Football Recruiting: Wrapping Up #Pack15

Darian Roseboro

The coaches are hitting the recruiting trail hard this week after a huge win over UNC. The 2015 recruiting class already features 16 recruits from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and California. The commits consist of: Darian Roseboro, Emanuel McGirt, Reggie Gallaspy, Malik Douglas, Austin King, Riley Nicholson, Quentez Johnson, Jabari Zuniga, Jarius Morehead, Freddie Phillips, T.J. McCoy, James Smith-Williams, Brian Sessoms, Philip Walton, Daris Workman and Tyler Griffiths. So far the class is highlighted by three of the top in-state recruits: Darian Roseboro (Lincolnton, NC) Emanuel McGirt (Durham, NC) and Reggie Gallaspy (Greensboro, NC). Roseboro is considered to be the top player in the state and ranked as high as the 39nth overall recruit in the country by Roseboro had 1,400 rushing yards, 35 rushing touchdowns, 126 tackles, 18 tackles for a loss, 10 sacks and 4 forced fumbles for the season. Emanuel McGirt, a 4 star offensive lineman as well as a former UNC commit whose parents and sisters are Carolina alums, recently picked The Pack over Georgia. Reggie Gallaspy is a 3 star running back who is now 8th all time in the state of North Carolina for rushing. Gallaspy rushed for 3,318 yards on 349 carries for the season. He averaged 9.5 yards per carry alongside scoring 52 touchdowns.

James Smith-Williams a 3 star linebacker commit from Millbrook High School (Raleigh, NC) had 146 tackles, 19 sacks, 36 tackles for a loss, 1 interception, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery and 4 tipped passes for the season. NC State quarterback commit Austin King (Alpharetta,GA) threw for 2400 yards, 20 touchdowns, 6 interceptions and had a completion percentage of 60 percent for the season. Jarius Morehead (Gibsonville, NC) ran for 1,051 yards, passed for 774 yards and had 10 scores with 2 interceptions, 4 catches for 74 yards plus a receiving touchdown. Defensively had collected 102 tackles, 2 interceptions and 6 sacks. Morehead is one of the most diverse players in this class as he reigns from the same hometown as Torry and Terrance Holt. Two sleepers in this class are 3 star defensive end Malik Douglas (Southport, NC) who has all the athletic skills a coach can ask for.  Recent commit 3 star defensive tackle Jabari Zuniga (Marietta, GA) is another sleeper who received an offer from Clemson today but is still committed to NC State.

There are still major targets the staff is after such as 4 star running back Johnny Frasier (Princeton, NC), 4 star cornerback Mike Hughes (New Bern, NC) and 4 star running back Nyheim Hines (Garner, NC). Frasier is a soft commit to Florida State at the moment but is still considering Duke and NC State. Mike Hughes currently plays quarterback for New Bern High School but projects to be a corner-back at the collegiate level. Hughes just took an official visit to North Carolina as he is down to Florida, NC State and The Tarheels but the unknown future with The Gator’s coaching staff could help NC State’s position. Nyheim Hines is in the homestretch of his recruitment and NC State is in a great position with him. Hines is friends with NC State commits Emanuel McGirt and James Smith-Williams as this helps The Pack’s chances. The main factor in Hines’ decision is his twin sister, Nyah. She has received a scholarship from NC State for track. NC State is in a good position with all three of these targets.

Other names to be aware of are Rob Dowdy (Westerville, Ohio), DaVon Hamilton (Pickerington Ohio), Aaron Wiltz (Baton Rouge, Louisville), Drew Bailey (Poplarville, MS) and Adam McLean (Bethesda, MD). Rob Dowdy is a 3 star offensive lineman currently committed to Pittsburgh but has taken an unofficial visit to NC State for the Georgia Tech game. DaVon Hamilton is a 3 star defensive tackle who was formerly committed to Pittsburgh but has opened things up. He is good friends with Dowdy as Hamilton is supposed to take an official visit to NC State this weekend. Hamilton is currently looking at Pittsburgh, Ohio State and NC State. Aaron Wiltz is a 2 star offensive lineman currently committed to Central Florida but the NC State’s staff is keeping an eye on him. Drew Bailey is a junior college defensive tackle and he just officially visited NC State last week. He will take some official visits in the future but NC State looks to be in good shape with him. The new name on the radar is 4 star defensive lineman Adam McLean, once a Penn State commit. McLean is looking at SEC schools such as Ole Miss and Tennessee as this is somewhat of a long shot for The Pack but never count out defensive line coach, Ryan Nielson. McLean would be a big time pick up for The Pack on the defensive line alongside Darian Roseboro, Quentez Johnson, Jabari Zuniga and Malik Douglas.


Pack15 Commits Pictured: Brian Sessoms, Reggie Gallaspy, Freddie Phillips, Darian Roseboro and Emanuel McGirt alongside Coach Doeren.

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    The coaches are hitting the recruiting trail hard this week after a huge win over UNC. The 2015 recruiting class already features 16 recruits from Nor
    [See the full post at: Football Recruiting: Wrapping Up #Pack15 and a quick look at #Pack16]


    Excellent post..Thanks.


    Sessoms ain’t bad either. Real good speed.


    Thank you I appreciate it!


    Thanks for the rundown.


    Given we already have Gallaspie, is the general consensus that we will get either Frasier or Hines, but not both? If somehow we signed all three, would one of them be used at TE or WR? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have all of them, but we seem to have an embarrassment of riches at running back. However, we really haven’t had an elite game breaking Wide Receiver since Koren Robinson or Jerricho Cotchery, which is a pretty sad state of affairs IMO, given the great tradition of Wolfpack NFL WRs going back to Mike Quick. (if the OP is a student at State, he probably wasn’t even alive when Quick wore the Red and White, but google him, as well as Danny Peebles and Haywood Jeffires.


    Class of 89, I am also an 89 grad. In lising the great WR’s though, how can you leave Holt and Naz Worthen off the list?

    Yes, we do have a great tradition of WR’s but this staff has no ties to those guys or that era. However, I think this staff will go out and find those game breaking WR’s in time. One stat I hate to hear an announcer say is “NC State has never beaten XYZ on their field and the last time they played was 30 years ago. Like something that happened 30 years ago on another field is relevant to today. If they say, this team has lost the last 3 times in the last 3 years, then it is a relevant stat since most or many of the players would be involved. Give DD time – he will bring in the athletes we need to run his offense and his programs.


    didn’t mention Holt because I figure everyone knows that name. I had forgotten about Naz…thanks for the reminder. IMO, TOB’s primary failing as a recruiter (yeah, I know that is sort of like trying to identify the worst problem with UNC’s academic support program) was the complete failure to recruit blue chip WRs, thus breaking a string that was pretty much unbroken going back to the Kiffin/Reid days of always having one really good WR in the program.


    One stat I hate to hear an announcer say is “NC State has never beaten XYZ on their field and the last time they played was 30 years ago.

    Mike wrote this.
    WTF? I quoted Mike, not 89 or whoever.

    (sarcasm alert) Aw come on Mike. Give the announcers a break. They study “preparing” for the game. Stats is all they know and they have to talk about something. The poor announcers never saw it coming Saturday. All they could do was mumble something about the Holes coming back vs. Pittsburg. They kept showing pictures of “pretty boy” #10 and him running back and forth, lost, on defense.

    Mean time Rodney Noel was looking like an AA making tackles and ringing bells. Only say Marsqeasy slow down at the sideline one time. Hux may not be much of a DC but he can coach some LBers. Caldwell last year and Noel this year came out of nowhere. We are going to have an abundance of LBs in 2015. Some of those boys are going to be ‘dangerous’ on special teams, trying to make a name for themselves and get noticed.

    So Mike, thanks for being my entre into talking some football. Talking about us struggling against second and 3rd tier BB teams ain’t my cup of tea. I’ll admit seeing the Holes lose to the likes of Butler is pretty cool.


    Grey, dont forget the cheaters lost at HOME yesterday too. Love it!


    I don’t remember Koren Robinson being an elite Receiver so much as just a very fast receiver, in the same vein as T.J. Graham who has found a home in the pros….So, you have to count T.J. Graham. NCSU has always had great receivers and I think that’s true of the O’Brian era and I like some of the guys we have now.


    Thanks for the write-up. Looks like we’ve got some very good players coming in. I hope we get Hines. He will be perfect in DD’s system.

    I’m looking forward to watching Kentavius Street’s development. He came in as a dominant HS player, and hopefully an off-season in the weight room will make him a force as a sophomore next year.

    Overall I love the quality of player (talent and character) Doeren is bringing in.


    Recruiting is really looking up.


    I don’t remember Koren Robinson being an elite Receiver so much as just a very fast receiver, in the same vein as T.J.

    You’re pulling a Roger Clemons.

    No comparison between the two as college receivers. Robinson was one of the best the short time he was here. He was a game breaker, a game changer.

    Don’t have to believe me, just look at the awards and recognition he received while at State, and where the NFL rated and drafted him.

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