakers only shot 39.3% from the field, but they ended up with SIXTEEN offensive rebounds.

* Losing a game for those two reasons wouldn’t be so tough if it wasn’t a trend that has played itself out for the last few years now.

* Let’s just say that Cat Barber did not excel last night in about any facet of the game. I think we are seeing a clear correlation between Barber’s performance and the performance of the Wolfpack. I told you when we lost Tyler Lewis that it was going to have a bigger impact than many people were projecting. Last night was one of those nights where Lewis’ steadiness (and free throw shooting) might’ve played a role in the game.

* Kyle Washington looked like I expected Kyle Washington to elevate this season. His performance ultimately served to keep Abdul-Malik Abu on the bench for only 4 minutes of playing time.

* Trevor Lacey was fantastic when someone needed to step up for the Pack in the second half.


Ultimately, we failed to execute SO poorly in the final minutes that ridiculous jobbing that took place on one of the strangest calls you will ever see didn’t really matter much.

Many of the tweets that happened at the time of the insanity were chronicled in our twitter timeline linked here.

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    NC State drops its first game of the season on the road at Purdue and slides to 6-1. Purdue is a young team that has a chance to end up on the NCAA To
    [See the full post at: Purdue 66 NC State 61]


    Per PackPride on Twitter: “NC State’s last made FT in the game was by BeeJay Anya with 19:17 to go in the 2nd half”

    That right there is how you lose a close game on the road.


    Expecting a Gottfried-coached team to shoot well from the charity stripe and keep a team with a talented from line off the boards is like expecting tob to win a conference championship.

    The man has a track record and history tends to repeat itself.


    Don’t need or miss Tyler Lewis one bit. Best of luck at Butler, but I don’t think he helps in last night’s game or the season. Let Barber learn from this and get better. I think he’ll respond well without having to look over his shoulder for someone replacing him.


    Can someone explain why that was called out of bounds? I can see Scott Wood doing that same move over and over without any such call.


    Can someone tell me where Des Lee is? If nothing else, he could have helped a bit defensively last night. Is he hurt or in the doghouse?


    Good question about Lee. I think he only played 3 mins the prior game. I disagree re: Barber. He is what he is. He’s definitely not pass first.

    Does anyone know where we stand with 2015 recruiting? It’s awfully quiet.


    Last night was one of those nights where Lewis’ steadiness (and free throw shooting) might’ve played a role in the game.

    Could not disagree more. Cat had 6 points, 1 turnover, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists. He made 2 free throws. There is no reason to believe Lewis would have done any better; Purdue’s guards gave Cat some difficulty and would have smothered Lewis. Not to mention they would have abused him on defense.

    I’m already tired of the constant pining for Lewis.


    As for that out of bounds call, I’ve never seen anything like that. I wish the referees were forced to explain that call.


    I read the comments about the game but did not comment last night. With this post, I want to comment again about a couple things:

    1. I do not feel we rebounded poorly last night – yes we were outrebounded, but I saw many instances where we had inside position and a long rebound occurred or their bigs went over our back to tap the ball the keep it alive. Frankly I thought we rebounded quite well under the circumstances.

    2. We missed a lot of FT’s and everyone wants to point to the coach. Yes, FT’s hurt big time last night, and they work on them in practice. What else is a coach to do?

    3. Barber has hurt us all year and seems to be out of control, no good shot selection, and turnover prone. Nothing new here, but this is an area coach can control. Last night could clearly be on Cat but this is a team game, team wins or loses.

    4. That call on Turner was absurd. He clearly re-established position in bounds and to say no player touched it first is bogus. I have never heard of that rule and even if it is rule, clearly in the hands of the passer and Turner had already re-entered the court. This did not directly affect the outcome but losing that possession surely hurt.

    5. We are still a young team, and while I hate to use that as an excuse, every young team loses on the road, especially early. I saw a stat last night that Duke has lost their last 5 first road games of the year – 5 in a row! Turner is a SR, Lee is a SR (and not playing), Lacey is still under 10 games as a Wolfpacker, and the rest are still Soph and Fr. Give it time, the youth will grow.

    We lost the game but it was a good experience to learn. In Lowe’s era we would have been blown out. In HWSNBN era, we would have scored 35 pts and lost badly. Even in years past, the results may not have been this favorable. Yes, a loss is a loss no matter by how many points, but I am actually encouraged by the grit and determination of this team. They did not quit and did not back down.



    Yes Lee is certainly MIA. As for “Morgan” Freeman he was just taking up space last night.

    Seemed like Lacey, the Martin twins and KW were the only ones really in the game last night. Anya was pretty well controlled by Andre the Giant from Perdue. Man I sure hope Cat finds a shot and figures out how/when to pass very soon!!!!


    Oh and our defense is vastly improved. I am also tired of people claiming our D is the same as last year – they are getting in people’s faces and playing hard. There are still lapses, and one person missing an assignment hurts all, but overall the D is much improved.


    I agree the D is much improved, with one exception — Turner. He was abused on defense last night and committed 4 horrible fouls. And he didn’t make up for it on offense. I don’t understand why Gott played him 30 minutes and Des 0 minutes. I think State fans overrate Des, which is probably the true reason he isn’t playing (i.e., isn’t as good as the guys who are playing)… but still, Turner should have been benched last night.


    Free Throws: Lacey 0-3, Barber 2-5, Cody Martin 1-2 – The other 3 players were perfect from the line. Last night wasn’t a team free throw shooting problem – it was a Barber/Lacey free throw shooting problem. Those two can’t go 2-8. I also think we didn’t get to line enough with how physical a game it was – need to feed it inside.

    The offense will hopefully come along as the season goes on, but I bet Purdue ends up being a very good defensive team at seasons end, so that definitely played a part. As many have said – there are plenty of teaching points from this game.

    BTW Perdue shot 39.3%; that’s not bad defense. Now the number of attempts per possession we allowed…


    Funny how people can all watch the same event yet come away with so many varying perspectives (‘funny’ in the sense that it is interesting how many different views there are and can occur – definitely not meant as disparaging towards anyone’s opinion).

    I talked to my dad this morning and he liked what he saw out of Cat – just wished he hit a few more shots. For my part, I really like what Barber brings to the table … his quickness, defense, and ability to attack the rim all get extremely high marks from me. I think he could do a lot better with respect to half court offensive sets, but I don’t think he’s as poor as others seem to think/imply. The Lewis issue is a non-starter for me – nice player, but he’s gone. It’s my opinion that Barber is a better fit for the Pack anyway.

    Penetration is the name of the game for Barber on offense, and that *should* help other sets flow – but there has to be cohesive movement. We’re clearly not there yet. Is Barber shoot first? I don’t believe so. I’d rather him have the ‘attack’ mentality – him getting to the rim is always a good thing in my eyes (just needs to make those ft’s). Once adjustments are made to stop Barber’s penetration it frees up others. Barber also made some amazing interior passes last season off of penetration, so we know the ability is there.

    I *always* want the PG to attack. Every time. It sets the tone for everything. In addition, it was very encouraging in the first couple of games that Barber hit open jump shots … he hasn’t really hit since then. It helps the half court offense so much if Barber hits open jumpers – can’t be overstated. Otherwise, opponents can just sag off and there goes penetration and also entry passes – the set is already behind the 8-ball.

    Lastly, I especially do not see Barber vs. Lacey or Barber vs. anyone. I think Barber and Lacey work very well together. I’m not sure why we (fans) always need to see friction where there may not be any. We go as Barber and Lacey go … for now, that’s it. We need them both, clearly imo.

    Tl;dr: Give it some time. Barber is a good player and let’s give them a chance to show what they can do. We have a chance to be a good team, and we had chances last night. Would’ve been nice to get a win, but credit to Purdue for stifling our struggling offense. The pieces are there, however, to have a nice season. Losses happen – it sucks when it does.


    What you saw last night were really two pretty evenly matched teams at this point in the season, and the game was close throughout. About what I expected.

    Barber was 2 for 6 from the field. IMO, he needs to be shooting more, not less. We need Barber to not only facilitate better, we need him to score 15 a night.

    The problems are always the same with Gottfried coached teams. From the beginning, the question marks are defense and bench utilization. AT the pace he plays at, he relies on being very efficient on offense because his teams are always mediocre to less than average on defense. It’s the same this year. But as we’ve played better teams, out offensive efficiency has dipped.

    The strength of this team will never be its offensive sets versus zone defenses. We may improve but the jury is out. Nor is a strength playing set defense in the half court. We may end up being slightly better than previous Gottfried Wolfpack teams, but even a marginally better defense isn’t much to boast about. Yet, even with a larger bench to utilize, we insist on not pushing tempo, pressing, trying to speed the game up, force quicker shots and turnovers. Instead, we bank on outscoring opponents, with average defense, and a better halfcourt offense. AS another poster remarked, you’re always going to see a lot of 20-10 type seasons with this staff, regardless of talent. That’s not really an indictment, it’s just what I’ve come to expect.


    re: Turner OOB

    I believe the call was that Turner left the court voluntarily, hence a violation. If that’s the case though, it should have been called immediately. The fact that he touched the ball has no relevance. That’s a football call.

    It’s interesting that the defender also left the court voluntarily. Should that have factored in, as in offsetting violations? No call? AFAIK, a “leaving the court” violation doesn’t stipulate whether the player is O or D.

    Other mitigating factors: a player can leave the court due to momentum, and just has to getting “something in, nothing out” before being able to touch the ball. Same with being forced out or pushed out.

    In this case, you could argue that Turner’s momentum carried him out, and the fact that he was already well ahead of the D player meant that he did not create any more of an advantage by going OOB. He was also well inbounds before he got the pass. I think it should have been a no call.


    If only we’d had Jaqawn Raymond and Thomas Dethaey, things would have been different.


    BTW, here’s the violation we got called for last night.

    Click to access BR15.pdf

    Section 4. Player Out of Bounds
    Art. 1. A player who steps out of bounds under his own volition and then becomes the first player to touch the ball after returning to the playing court has committed a violation.

    Although, not to get all semantic, there was a player touching the ball when he came back inbounds. Wouldn’t that technically be the ‘first’ player to touch the ball?

    Either way it’s still BS because I’ve never seen that called ever.


    Maybe we could hire Herb Sendek to be Free Throws Coach.


    ^^ Is that rule right after the one that says, “A manager who stays on the floor too long after a timeout will be issued a technical foul”?


    The call – It was a legitimate rules violation. The ref called it right. However, we may never see that called again in our lifetimes. (hopefully)

    RT – Some gross mental errors resulting in rookie fouls. He really had an off night.

    Guard play – Purdue kept the pressure on our guards all night. I think we saw the result in Trevor and Cat’s free throw shooting. Except for them, we shot FT really well. But on the other hand, Cat and Trevor are our primary ball handlers and only had one turnover between them.Really good.

    Bigs – Kyle is working hard to get back in the starting lineup. Except for that ridiculous foul, he had a stellar game. That’s what I expected from him this year. Hope he can do it more consistently, but inconsistency is the hallmark of a young player.

    Bigs – Nard – what happened? 2 PT / 3 RB – I was ready to have him start every game, but …

    Bigs – BeeJay – 8 PTS / 5 RB (4 OFF) – could have done without the 3 TO (especially the last one). Really liked the one strong move around the seven footer to the basket. We are getting glimpses of what will become the norm in the next couple of years.

    The defense played really well. They held a team that is shooting 48% from the field as a team to 39%. They were a little under their 3PT % as well.

    We had more blocked shots, more steals, and fewer TO.

    They beat us by one bucket in the first half, and another in the second.

    Not that bad for game #7.


    Thanks pakfan, I looked through my copy but couldn’t find that. Re: the “first player”, I think that’s also a valid point. Just an odd time to make that call.


    Although, not to get all semantic, there was a player touching the ball when he came back inbounds. Wouldn’t that technically be the ‘first’ player to touch the ball?

    Exactly. And that’s why you never see that called… Think about players like Scott Wood and J.J. Redick… they ran the baseline and went out of bounds all the time. But because another player had the ball to pass to them, there were no violations.

    It was a bad call.


    Sounds like the rule was written to prevent someone from passing the ball to themselves on an inbound play. Hard to think of another scenario where the guy comes back inbounds and touches the ball before someone else touches it. Maybe that’s why it’s never called.

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