Bo Hines transferring

It appears that NC State’s starting wide receiver is transferring to Yale. That is something that we don’t write every day. #NCStateShit strikes again!

This was originally linked on our message forums yesterday…so, please make our forums a preferred spot for your Wolfpack web browsing!

The fact that he is going to an Ivy League school totally changes the dynamics of the usual transfer situation while simultaneously highlighting the type of student athlete that Dave Doeren recruits into the NC State program — IVY LEAGUE intelligence.

I obviously hate to see him go. Hines was easily the most sure-handed wide-out that we had on the roster and an impressive kid all the way around – he had only ONE dropped ball all season while reeling in 45 catches. Heck, State’s other receivers had at least four or five drops JUST in Thursday’s win over Central Florida. So, there is no way to spin this news as if it won’t be a negative impact on the program even though it certainly isn’t crushing.

State has a lot of young offensive talent in the program today and coming in the 2015 recruiting class…so, it will be interesting to see if anyone gets moved to WR. Before Hines’ transfer I was felt as though the Wolfpack’s roster and scholarship spacing could benefit from the addition of a top wide receiver recruit. That observation become much more relevant now. I can’t imagine this position won’t be a tremendous area of emphasis for the 2016 recruiting class. In the short term, I think it is safe to project Garner’s Nyheim Hines as a candidate for replacement at WR.

On thing I don’t understand about some of the reaction I’ve read is that “he’s going to Yale to get a law degree”. I guess most of this is being written by high school students who don’t understand that law school is post graduate work. He isn’t going to Yale for law school. He may end up going to Yale for law school…but, he is going to Yale for an undergraduate experience. In fact, his odds of getting into Yale law school are actually much greater if he has an undergraduate degree from another school. So, if he really wants to go to Yale law school then going to Yale now probably isn’t the best idea. I digress. I just can’t stand to see things that make no sense thrown out into the public consciousness that make no sense. (Note that I don’t mention football as the very act of transferring from a Power Five conference to the Ivy League is an indication that pro football is not a high probability for one’s future.)

If you are an internet addict like far too many of us, then you know that this rumor was discussed last week after surfacing on UNC boards. (*But, of course, State fans are obsessed with them and they never talk about us or Duke or any other school*). The news appears to have leaked from members of Hines’ family, which isn’t too much of a surprise for the same internet addicts who probably have picked up insinuations that Hines’ dad is very involved with Bo’s football career. But, at this point it looks like Bo isn’t looking to have a football career and prefers to channel his considerable talents into other paths. Whatever it is that he wants to do with his energy and future we wish him the best!

On to the next one! GO PACK!

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    It appears that NC State’s starting wide receiver is transferring to Yale. That is something that we don’t write every day. #NCStateShit strikes again
    [See the full post at: Bo Hines transferring]


    I’d be surprised if most people don’t understand you need an undergrad degree to get into law school, but you never know. I think people are just repeating what Bo said: “My goal is to pursue a specific career in law and politics”. I’m assuming he has researched this thoroughly.

    Regarding the impact on the team, I think it’s possible, especially if we land Johnny Frasier, we will see B. Hines replaced in the slot by N. Hines.

    It really does speak volumes of the type of player DD is recruiting. Something tells me will be hearing much more from Mr. Hines in the future, and it will not be related to football.


    Good luck Bo! With your work ethic & smarts it won’t be luck that gets you where you’re going.
    His replacement is already on the team though a redshirt and another Hines from Garner will also be filling in nicely. Coach D has this covered.


    Can’t blame him for wanting a degree from Yale. Best of luck to him.


    Congratulations to Bo Hines on getting in to Yale. Can’t be anything other than happy for him. He did a great job for Stste and sounds like he’s a top notch kid. Good luck to him in the future.

    Wolfman 9806

    Very well written and thoughtful letter. Wish him nothing but the best.


    Poor guy. Should have just gone to Carolina, then he wouldn’t need to transfer for the Ivy experience.
    Seriously, though, hate to see him go, but no hard feelings.


    I’m not sure State College was challenging enough for Hines especially when you view the “brain surgeons” he was surrounded by on a daily basis.

    Just think though about the tremendously beautiful and smart lass he will hook in the next few years. No doubt her connections will be without limit, he’ll be dealing with serious folks up in New Haven. It boggles the mind to think about the DNA that will be created by Bo and the future Mrs. Hines up in New Haven.

    I’m wondering how all the State alumni in Haywood County will pronounce Bo’s new school.

    Yell or Ya’ell.



    Skull & Bones is at Yale. Bo is in if he wants it. Once in, his future in law and politics is set.

    I lived up there for a while. He certainly ain’t going because he loves the area. New Haven is a dump.


    You’re all a disgrace to the dearly departed Thurston Howell III.
    Yale sucks.


    Bo is a good kid, wish him the best. Maurice Trowell will fill in nicely.


    Anybody else think his arms look swole as hell in the picture at the top of the thread? They didn’t look that big on the field LOL


    Absolute best wishes to Bo, obviously a class act both on and off the field.
    He will be missed by NCSU.


    Best wishes to Bo. On a related note, graduating from NCSU and studying and practicing law at the highest level-graduating from HLS and clerking for a U.S. Supreme Court justice-are not mutually exclusive.



    What about the classiest act in this?






    I think I might have a handle on long ago DD and Hines met the issue.

    I can promise you, there are many coaches that would have said fine, next up.

    His role was reduced, but not scuttled.

    Allota trust being tossed around, there.


    I’m a lifelong pack fan, and treasure my degree from NCSU. And even if I were smart enough to get into Yale, I think I would’ve still chosen the Pack anyway. However, I don’t fault BH any for wanting a Yale degree (law or not) since this is a path to a virtual certainty for success. Best wishes Bo, and thanks for the great hands on the field…and best wishes. Stay a Wolfpack fan!!!

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