Clemson 41, State 0

A week after giving #1 Florida State all they could handle, there was no bright side at all for State today at Clemson.

A week after putting up 520 total yards (359 pass, 161 rush) on the nation’s top-ranked Seminoles, State managed only 156 total yards (121 yards rushing and only 35 yards passing on 4-of-18 by Brissett). Meanwhile, State’s defense was again torched for 493 yards (267 pass, 226 rush). And it could’ve been far worse if Clemson hadn’t backed off.

Box Score (ESPN)

Quite simply, State still has some serious problems on both sides of the ball.

Since leading Florida State 24-7 with 2:07 left in the first quarter last week, State has been outscored by a combined 90-17 over the next seven quarters. Since leading Florida State 38-28 with 6:37 left in the third quarter last week, State has been outscored by a combined 69-3 over the next five-and-half quarters of football.

The concern against Boston College next week is their 7th-ranked nationally 316 rushing yards per game, highlighted by 452 rushing yards against Southern Cal.

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    A week after giving Florida State all they could handle, there was no bright side at all for State today at Clemson. A week after putting up 520 total
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    The score says it all. Embarrassing loss, to say the least. When is the pain for the fans going to end? And I feel bad for the team. They deserve better. Hint, Hint!


    It is what it is. Most ofnus had these past two games as clear losses, so no surprise. Yea, we played bad in bith sides, but Clemson is just far better right now. Gotta regroup and perform well against BC. Still a few more winnable games to play.


    Well that is going to leave a mark. Looked in awe to start the game. The two sure losses were just that and now behind us. Will be interesting to see how the Pack responds against BC.


    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Look out, Wake Forest. We’re gaining on you………


    First, I was very wrong about how we would play at Clemson, particularly on defense. It won’t be the last time I’m wrong. I still don’t agree that it’s our 3rd down defense that’s our problem. It’s all the downs defense. On the other side of the ball, it’s no shame in getting dominated by Clemson’s defense. (How the hell did EweN* score 35 against it.)

    We will not play as well in the future as we played against FSU and we won’t play as badly in the future as we played against Clemson.

    I still think we can find 2 or 3 more wins in our last 6 games.


    I still think we can find 2 or 3 more wins in our last 6 games.

    Agreed. And that would be a positive season.

    Alpha Wolf


    It is what it is indeed. We just got our asses kicked by a MUCH more talented team. It happens.

    Dunno why anyone would be surprised or particularly upset. This is year two of a COMPLETE REBUILD. Sunshine and lollipops will be few and far between.


    Glad to see the team has a sense of humor, after nearly knocking off the number one ranked team in the country, who by the way destroyed Wake today, we go to Clemson, including me, and lay an egg. Yes the defense was putrid to say the least, but they stayed on the field most of the game. The offense caused this. Terrible, and when it didn’t work, we just ran it again. Everyone seemed as if they were in awe of the team and the crowd, and after all the accolades on the team and Brissett, they just did not show up today. Totally embarassing, but the good thing is after the mountain hike to the stadium, then up the top deck almost to the top row, I got to leave at halftime. Waste of money and time. Coaching did a very poor job of preparation with the team. And after falling behind by several scores, we seemed to have no urgency, and even punted on 4th down on our last offensive drive. And of course we made FSU look bad after that whipping, I never ever wanna see a performance like that again, but on the bright side, losses are losses whether you lose by 1 or 41. We better see something against BC. Already 0-2 in the ACC.



    I am the cause of the loss. I had to do a “daddy do” list of project for my daughter today and could only find an NCSU “BB” T that was suitable to be totaled…and it MAY be burned later tonight.

    If I had been in FULL NCSU “Game” regalia and was watching every down as intensely as I did at CF last week, we would have given Clemson a run for their tiger milk.

    I do NOT think that Coach D and Staff underestimated Dabo (you gotta wonder about how his nickname came about…) and his staff. You also have to think that the team, while suffering the loss to FSU, did get some swagger and confidence out of the game. SO, if the Coaches did their job and the Team did theirs, then the result should have been a 1 – 3 TD mismatch.

    Alas and alack….it was not. Whether is was the aura of Death Valley or whether Dabo spiked the GatorAde or whether the Tig’s decided to make a statement…..they were powerful.

    Likewise, we looked live the proverbial JayVee team. It seemed there was NO pass protection and our D-Line was still celebrating and could not make the trip to Tiger Paw land.

    Vic Beasley’s “fumble recovery”….how can you call a direct STEAL from Jocaby a “Fumble”. Vic just rumbled and stole the tater and SCORED….what an embarrassment. BUT, it happens.

    Many here will have to be coaxed from the ledges. Many will consume copious amounts of brewed and/or distilled spirits tonight. Posts will be written calling for Dr. Yow to go to Coach D’s home at sunrise and publicly rip off his headphones and smash his clip board….THEN fire him.

    This season will not, me thinks, be an a 4 -8 season. It may not be a 10 – 2 one either. Personally (and you can pull this post later and castigate me….), I think we will closer to 8 -4 than to 4 – 8. BUT, we have to improve.

    Whether we let FSU beat us TWICE (as in last week and then a self-induced hang over this week) or whether we did NOT (of COURSE we did NOT) play at the same level as last week against FSU. Whether Clemson got chewed out for “loafing” last week against UNX….only Dabo and the orange clad lads know.

    We will have a tough game against Petrino and the Louisville lads….if last night was an indicator. BUT, we SHOULD be competitive with BC, Syracuse, UNX and WF…maybe GT….but they are as much of a mystery as we are.

    SO, no practice so that the 24 hours of mourning can be accomplished. Get ready for BC and put in the practice time to take care of business.

    Post away….the night is young….

    If you think WE are a bit disillusioned…..then talk to the Bama and LSU fans…..they will really tell you what MISERY and DISAPPOINTMENT is…

    Alpha Wolf

    BJD pretty much covers it.

    And if you think next week will be an easy win, wait until the “Just Say Ole!!!” defense tries to stop Jon Hilliman. He averages 4.9 YPC and is coming off a 128 yard performance in a loss against Colorado State today. Arm tackling ain’t gonna get it done.


    Did we have any major injuries besides our pride today?


    Grant it back ups came in late in the second half, but we held them to 10 points, unlike 31 in the first, and had we used better time management we had at least 3 points going in at half. I hope the players and coaches are looking in the mirror this week. The FSU game is clearly out of their memory now, after that white washing. Live and learn!


    And if you think next week will be an easy win

    Any Pack fan that would do that would be a fool. There are no easy wins for this program right now. Not there yet. Doeren is still looking for that first conference win.


    I do NOT think that Coach D and Staff underestimated Dabo (you gotta wonder about how his nickname came about…)

    Swinney’s nickname was given to him as an infant by his parents when his then-18-month-old brother would try to enunciate “that boy”.


    To me, this is the worst beatdown I’ve remember as a member of the Pack. That’s going back over 20 years. I don’t know if I’m biased now because I live deep in Orangeland after graduating from State. I don’t know if it’s coming off the game last week. But I can’t think of a more embarrassing loss to me.


    I am wholly with the “Rebuilding” consensus. Six or seven wins season is gravy. We all know the TOB bare cupboard story, so Coach D gets a pass for now. It will take a few years to restock. In the mean time, the Pollyanna in me (sorry… ick) sees some good trends (decent offense,in spite of yesterday and, good recruiting.)

    I really think our few more wins include one over the Holes on the Hill. I also think we get a bowl trip, although I am not going to Detroit or the Big Apple in late December.


    Yesterday was pretty much what I expected going in. This game had disaster written all over it even BEFORE we put on a good show against FSU. It will be up to the coaching staff and Jacoby to get everyone’s heads on straight for BC next week. I think we’ll see a much more focused team that’s ready to fight in front of the home crowd.


    The defense played about like they did last week, maybe a little better. Clemson’s defense vs our offense was the story. Our wins along the front were very few and very far between.

    BC beat USC and lost to Colorado State. Which Eagles team makes the trip to CF will be key. This is clearly a team we need to get ahead of early.


    The poor play of our defense was magnified by the failure of the offense to move the ball. Clemson’s defense looked like they wanted to stop the Pack’s high-octane offense and they did so from the start. For whatever reason, our offense just couldn’t make anything work; they came out flat and never recovered.

    How the team responds to this sorry performance against BC will give us a good idea of where this team is headed.


    The good thing: we all understand DD is taking good steps forward with the program so we don’t have an immediate “fire him” thread.

    The Bad thing: we gotting the living $&@$ beat out of us yesterday. Total embarrassment on ALL fronts. Talk about laying an egg! Yes, Clemson is a much better team but NOT 41 – 0 by the early 3rd quarter good…heck they could have easily dropped 80 points on us. Clemson prepared and we simply did not. This part of Wolfpack football is what we are cursed with.

    OMG did we take a beat down.


    The QB recruiting/development at Clemson is awfully impressive. Of course, it helps to have all those weapons, and now a great defense.


    I think it was Noel who said, “Florida State beat us twice.” The coaches are responsible for the team not being ready to play. It is always their responsibility. Being responsible for and being blame for are 2 entirely different animals. Want to blame someone for State being flat, blame FSU.

    Clemson prepared and we simply did not.

    I respectfully disagree. Clemson out prepared us alright but it wasn’t last week in practice. The “preparation” was bringing in highly ranked recruiting classes for the last 3 or 4 years. Watson was a 5 star recruit — the number 1 rated dual threat QB in the country this past year and we haven’t seen a defensive end like Vic Beasley since Mario Williams.

    The game was full of players in Orange jerseys that were big, fast and talented, IOW 4 and 5 star recruits. That’s the preparation that beat us.


    And a bit more on that Grey, 51 freshmen or RS freshmen, that is awfully young. I know that loss will get in between their ears, but, they have to forget about it and move on. 8 – 4 is very possible. Focus and prepare for the next opponent.

    Smarter than the average bear

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