Weekend Baseball: Heading to Blacksburg

Wolfpack Baseball (30-21, 11-16 ACC, 5th Atlantic) closes out the regular season this weekend on the road in Blacksburg vs the Hokies of VT.

Winners of 8 of their last 10 games, including 3 consecutive weekend series wins, the Pack is finally playing at least something like the top 10 team they were purported to be in the pre-season.  Unfortunately it very well might be too little too late.

With the ACC Baseball Tourney getting underway on Tuesday of next week (whether the Pack finds themselves there or not) this weekend’s ACC series are all Thursday thru Saturday affairs.

Week in Review

State took 2 of 3 from Wake Forest last weekend, including dominant wins on Friday and Saturday. After dropping the series finale on Monday in extra innings vs the Deacs, the Pack bounced back on Tuesday to subdue Radford on the road.

RADFORD, Va. – NC State baseball’s Brett Austin provided a career high four RBIs including two doubles and a homer as the Wolfpack rolled 6-1 over Radford on Tuesday night at Radford University Baseball Stadium.

The Pack (30-21) won its ninth game in the last 12 tries by taking a 1-0 lead in the top of the first and adding two more in the fifth. Radford (30-20) trimmed the lead to 3-1, before State piled on two more runs in the seventh and another in the ninth to set the final at 6-1.

Austin carried the day with a 3-for-4 performance including four RBIs, a run, and a walk while doubling twice and contributing his fourth homer of the year, a solo shot in the ninth. Andrew Knizner came one hit shy of matching a career high in a 4-for-5 outing with a triple, an RBI, and two runs.


The Wolfpack pitching staff carried a no-hitter two outs into the sixth inning. Joe O’Donnell (3-0) earned the win with three perfect innings in the third, fourth, and fifth with four punchouts. Ryan Williamson started and no-hit the Highlanders for two innings with one walk and three strikeouts.

VTLogo    Virginia Tech Hokies

20-29 (8-19 ACC, 7th Coastal); Last 10:2-8; Streak:Lost 1
2013: 40-22 (15-14 ACC)

After a 2013 campaign which saw the Hokies ranked for much of the season and Blacksburg as an NCAA Tournament regional host, the 2014 season has seen VT treading water all season long. Losers of their last 3 ACC series, including sweeps at the hands of Duke and Carolina, VT is currently fighting to stay ahead of ND and NOT finish as the worst team in the ACC.


VT is an above average hitting club with respect to batting average (.279, t2nd ACC), but they’ve had a difficult time generating the number of runs one might expect (5.02 rpg, 10th), and they don’t generally hit for power (11HR, t12th).

Team Comparison

  • Batting avg – .279 (NCSU .267)
  • Runs/game – 5.02 (NCSU 5.75)
  • HR – 11 (NCSU 28)
  • Total Hits – 476 (NCSU 468)
  • Total Runs – 251 (NCSU 293)
  • OBP – .375 (NCSU .365)
  • Slgpct – .353 (NCSU .370)
  • Walks – 225 (NCSU 219)
  • Struck Out – 317 (379)
  • Stolen Bases – 56/75 (NCSU 66/83)

The biggest Hokie threats at the plate include:

Mark Zagunis (#2,JR,C/OF) – .332 avg, 1HR, 35RBI, 10 doubles, .418 slgpct, 43runs, 18K/31BB, 15/18SB
Saige Jenco (#18,FR,CF) – .330 avg, 1HR, 15RBI, .374 slgpct, 36 runs, 19K/39BB, 20/26SB
Brendon Hayden (#34,JR,DH/1B) – .319 avg, 7HR, 43RBI, 16 doubles, .530 slgpct, 34 runs, 45K/30BB, 2/3SB
Sean Keselica (#25,JR,1B/P/DH) – .263 avg, 0HR, 36RBI, .321 slgpct, 23 runs, 36K/21BB, 1/1SB
Alex Perez (#8,JR,2B) – .250 avg, 0HR, 21RBI, .301 slgpct, 28 runs, 29K/28BB, 2/3SB


VT is the worst pitching team in the league with respect to giving up runs, both earned and otherwise.  Their team ERA of 5.12 and their runs allowed/game of 5.99 are last in the league and it’s not even close. Even BC looks at VT’s pitching numbers and says “WTF???”

Team Comparison

  • ERA – 5.12 (NCSU 3.08)
  • Runs Allowed/game – 5.99 (NCSU 3.76)
  • Total Hits Allowed – 477 (NCSU 390)
  • Total Runs Allowed – 296 (NCSU 192)
  • HR Allowed – 20 (NCSU 18)
  • Against avg – .276 (NCSU .231)
  • Strikeouts – 309 (NCSU 473)
  • Walks Allowed – 205 (NCSU 208)

VT’s starters this weekend:

Sean Keselica (#25,JR,LHP) – 3-4, 4.19 ERA, 58.0IP, 2HR, 34K/28BB, against avg .267
Brad Markey (#35,SR,RHP) – 2-7, 3.22 ERA, 78.1IP, 3HR, 56K/17BB, against avg .252
Kit Scheetz (#9,FR,RHP) – 4-1, 6.04 ERA, 44.2IP, 4HR, 37K/16BB, against avg .317

Defensively, VT is average, with a fldpct of .965 (NCSU .970)

Games Schedule – Pitching Probables – TV

  • Thurs 5/15, 5:30pm – Logan Jernigan vs Sean Keselica – ESPN3
  • Fri 5/16, 5:30pm – Carlos Rodon vs Brad Markey – none
  • Sat 5/17, 2pm – Patrick Peterson vs Kit Scheetz – none

Weekend Notes

ACC Standings

Atlantic Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Florida State 19-8-0 .704 39-13-0 .750
2.  Maryland 15-14-0 .517 34-19-0 .642
3.  Clemson 13-13-0 .500 32-21-0 .604
4.  Wake Forest 13-14-0 .481 28-24-0 .538
5.  NC State 11-16-0 .407 30-21-0 .588
6.  Boston College 9-18-0 .333 21-31-0 .404
7.  Notre Dame 6-21-0 .222 19-31-0 .380
Coastal Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Miami 22-5-0 .815 38-14-0 .731
2.  Virginia 21-6-0 .778 42-9-0 .824
3.  Duke 15-12-0 .556 31-21-0 .596
4.  North Carolina 14-13-0 .519 31-21-0 .596
5.  Georgia Tech 14-16-0 .467 30-23-0 .566
6.  Pitt 11-16-0 .407 22-27-0 .449
7.  Virginia Tech 8-19-0 .296 20-29-1 .410

Elsewhere in the ACC this weekend

  • Carolina @ Miami
  • Duke @ FSU
  • BC @ Clemson
  • UVa @ Wake
  • Pitt @ ND

GT hosts South Florida OOC.
UMd’s regular season is finished and they are idle.

ACC Tourney Picture

  1. Miami           22-5
  2. FSU               19-8
  3. UVa               21-6
  4. Duke             15-12
  5. Carolina      14-13
  6. Maryland   15-14
  7. Clemson     13-13
  8. Wake           13-14
  9. GT                14-16
  10. Pitt               11-16
  • NCSU          11-16
  • BC                 9-18

As of right now, NCSU would be on the outside looking in because Pitt owns the tiebreaker against the Pack by virtue of a better record vs the highest seeded common opponent (Damn you Blue Devils!!!), though Clemson could change that before the weekend is over if they can manage to sweep BC and Duke gets swept in Tallahassee.

Simply put, State needs to do some winning this weekend and hope for the best in South Bend (and elsewhere) if it wants to land in G’boro next week. If they manage to win at least one more game than Pitt, the tiebreaker won’t matter and they’re in. State closing out against VT is therefore a good thing. Unfortunately, Pitt is closing out against ND.

For (most of) the convoluted possibilities re: the Pack’s ACC Tourney seeding picture, go here.

Without a doubt, Wolfpack Baseball is in the (ahem)…Danger Zone

Go Pack!!!

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    Ballsey waste pitch. 0-2 curve.

    That was Austin.


    Heart can start beating again…go Pack!


    Gary Hahn was really ballyhooing the fact that we would be IN if we win. Supposedly the ACC “office” told them..

    DUH…Pack would be 13 – 16 after second game….Pitt is 11 – 18. Best Pitt could do is 12 – 18. Worst we could do is 13 – 17. No TIE to break….even my wife can do that without a calculator.

    We’re in….I kept thinking about EA’s decision with WFU to load the bases, TWICE.

    Jimmy V said that one year, as part of his Basketball JV coaching job, he had to coach the baseball team. He went out on the mound when the pitcher had loaded the bases and the kid kept telling him “I STILL got IT….I can fan this guy”

    He did and the next pitch was a HR and they lost…don’t remember by how much, but the 4 run Homer did it. V said that he learned….NEVER TRUST a PITCHER when he is in trouble. He will LIE to you….because of his ego and his overconfidence in his ability.

    Really exciting games tonight….I did not get the 4 or 5 “Honey Do’s” done, but Honey was listening and cheering and cursing along with me.

    NOW….win tomorrow and FOCUS on what we have to do in Post Season.


    Lots of tie-break scenarios in the conference standings headed into today’s season finale. But from my understanding, none shake out with the possibility for the Pack to finish any higher than 7th. Meaning that Carlos will be on the hill for Tuesday’s ACC Tournament play-in game.


    Gary Hahn was really ballyhooing the fact that we would be IN if we win. Supposedly the ACC “office” told them..

    DUH…Pack would be 13 – 16 after second game….Pitt is 11 – 18. Best Pitt could do is 12 – 18. Worst we could do is 13 – 17. No TIE to break….even my wife can do that without a calculator.

    Agreed ‘Roo. Hahn mentioned the confirmation call they made to the ACC office at least 3 or 4 times toward the end of the broadcast. Personally, I would have been embarrassed to broadcast the need to call the ACC office to figure that out.


    Unfortunately some of our fans had no faith that we would play our way into the ACC tourney. But whether you did or didn’t, we are in! GO PACK! Let’s find our way back to Omaha! And here is to the softball team. Beat them dogs, today!


    Lots of tie-break scenarios in the conference standings headed into today’s season finale. But from my understanding, none shake out with the possibility for the Pack to finish any higher than 7th. Meaning that Carlos will be on the hill for Tuesday’s ACC Tournament play-in game.

    Yep. Pack is assured of playing Tuesday

    As of now:

    1. Miami 23-6
    2. FSU 21-8
    3. UVa 22-7
    4. Duke 15-14
    5. Carolina 15-14
    6. Maryland 15-14
    7. Clemson 14-14
    8. Wake 14-15
    9. GT 14-16
    10. NCSU 13-16

    If State loses today it’s simple. They take the #10 slot.

    If State wins today, then it gets more complicated.

    A State win combined with a Wake win leaves the Pack tied with GT. State takes the #9 slot.

    If State wins and Wake loses, all three teams are tied and State will take the #8 slot based upon combined records amongst the three (State 4-2, Wake 3-3, GT 2-4).

    Other non-NCSU tie break scenarios:

    A Clemson win today leaves them tied with Maryland at 15-14. Will they give the nod to Clemson by virtue of having won both games of their rain shortened series with Maryland, or will they play the rained out game? This decision could also impact which of the two makes the top 6 and avoids the Tuesday play in games (depending on what Duke and Carolina do today).

    If Duke and Carolina finish in a two team tie, having swept Carolina, Duke will take the higher seed. They could also finish in a three team tie with Wake if both lose and Wake wins.

    FSU is assured of the #2 seed no matter what happens today.

    Miami and UVa could still flip flop. If Miami loses today and UVa wins, they both finish at 23-7, but UVa took 2 of 3 from the ‘Canes head to head.


    Almost forgot….State winning today and making either the #8 or #9 seed is kind of a big deal.

    The winner of the #8/#9 play in game goes into Pool A, while the winner of the #7/#10 play in game goes into Pool B.

    Pool B will contain FSU and either Miami or UVa.
    Pool A will only contain either Miami or UVa.


    That is indeed a big deal Wuf. The difference between wading in and getting pushed into the deep end. Either way for the Pack, it’s sink or swim from here on out.



    Good post. I looked at the NCSU v GT scenario and since we took 2, we would be #9. Did not go far enough up the food chain…..since we took 2 from WFU, then you are right as GT’s record is there….no more games.

    Great post…

    DY said, via email, last night that she THOUGHT we were in, and the ACC had told her folks that also. Don’t know WHO exactly called who or talked to who, but SHE was still going to do her own personal tally sheet before she was satisfied. Can’t blame her. I did mine after GH’s comments and the “thrill” of the victory had worn off.

    GH’s comments almost poured the entire bucket of bad luck (the Curse of the Announcer telling you something is virtually in the bag….) on EA and crew.

    Two pitchers…..both with “save” records less than “how shall we say…not oozing with confidence…” was spooky. BUT, it turned out OK….

    Glad we did not have to use the WF trick of loading the bases to see if the pitcher was up to it again…


    Two o’clock start – anyone have a game feed?


    No feeds that have been shared so far. We’ll see if the boys in the pressbox come thru again with a webcam.

    Softball has just taken a 6th inning 3-2 lead over UGa, and still has the bases loaded with one away.


    And there it is…


    UGa loaded the bases but failed to score. Pack softball still up 3-2 going to the 7th.


    Baseball: Rough first inning for Patrick Peterson puts State in an early 2 run hole.

    Duke up 5-1 in Tallahassee (3rd)
    Carolina down 2-0 in Coral Gables (7th)
    BC up on Clemson 6-1 (6th)
    Wake/UVa scoreless in the 1st


    Softball: Pack tacks on 2, now lead UGa 5-2, UGa down to their last three outs.


    Softball: UGa puts up a fight in the 7th but falls short, Pack wins 5-4. Pack stays unbeaten and advances to tomorrow. UGa will have to face the UAB/Chattanooga winner later today and whoever wins that will have to beat the Pack twice tomorrow.


    Carolina loses to Miami, Miami is the #1 seed.


    Pack cuts VT lead in half, VT 2-1 mid 4th.


    Duke up on FSU 7-3 heading to the 8th.
    Wake up on UVa 1-0 in the 5th.
    BC leading Clemson 9-4 in the 9th.


    VT has pushed 3 across in the 4th so far to extend their lead to 5-1.
    NCSU pitching change, Corey Wilder.
    VT still has 2 on, one away in their half of the 4th.


    6-1 VT leads after 4.


    Clemson comes back with 5 in the bottom of the 9th to send that one with BC to extras.


    Duke beats FSU 7-5
    UVa/Wake tied at 1 in the 6th.


    Pack now trails VT 7-1 after 5.

    Wake now leads UVa 4-1 after 6.
    Clemson/BC still tied at 9 after 10.

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