Could ESPN’s College GameDay Come to Raleigh?

In a word, yep.

There is a very real possibility that ESPN will host its famous college football show ESPN College GameDay from outside of Carter-Finley Stadium next week. It is a scenario that even the most optimistic State fan (yea there are still a few of those) could imagine after a 3-9 record in 2013 but it is real and its spectacular.


Despite Jameis Winston’s most recent outbreak and first-half suspension (best perspective @Tomahawknation), I believe FSU will still win and come to Raleigh unbeaten to match-up with what should be a 4-0 NC State team after this week’s game against FCS Presbyterian. That would make it one of only 3 match-ups of unbeaten teams with Notre Dame vs Cuse & Auburn vs K-State which is on Thursday night. I like our chances against those games especially given the historical troubles FSU has had in Raleigh.

Edit – Some people have pointed out that FSU would be on GameDay back to back weeks and for the third time this year which you would think might be a negative but 10 times there have been teams featured on back to back weeks and there have been teams featured 4 and 5 times in recent years.

Now I know the first thing that will come to mind for you negative Nancies will be 2004 and the nightmare fuel that is Devin Hester and I’m not gonna lie it was the first thing I thought of but having ESPN College GameDay in Raleigh is nothing but 100% positive for the program. I was there in 2004, heck I still have the t-shirt to prove it. I know how painful that game was but I also remember the entire day of excitement and festivities. The FSU game will provide an electric atmosphere all-day with epic tailgating which should see extended tailgate hours and provide Carter-Finely with an extremely amped up crowd for hopefully a night or at the very least a late afternoon ESPN time slot.

In addition to the exposure GameDay brings towards the program, that weekend is setting up to be one of the biggest recruiting weekends in recent memory for State as the coaches will host a plethora of potential 2015 kids and some top-talent from the 2016 class. Hopefully we’ll have a list of those in the near future.

It really won’t matter if we get trucked by the National Champs. The whole day will be about the exposure for the program and the atmosphere up until kick-off a solid performance, close game or even a win would all be icing on the cake for NC State Football.

We should know more this weekend as ESPN usually gives schools a week’s notice if they plan on showing up.

If you are interested in potential locations for GameDay for the rest of the season, take a look at the most recent blog post .

As a side note, despite my personal feelings about Bubba Sparxx he had the best intro’s for GameDay

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    In a word, yep. There is a very real possibility that ESPN will host its famous college football show ESPN College GameDay from outside of Carter-Finl
    [See the full post at: Could ESPN’s College GameDay Come to Raleigh?]


    It’s not coincidental that no game time has yet been announced. Not saying that both teams moving to 4-0 will make it a done deal, but it is a possibility and thus the 6 day option for game time announcement.

    And though I’m sure I’ll be corrected by some folks, there is nothing negative about that kind of exposure should it happen. Getting DD, the staff and the program talked up to recruits who are watching would be huge.


    Loss to FSU = 0.5 step backwards

    College Game Day in Raleigh = 3 steps forward

    I can’t wait to read the trolling, negative comments that get posted…


    Nothing but good in these possibilities.


    I am hoping it comes, even though i am driving up to the game from three days in Charleston Saturday morning, and then am taking the family down to Disney Sunday morning WT….?! That game is still the highlight of the weekend.

    What’s funny is to see the names in that video and how they pretty much all left in disgrace:

    1. Bowden – forced out
    2. Coker – won a natty and still can’t find a job
    3. Brown – fired


    “It really won’t matter if we get trucked by the National Champs.”

    Sorry, but I locked in on only word of this. Care to guess which one?


    Auburn plays K-State tonight, not next week. However, the national schedule is a poor one for headliner games next weekend, and the College GameDay could indeed land here next weekend.

    Clemson has runied a lot of things in the past for Wolfpack football. Jameis Winston has already gotten himself benched for the first half of Saturday night’s game at Clemson. If you’re a season-ticket holder, you’d better root like hell for FSU or else you might be roasting in the sun next Saturday for yet another 12:30 kickoff.

    It seems to be this way all the time for State football- we’re always one game away from the big-time, and always trying to dodge noon kickoffs and local coverage.

    Barring another first quarter performance like the one in Tallahassee last season, it would be a positive if CGD does come here.

    Also, is the Clemson-FSU game on ABC a split telecast, with the western US getting another game, or does the entire nation get this one?


    it is real and its spectacular.

    JackWolf-Does this mean that Jackie Chiles is coming in to investigate the Cheats?


    I can’t wait to read the trolling, negative comments that get posted…

    As opposed to inane utterings from the delusionally optimistic?

    Personally I would prefer that the:
    – delusionally optimistic at least acknowledge that there is a difference between realistic and trolling.
    – The conversation stayed at least marginally connected to the real world.


    Loss to FSU = 0.5 step backwards

    Nah, only if we get embarrassed. Almost all will be expecting a thrashing and wondering wtf is CGD doing in Raleigh anyway.

    Anything short of complete annihilation would therefore be no worse than a push. A marginally close game would be a positive, a nail biter would bring big PR gains, a victory would be HUGE and make us the talk of the entire CFB weekend all across the nation. Doeren would be getting universal love for his progress in only year 2. That would lead to follow up profile stories
    on his process and methods. That gets DD in doors that are otherwise closed.

    But only chance on CGD coming to Raleigh is if there are no other options and ESPN plays up the CF FSU voodoo effect.


    I want to post something inannity rich for Va, but vapidity has gotten the best of me.


    I can’t see GameDay covering FSU 2 weeks in a row, even with scant alternatives. Much more likely to choose TAMU (vs Arkansas), Georgia (vs. TN), South Carolina (vs. Mizzou).


    I’m w/ BJD95. They’ll go with a SEC game.

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I don’t see how getting pantsed on national television and exposed as a team that was only 4-0 due to a diet of cupcakes helps the program. Of course I’m also one that does not agree with the statement that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    I see people pointing to recruiting. “Come on down! Experience NC State! It’s going to be crazy!” It will be crazy right up until the first time FSU has the ball. It probably won’t be over quite as fast as the Miami game, but it won’t be pretty.

    If the pitch is “watch us on national television” and we get destroyed, it is effectively that we were destroyed on national television. There are a lot of teams that do that weekly.

    I would argue that the Gameday against Miami did nothing to move the program forward. We’d already jumped the shark with Chuck.

    It’s only great exposure if we play it close or come out with a win. I just can’t see either happening.


    Have most of you guys(not all, mind you) been to Denver lately and are smoking something? I just trashed the idiots on Packpride for their stupidity and damned if the “smart site” doesn’t have a few that live in fantasy land.

    Is Gameday going to EcU playing Chowan? Duh! There is a reason, you know?

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    You’ve been msg board two timing us?


    But only chance on CGD coming to Raleigh is if there are no other options and ESPN plays up the CF FSU voodoo effect.

    Let me clarify. No other options = no other games, ie, no one else is playing.


    As much as espn loves talking about off the field issues, they may follow Jameis around all season long.


    ^ Unless those issues shed a negative light on the boss’s beloved u*nc.


    Two timing? I only have myself to blame!!! LOL. I think I need an “intervention”!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    highstick: I’m with you. I was pretty surprised to see that here. It must be that this thing has legs.

    I’d be surprised if it happens and if so, I don’t know that it’s a good thing for the program unless we win. We’ll see.


    It will be USC-Mizzou

    But it’s nice to even be considered.

    This'll all be over by Friday....


    I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed. -Robert H. Schuller

    Therefore, bring the bastards on. What’s the worse thing that could happen? We lose. by 3 points or by 30 points it is still a loss. Anyone that thinks differently is a fool. No such thing as a ‘sexy’ loss. Same thing with a victory. Is their anything different in our game versus Georgia Southern or USF game? Sure, but in the conclusion, no, a W was still the outcome. I’d rather CGD be there, with C-F rocking and us get hammered, than them not be there, C-F rocking, and us getting the W.


    “You can’t be letdown if you don’t expect the world.” -311

    ^ My previous statement was not directed towards anyone so please don’t take offense. I believe we can win and choose to believe every time our beloved Pack steps on the field or court. For one reason or another I expect to win every game. Maybe because I coach high school basketball. If you don’t expect to win, then you’ve already loss.

    If anyone needs a good laugh look up some REBEL SON on youtube. Grade 96/4 music!!!

    john of sparta

    kinda like naked selfies.


    I’d rather CGD be there, with C-F rocking and us get hammered, than them not be there, C-F rocking, and us getting the W.

    I’m probably misunderstanding your either/or scenario here. But if that’s the choice, I’d rather tell CGD to go jump up their own ass, and us get the win.

    And I suspect most folks will be hammered in either scenario.

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