NC State spring football wrap – bowl appearance not unrealistic

From ESPN.

Three things we learned in the spring about the North Carolina State Wolfpack:

1. Having a quarterback helps. Last spring, the NC State offense looked dismal and new coach Dave Doeren didn’t know who his quarterback would be. That problem persisted throughout the fall, and the Wolfpack went winless in ACC play. Now that Florida transfer Jacoby Brissett is eligible to play, however, there’s a consistency on offense that was missing throughout 2013. More importantly, Doeren knows who his QB is, and Brissett can play the role of leader throughout the offseason.

2. Hines is a playmaker. NC State had a huge class of early enrollees, and while all made strides this spring, it was Bo Hines who stood out. The freshman had a fabulous spring game, catching 10 passes for 132 yards. It wasn’t just a big day in front of fans either. Doeren raved that Hines made at least one play every day throughout spring practice.

3. There’s depth at tailback. Shad Thornton finished sixth in the ACC in rushing last season, but after a strong spring by NC State’s tailbacks, the starting job won’t just be handed to the incumbent. Thornton worked on the second-team offense in the spring game, while Doeren praised Tony Creecy and Matt Dayes, too, and with a QB who can force defenses to respect the passing game, there could be plenty of yards to be had on the ground in 2014 for the Wolfpack.

There is more on ESPN at this link.

One way-too-early prediction: Yes, the Wolfpack were 0-8 in ACC play last season, but there weren’t many blowouts. Doeren’s crew showed plenty of fight despite a litany of problems, and that’s a good sign for what’s to come in 2014. The big change, however, is Brissett, who breathes new life into the offense and provides some real direction for NC State going forward. A conference title probably isn’t in the cards, but a bowl appearance wouldn’t be unrealistic.

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    From ESPN. Three things we learned in the spring about the North Carolina State Wolfpack: 1. Having a quarterback helps. Last spring, the NC State off
    [See the full post at: NC State spring football wrap – bowl appearance not unrealistic]


    1.21 Jigawatts

    but a bowl appearance wouldn’t be unrealistic.

    Wait, so a bowl appearance requiring only 6 wins to go isn’t unrealistic when NC State plays Georgia Southern, Old Dominion, South Florida (2-10 last year), and Presbyterian? Sprinkle in home games against BC and WF and a trip to Syracuse.

    Sure am glad we’re paying millions of dollars for this measure of success. Break out the checkbook boys, it’s time to raise Dues/Ticket Prices!!!!

    And dagnabbit, You people better be in your seats the whole game or we’ll never beat these Titans of Football and miss out on the amazing destinations of the Detroit Lions or Birmingham Bowls.



    Understand Brissett is improvement over last season. What about number 2? 3? 8 games in conference, why can’t ACC allow 1 or 2 ACC games to be designated as non conference each season? Or all games outside division non conference?


    Virginia Wolf

    I love the Wolfpack but I won’t be at the games this year or in the future until some changes are made. I hope we have a great season but the way I see it, we’ll be 2 and 2 after the first 4 games. Hope I’m wrong but I have no confidence in this coaching staff or this team. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be pulling for the team as always, but don’t expect much. So, we might win 6 games and go to a 2nd rate bowl. With this schedule, we should win 8 games easily but it won’t happen. Another year below mediocrity, but with a little luck, we’ll be mediocre. Go Pack!!!

    I’ll be back to Carter Finley when we have a new Atletic Department that really cares.



    Wow Va Wolf, could you be more negative? We only play 1 real team in first 4 games so worst case is 3-1 unless you think we will be a weaker team than last year. Who do you have us losing to, Ga. Southern? I love the players this coach is bringing in and I think the program is on the right track. No changes are needed in coaching staff or AD. If we win 7 or 8 I won’t be surprised. If we only win 5 I will be disappointed but will hold blame from the coach unless there is an obvious flaw.



    Paint me as one who has rose colored glasses, but I am not doom and gloom about this coaching staff. Did they maximize what they had last year with respect to the win/loss column? Nope. Am I worried? Not really.

    Everyone knew we had little talent, were small and slow and had little depth. That’s part of what got TOB fired. When the staff started talking about going up tempo in the offseason, then lots of losses last year was probably predictable. Granted, I thought we had enough cupcakes scheduled to eek out a bowl, but I figured there’d be a lot of blow outs as well. While we didn’t maximize what we had last year, we didn’t get blown out week in and week out either.

    I think there are two ways to handle a rebuilding job. The first is to try and maximize the short term wins by implementing a system that takes advantage of what you have been left, but probably looks more like what the previous administration did. That might create more short term wins, but I think it undermines you with the long term plan. You eventually have to transition, but it’s a tougher sell to kids who have “seen” a body of work.

    This staff decided to implement their system and take their lumps. I think that will work out better in years 3 and 4. They’ve shown what they’re going to do and thus will be able to more easily recruit kids who match up with that style.

    I expect we’ll be 6-6 this year. That’s a step in the right direction.



    How many college teams have future NFL QBs starting for them each year, maybe 25 max? When we think of what the Wolfpack did with 5 straight years with a future NFL QB, you really have to question what Tom did for the program. I guess he had a few stars but overall average capability at each position. Dave D. does seem like he is recruiting quality guys everywhere. But, time will tell. A lot of last year was definitely the drop off at QB. That position in itself, if he stays healthy will improve the team.



    There are now 40 bowl games. If you are from a power conference, and you do not go bowling, then you REALLY suck. Yes, it would be a step or two in the right direction. But with that cream puff schedule, it really doesn’t say much at all.



    Wow. Just wow.

    Let’s examine a couple things, here.

    GT is on the schedule. Right? Guess some folks just don’t see how clever it was of State to get a very good Georgia So. team on the books early.

    USF…hmmm. If I recall, they’ve historically been more than a fair football team. It’s not the fault of our program they sank last year. They should be much improved after a year under a new staff.

    Now, outside of the 2 inexcusably slated games with ODU and Presbyterian, I’m having difficulty locating these cupcakes of which is mentioned.



    Dammmit CD, did you forget where you are? Enough with the reason and logic. Don’t care how long Yow and Coach D have been here, this is all their fault even if it is 10 years in the making!



    So are we gonna suck or not?
    You guys are confusing me.



    We will suck, but could still make a bowl because we play nobody and 6-6 isn’t exactly a tall order.



    I think we’ll be just north of suck, with a potential all goes right ceiling of slightly above average.

    Regardless of Ws and Ls, Ill be surprised and disappointed if we are not markedly better on the field. Team and individuals.



    We’ll probably suck less than our schedule, if that makes any sense.

    And I never said it is on Yow or DD. But it is getting old, and more than high time for a change.



    Wufpacker, I think a good summary is that, yes, the team will suck. But, the schedule allows for suckiness while also becoming bowl eligible. But, no one will be at the games, so it may not matter. And don’t forget that it’s all Lee Fowler/Tom O’Brien/Debbie Yow/Dave Doeren’s fault (select one or several from the list depending on your like/dislike of the current coach or his predecessor) and could have all been avoided if Tom O’Brien had recruited better/Tom O’Brien had been fired sooner/Tom O’Brien hadn’t been hired/Dave Doeren hadn’t been hired/Debbie Yow hadn’t been hired/Lee Fowler hadn’t been born/Philip Rivers had been redshirted/Chuck Amato hadn’t worn sunglasses, red sneakers, or been Italian (choose one).
    I think that using this template, you can now form an opinion.



    Hee hee. Leave it to the guy in Russia to be the one who gets my (horrible so-called) humor.
    Maybe I belong in the eastern bloc.



    I’m having difficulty locating these cupcakes of which is mentioned.

    I mistakenly/without thinkingly lumped in our out of conference schedule to be in the future in this thought, so my bad on that.

    But for giggles, we go bowling if we beat Old Dominion, Presbyterian, Ga Southern, South Florida, BC, and Cuse or Wake. That sauce just tastes a little weak for my palate, but if that is what it is then I will take it. Of course, with as bad as we were last year they are all probably thinking our sauce is a bit weak as well.



    Don’t sweat it folks. By the time any schedule changes made now take effect, college football will be an afterthought on your list of interests and concerns.


    Virginia Wolf

    Pack85, yes! I was very negative but that is how I feel about this coach and team. I Pray I’m wrong but I have not seen anything that impresses me! I’ll be pulling for the Pack in every game but yes, I see us losing to South Florida and Ga. So. or ODU. Again, I pray I’m wrong!!! Go Pack!!!!



    LOL @ PackerInRussia



    Foose – hope you don’t mind, but I plan to steal and re-use “just north of suck.” f-cking love it.

    That’s what a reasonable QB can do. Total magic.



    It’s all yours



    Pack85ee I think you need to revise the number of starting NFL QB’s starting each year. I would put that number around 6 or 7 at most each year.



    We go to support the team, who had nothing to do with the schedule. What a bummer for the players, to play in front of a unfilled stadium, cheering them on. Young men who, again had nothing to do with our schedule. But of course blame the coach, with the talent O’Brien left him. This debacle is the result of Lee Fowlup. He got us there, and I truly believe D. Yow is trying to change that, and I have seen positive changes, like women’s softball/basketball, men’s basketball 3 years in the NCAA tourney, after none under Lowe. But it does take time to repair the damage. It is happening, we just have to have patience. I think we will find out more about the kind of coach, Doeren is this year. Go Pack!



    All right, I’ll go first as being positive, optimistic and looking forward to the home schedule.

    First, I think the staff has used its first full recruiting year to bring in a good group of players. Some of these Freshmen will play, but the main thing they will bring to the team is a better attitude than the Seniors we lost from last year. In many ways, this will be similar to the “addition by subtraction” we had in Men’s Basketball this past season.

    Second, our guys now have a year of the new system under their belt plus a spring practice at full speed instead of learning the language and plays. Just from a preparation standpoint, they should play fundamentally better ball.

    Third, in regards to our home schedule – I buy tickets to watch my team, the NC State Wolfpack, play. If the other team sucks, well, that’s a pretty low stress afternoon for me and I can enjoy the tailgate before AND after the game.

    Finally, my expectation for this season is for something similar to our last basketball team. They will be young, spunky and competing for the opportunity to get in the game. Add in a QB that can’t help but be better than last years triage of hobbled hopefuls and it could get interesting.

    You guys should stop all the handwringing 4 months before the season. Let’s try to get behind these guys despite what anyone else says about them. You heard it here first – the Pack wins 8 games this season and gets at least one major upset.

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