Weekend Baseball: On The Road to Clemson

Wolfpack Baseball (17-11, 3-9 ACC, 5th Atlantic) kicks off their longest road trip of the season this weekend with a trip to Clemson for 3.  Then a mid-week non-conf game in Greenville vs ECU next week precedes 4 games in 5 days at the DBAP (April 11-13 @Duke, April 15 vs Carolina).

That much ballyhooed game in Durham vs Carolina (16-12, 5-7 ACC, 5th Coastal ) is looking more and more like a clash of the also-rans, btw.

By the time the Pack returns to the Doak for its longest homestand of the season (4/18 thru 5/12, 15 straight games, 9 ACC games) it could be all over but the crying.

If it’s not already, that is.

Week in Review

Not gonna talk about Miami last weekend.  Consecutive conference losses #’s 7, 8 and 9.  ‘Nuff said.

Tuesday, State made up the trip to Campbell that was washed out the previous week.  It took ’em 12 innings to dispatch the Camels, but a 7 spot in the top of the 12th was the deciding factor.

Eric Peterson (2-2) scattered 4 hits in 5.0 innings of shutout ball, picking up the win.

Pack Rallies to Drop Campbell 9-2 in 12 Innings (GoPack.com)

On Wednesday, ECU came to town and the Pack was cruising.  Until the 9th inning at least.  Fortunately, as we told you here, Jake Fincher saved the day with the bases loaded to preserve the 3-2 win.

State Edges ECU on Fincher’s Walk-Off Web Gem (GoPack.com)

Here it is again in case you missed it and are too lazy to click that link up there…

Mid-Point Hard Truths

OK, so the mid-point isn’t really reached until AFTER the Clemson series this weekend, but it seemed like an appropriate time to do some venting anyway.

The Pack’s conference opening 3 game sweep of Notre Dame seems like eons ago now.  Not to mention that the perspective of time has taken some of the luster off of it.  Considering no one expected much from ND to begin with, that’s saying something.

Notre Dame, the ONLY ACC team the Pack has managed to beat this year, have themselves managed to get swept twice more since that weekend (Duke and Wake) and they’ve notched only one conference win (VT).  In their defense however, that’s one more win than the Pack has managed since then.  And one fewer sweep, too.

So what I’m saying is….

a) The sweep of ND has been the season outlier thus far, and considering how bad they are that’s just sad.


b) Since then, the Pack has actually been worse than ND (and BC too).  That’s even sadder.

Have pre-season rankings and chatter of return trips to Omaha (and even the mention of parades…holy hell!!!) been a distraction for the Pack from the task at hand?  Maybe so, but that should no longer be a problem.

No longer ranked (what took so long?), and with a trip to Greensboro for the ACC tournament even in doubt currently, it’s time for this team to sack up.

And frankly, @Clemson isn’t the ideal place to get momentum started to say the least.

ClemCapLogo         Clemson Tigers

19-9 (8-3 ACC, 2nd Atlantic), Last 10: 7-3, Streak: Won 5
2013: 40-22 (18-12 ACC)


Wolfpack pitching had better pull it together quickly.

With a team BA of .300, Clemson is the best hitting club in the ACC.  They also lead the league in HRs (18), slgpct (.440) and stolen bases (52); and are 2nd only to FSU in runs scored (196) and rpg (7.0).

Their big hitters (and they have several) are…

Steve Wilkerson (#17,Sr,2B) – .364 avg, 4HR, 15RBI, 23 runs scored, slgpct .659, 20K/10BB, 4/5 SB
Tyler Slaton (#18,Jr,CF) – .350 avg, 2HR, 19RBI, 25 runs scored, slgpct .467, 11K/13BB, 8/10 SB
Steven Duggar (#9,So,RF) – .324 avg, 22RBI, 21 runs scored, slgpct .448, 18K/12BB, 13/14 SB
Jay Baum (#13,Jr,3B/OF) – .323 avg, 16RBI, 18 runs scored, slgpct .455, 9K/5BB, 6/10 SB
Garrett Boulware (#30,Jr,C/DH) – .317 avg, 2HR, 22RBI, 22 runs scored, slgpct .452, 9K/16BB, 1/2 SB
Tyler Krieger (#3,So,SS) – .315 avg, 1HR, 18RBI, 27 runs scored, slgpct .414, 12K/10BB, 9/12 SB
Weston Wilson (#8,Fr,3B) – .313 avg, 2HR, 17RBI, 12 runs scored, slgpct .448, 17K/6BB, 2/3 SB
Chris Okey (#25,Fr,C/DH) – .263 avg, 3HR, 29RBI, 13 runs scored, slgpct .393, 19K/11BB, 1/2 SB


Tigger pitching is somewhat of an enigma, but it has certainly been shaky more often than not.  With a team ERA of 4.12 (12th) and yielding over 5 runs per game (5.06, 12th), only Pitt and VT have been less reliable.  They also have given up a league leading 13 HRs.

Having said that however, their against avg is better than one might expect (.244, 8th), and they do manage to strikeout their share of batters with nearly 9 per game (8.67, 3rd, only NCSU and UMd have been better).

*** I’m rewriting/editing/adding some info after the fact here.  When I first wrote this preview, I had presumed that this weekend’s Sat-Mon schedule would have Rodon facing Clemson’s Daniel Gossett on Saturday.  Most of the national pubs agreed with me.

Today, GoPack.com has published Rodon as the Sunday starter, and Gossett nowhere in sight.

Gossett is far and away Clemson’s best starter.  He last worked last Friday vs Maryland.  I can’t imagine he wouldn’t get a start this weekend (assuming he’s not hurt), but with a trip to UVa looming next weekend (Fri-Sun) for the Tiggs I would have expected him to go either Sat or Sun.

Complicating things for Clemson is the fact that they played only two vs Maryland last weekend, both on Friday (Matthew Crownover got the CG win for the Tiggs in the other game) and then got washed out the rest of the weekend.

So until proven otherwise, I’m currently going to presume that GoPack.com is correct, but that Gossett will get the Monday start for Clemson, which is currently listed as TBA.

(Who’s still awake??)

Sooooo….Clemson’s likely starters for the weekend (now edited):

Matthew Crownover (#44,So,LHP) – 5-2, 2.48 ERA, 36.1 IP, 1HR, 36K/7BB, against avg .280
Zack Erwin (#33,So,LHP) – 2-1, 4.68 ERA, 32.2 IP, 2HR, 27K/11BB, against avg .217
Daniel Gossett (#23,Jr,RHP) – 3-0, 2.25 ERA, 44.0 IP, 4HR, 46K/15BB, against avg .193

If for some reason Gossett doesn’t go Monday, it’ll probably be Jake Long…

Jake Long (#39,Jr,RHP) – 2-0, 4.06 ERA, 31.0 IP, 0HR, 23K/17BB, against avg. .220

Defensively, Clemson is bottom of the heap, tied with Pitt for last in the conference (.960 fldpct).

ACC Standings

Atlantic Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Florida State 10-2-0 .833 23-5-0 .821
2.  Clemson 8-3-0 .727 19-9-0 .679
3.  Wake Forest 8-4-0 .667 20-11-0 .645
4.  Maryland 5-6-0 .455 18-8-0 .692
5.  NC State 3-9-0 .250 17-11-0 .607
6.  Notre Dame 1-11-0 .083 10-17-0 .370
7.  Boston College 1-11-0 .083 9-18-0 .333


Coastal Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Virginia 10-2-0 .833 25-4-0 .862
2.  Miami 8-4-0 .667 18-12-0 .600
3.  Duke 7-5-0 .583 17-13-0 .567
4.  Pitt 7-5-0 .583 15-13-0 .536
5.  North Carolina 5-7-0 .417 16-12-0 .571
6.  Georgia Tech 5-7-0 .417 16-13-0 .552
7.  Virginia Tech 5-7-0 .417 14-12-1 .537


Elsewhere in the ACC this weekend

  • Carolina @ BC
  • Miami @ VT
  • UMd @ WF
  • ND @ FSU
  • Duke @ GT
  • UVa @ Pitt

Games Schedule – Probable Starters – TV

***Real TV for all games this weekend….Woo Hoo!!! (Who needs the F4???)

  • Sat 4/5, 1pm – Andrew Woeck vs Matthew Crownover – RSN
  • Sun 4/6, 3pm – Carlos Rodon vs Zack Erwin – ESPNU
  • Mon 4/7, 7pm – Ryan Williamson vs Daniel Gossett(?) – ESPNU

Among the bellyaching about the Pack9’s inauspicious start thus far in ’14, there has been a smattering of mojo talk in the form of ‘Jobu’.  Personally, I think someone (Avent?) must have taken Jobu’s rum.  If he takes a bat to the head, then we’ll know for sure.

It’s very bad….

Go Pack!!!

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    Wolfpack Baseball (17-11, 3-9 ACC, 5th Atlantic) kicks off their longest road trip of the season this weekend with a trip to Clemson for 3.  Then a mi
    [See the full post at: Weekend Baseball: On The Road to Clemson]



    Just to get a little chatter going: thanks for sticking it out and writing the previews. Baseball’s a funny game and you never know what can happen, but they’d need a Major League-like turnaround to get back to the Promised Land. I’ve not been able to see a single game. So, I just read on here and check scores and watch the gametracker when it’s at an hour I can see it. Thanks for keeping it fresh.



    We get two games on regular tv this weekend. That’s something.



    So much for my presumption that GoPack.com should be believed.

    Rodon vs Crownover today.



    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – Rodon gtting no run support.

    In other news, Taco Bell will still give you the shits.



    Damn. Now I want burritos.



    Pack draws first blood. 1-0 mid 4th. Rodon has his run, hope he can make it stand up.

    I still want burritos.



    Nope. 2-1 Clemson after 4.



    E6,7 and 4. Am I forgettin’ anyone?

    Whoever ran off DBP, needs to have his ass kicked. I can’t even remind him where Turner’s eventual digs are gonna be. 🙂

    ( To the unaquainted…CF )



    Unfortunately, yes. E2 early on, on the throw that didn’t get cut off.

    I was wondering about DBP earlier today in fact. Miss his input.
    Perhaps his absence is the jinx.

    6-1 Final, ACC losing streak reaches double figures.



    Now I get to fill time before the F4 by watching the last couple of innings of the Os getting pasted again. They’re building a little losing streak of their own.

    ‘Dog – In spite of a rocky start, Tanaka looked pretty sharp last night for the most part, btw. When he gave up up the leadoff HR to the lesser Cabrera I thought he might go harikari though.



    Wufpacker, I really appreciate the effort you make to produce this information on a continuing basis. I do not have the ability to keep my head up when things get absurd. And absurd they have gotten.

    We were at least putting our version of “pressure” (meaning getting some people on base but not doing anything with it) through 4, but we went 3 and out for the next four innings. And the reality was as bad as it sounds….. an average little league team could have handled what we put into play.

    You would think the law of averages would come into play and something good would happen to these guys (you can’t lose them all – can you?), but apparently we used up our quotient last year. And have nothing to show for it other than a trip to Omaha, which admittedly was pretty cool, but now seems more like the latest chapter in the Wolfpack curse.

    Again, thanks for the info and I will be watching Sun and Mon. Why? Because it’s what I do. Year after year after……



    Same shit, different weekend. On to the Shadow Pack thread!!



    Same water, different rocks was my saying driving down the California coastal highway from Carmel…At least the views were pretty…baseball season has not been!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    john of sparta

    ‘Have pre-season rankings and chatter of return trips to Omaha’,
    the *Our State* fail…somebody’s not handling the PR.
    in my company this amounts to “spend more time with the family”.



    Thanks for the kind words slim. Very much appreciated.

    Tied at 2 with Clemson after 6 in Sunday’s game.



    Pack takes a 3-2 lead to the 9th and…..
    Tack on 6 more in the 9th (hah…fooled ya).

    9-2 Pack going to bottom 9th.



    Great inning! It seems like the commentators are pulling for State.



    LOL…I think they feel sorry for us more than anything.



    Oh, definitely. Our losing streak is pitiable.



    I like 9-2 better than 9-4.



    Yep. We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t at least have to sweat it out a little bit.



    Pack Wins….theeeeee, Pack wins. (finally)

    9-4 final. Game 3 tomorrow at 7pm (hell, we have a shot at winning the series too)



    I would like to feel triumphant sometime, instead of this feeling of crumpled relief. But I’ll take it.



    Tell me that the streak ends today…hopefully a turning point.

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