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    Turner just forgot to feign contact from the defender to make it look like he was forced OOB.


    Actually, this rule suggests that the old trick inbound play to bounce the ball off the defender’s back, grab it and score when the defender has his back to the inbounder should be illegal. By the time the inbounder reestablishes himself inbounds, the ball would have already bounced off the defender, meaning the inbounder would be the first to touch it after reestablishing.

    You don’t see that play a lot but I’ve seen it a few times over the years. I distinctly remember Othell Wilson doing it for UVA one time, either in the Final Four or a late round ACC tournament game.


    I don’t take a lot of good from this game. I take a lot of same old same old.

    Questionable defense, bad end of game.

    I an sorry but we are not a young team. We start a red shirt senior, a red shirt junior, and three sophomores who all played a lot last year. I cannot help it off Got refuses to play other other senior guard. Plenty of experience. It is just an excuse to blame it on youth


    Not to seem petty, but when did the Jimmy V logo become Carolina Blue? I just noticed this when watching the ACC/Big10 challenge.


    BTW Duke starts three freshmen.



    Part of the criticism on Barber I think comes from the fact that his “mistakes” are amplified quite often by swings in the game, that Lacey has to help us recover from, but could not last night. I agree, Barber brings a lot to the table. He seems to play a little loose with the ball but generally takes care of it. But sometimes is careless at inopportune moments. And then sometimes his “random” jumpers cause a long rebound and instant points for the other team. I agree with the comment that the pieces are there but he doesn’t quite see the game with the right lens…yet. He is in some sort of shooting slump, his jumper is way, way too flat, you can see it. (He’s not Kobe where he can shoot it exactly at eye level.) Washington shot out of his slump, I believe Cat can too. The only problem is that you don’t want your point guard to be shooting too many jumpers anyway (distribution is the game, feed the post!) so the misses are amplified.

    Also I love Anya’s energy but he is plays like a freshman sometime, footwork needs a lot of work, hopefully they are working with him on that. Des isn’t playing because he makes a lot of “in the moment” errors, that I was really hoping he would learn from last year. So its a “net effect” thing now. I hope he can find his way back to meaningful minutes, for senior leadership and knocking down free throws : )


    Some of ya’ll may recall that I predicted at the end of last season that…

    “…. if Anthony stays at State with GOTT & Company for four years…
    he will be 1st Team ALL ACC his Senior year.”

    I stand by that prediction….

    Here’s the thing… There is a helluva big difference between a “1 or Scoring Guard ” and a “Point Guard”…

    The “1 Guard” is your Number One scoring option from the perimeter, on the fast break and driving off of set plays.

    The “Point Guard” is your Coach on the Floor, a Team Leader and a distributor that get’s the ball to right guy in the right place and at the right time… which sometimes includes himself…

    Now Anthony has played the 1 Guard since Junior High School… He learning, but he’s still GOTT a lot to learn and practice until he forgets, about playing Point Guard… and he’s only seven games into his second season… By all accounts, he’s working on the things he needs to work on during the off-season and in practice… and it’s easy to see his progress in the games we played…so I don’t hesitate to ‘re-up’ on my prediction.

    What he needs to do now is to “translate” all that hard work into the game situations and trust his teammates… Bottom line is he just needs to play some games… Some things just cannot be duplicated in practice.

    What we saw last season was … “Me First Cat”…
    What we have seen so far this season is … “Sharing Cat” …

    We’re about half way to seeing … “Leader Cat”…

    For those that like numbers… watch for this…

    “Leader Cat” stat line…
    Points – 10-14
    Assists – 5-6
    Turnovers 2-3
    Steals 2-4
    Rebounds – 3-5
    Free Throws 80%

    — THREE games in a row —
    AND Somebody else on the TEAM has more numbers that he does in every category except maybe Assists and Steals….

    I think we might see that by the end of the this season…. and we’ll have us an ALL Conference POINT Guard.

    In the meantime, it’s a lot of “fun” watching your kids grow up!


    Nobody else has mentioned this…

    Our radio guys…. Tony and Gary jumped on this post game… They said… ” Cat and Lacy both were “fatigued” the last ten minutes of the game… When asked, Coach mumbled something to the effect but did not dwell on it…”yeah… they were a little ‘tired’…

    Now I know they in pretty good shape – physically, which causes me to think that they only could have referring to “mental fatigue”..

    Lacy has played seven games in the ACC… I don’t care what they say… it’s different here from the SEC … even when you’re playing the Sisters of Saint Francis preseason game…

    The ‘mental fatigue’ thing is something they both GOTT to get a handle on… and hopefully by the first of January and definitely before we go play in Cameron or the Dome..


    For the rest of the squad…I like that fact that we see different guys stepping up on different nights… Each of them.. has definite strengths and definite weaknesses- all of which you guys have named above. Our Depth will win us 3-4 games this season that we otherwise would have lost. By mid season … we’ll see two guys stepping up every night.

    I think we’re watching a TEAM that wins 25 this season…. unless we have a couple of serious injuries or the wheels just fall off and they go on a 0-5 streak. They just GOTT to be like the old Celtics which respect to that.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Same pig, different lipstick.


    Same pig, different lipstick.

    Way too soon to say that.

    On the other hand, if bill is right and Lacey/Barber -or anyone else for that matter- are mentally fatigued after less than a month, then we’re in some deep excrement. Not buying it.



    As others suggested, this Team has not figured who they are quite yet and their ‘chemistry’ is not what it will be in another month…

    Just like cooking a good Brunswick stew… we GOTT everything is in the pot, but it just ain’t cooked enought yet…
    Regarding mental fatigue …

    Say me and you and Mr. Dog and a couple other SFN guys are playing five guys from Idiot Central for the blacktop basketball championship of the world over in Chapel Hill…

    Now we are all out on the court and I’m thinking about what I’m doing and whether it’s the right thing in the right place at the right time…

    AND I’m watching you and my other team mates and invariably that causes me to think as to whether or not ya’ll are doing the right thing in the right place at the right time….

    AND I’m watching those TARHOLE guys and thinking about what they are doing and how stupid they look in those funky unis…and #77 – you know the fat, goofy one that is fouling everybody – has farted three times in the paint already … and #33 in baby blue – he looks familiar — I think he was a AFAM class or something — he’s too damn good to be on this team…

    AND COACH ‘ROO is over there on the sidelines, ’cause he’s too old to run the court anymore, and he’s yelling something to somebody… I don’t know if that’s me or you…or somebody else…

    AND I GOTT this one ShowGirl and she’s kinda cute and she wants to talk to me all the time and these two other dudes in stripes with whistles and I don’t need to think — I know none of them know wtf ther’re doing…

    AND I’m still thinking about that one hour phone call I had with your girlfriend late last night …

    AND the road crowd is f’ing obnoxious… and making all this NOISE and I can’t think…

    AND I know after the game, some cluelesstrollwithnumbersinhisusername is going to post on SFN how we all suck and Coach Roo shoulda never been hired ’cause he don’t know nuttin ’bout basketball…

    AND how cluelesstrollwithnumbersinhisusername needs to take his footoutofhismouth and stickituphisa**…

    AND Mr. Dog has asked me seven times already… what’s wrong with me tonite…
    and I’m thinking I really ain’t GOTT time to tell him right now… and the next time he asks he ain’t gonna be so nice about it… plus that’s why your girlfriend called me – to talk about Mr. Dog…

    NEITHER ONE OF US is probably gonna play our best game against the IC guys… right ?

    Just TOO DAMN MUCH to think about… causes ‘short term’ mental fatigue… or whatever you call it… ’cause we lost to the IC guys by Five and both of us missed freethrows going dow the stretch..

    I’m also thinking most of the guys on the floor in Red & White – at this point in the season – are still doing too much thinking and not enough playing…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    ^I dunno, all throughout my life I forgot about all the extraneous crap when I was on the field or court or the mat. That’s what sports are for.

    re: Cat’s flat shots – get all of them this for Xmas: http://www.94fifty.com


    ^I never met a wrestler in high school or college who didn’t make good grades…

    … and when I was at State College… all the guys in Forestry were guys who either couldn’t get in or stay in Pulp & Paper Technology…

    Any decent brain doctor will tell you the ability to concentrate/compartamentalize/blockoutstuff is directly proportional to intelligence… except for Musicians… who use the “other side of their brain”….

    And yes… if you don’t remember… all this has something to do with stuff like “free throw shooting”…

    Who really knows what kids 18-22 are thinking when they are running the court?
    Most of the time … they don’t even know themselves…

    I know this ’cause every time I’ve ever asked any one of my four… the youngest is now 17…

    “What in the world are you thinking?”

    They always answer…
    “I don’t know…”

    Like I said… we need ‘less thinking” and “more playing”…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    You’ve convinced me bill.
    You do sound pretty mentally fatigued.


    LSU goes into mountain country (WVU) and pulls off the one point upset. WVU was ranked 16th for those who didn’t know. I didn’t.

    They are real good. They play up tempo and press a lot. Shocking under Huggy bear. (sarcasm) I sure hope the Pack works on their press ball handling.


    Sorry Bill, can’t read your posts. They’re just toooooooooo long.


    ^must be on a cell phone…

    Ok… so we GOTT us a basketball game today …

    Danny Manning makes his first trip to Rawlee …
    and I’m sure we will welcome him…

    Danny’s gonna have some great teams at Wake Forest…
    just not this year.

    So… we won’t see anything different from the Pack tonight that we hadn’t already seen this season…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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