Devonte Graham will visit NC State

If you’ve read any of our recent posts regarding the current configuration and status of the NC State Basketball program then you’ve picked up on our analysis that we think the Wolfpack could benefit from (1) the addition of a little more depth and experience at the point guard position next season (and beyond), and also (2) a little more targeted ‘scholarship spacing’ so as to avoid large numbers of players leaving the program simultaneously in the future.

With this said, it looks like NC State is working to take care of some of these needs with a player that should be familiar to many — former Broughton High School star, Devonte Graham‘s current coach at Brewster Academy tweeted the news today that Graham will be taking visits to NC State and to Kansas in the next two weeks.

You may remember the sticky situation that evolved over the last couple of years when Graham signed with App State prior to deliver on a strong senior season which led to him attracting attention from a lot of more prominent national programs. Mountaineers head coach, Jason Capel, (being the class act that he is) refused to let Graham out of his LOI and issued a statement last year weirdly pointing fingers at NC State’s coaching staff for tampering with Graham. You can click here for a little more.

After signing to play for Appalachian State and head coach Jason Capel, Graham’s stock soared as he impressed coaches during his senior season at Broughton High School. Other schools – schools most young point guards from Raleigh would choose over Appalachian State at a moment’s notice (no offense, App) – predictably took notice. Graham had soon drawn interest from a host of high D-I programs, including Pittsburgh, Providence, Creighton, Wichita State, UConn and Rhode Island. By mid-February, Graham had asked for a release from his NLI to pursue a more high-profile college hoops experience. Far from being cooperative, Capel failed to oblige his request. Now spending a post-graduate year at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, essentially stuck in eligibility limbo, Graham faces the likelihood of having to burn one year of eligibility if he decides to transfer to another school.

Well, Capel has now been fired and App State has now decided to grant Graham his release (link).

Schools in need of a point guard just got a big boost.

Appalachian State has released 2014 recruit Devonte Graham from his letter-of-intent, meaning the point guard is free to go anywhere in the fall.

The family doesn’t have an official release just yet, so it might be a day or two before Graham can speak to college coaches.

Previously, Graham has consistently had his release requests denied, and he was willing to sit out next season in order to go elsewhere.

The 6-foot-1 point guard immediately becomes the most sought-after guard on the market, as he proved throughout this season at Brewster Academy (N.H.) that he can play with the best of the best.


Graham is absolutely a high-major talent. He is a good athlete with quickness, and he makes plays at both ends of the floor, getting to the rim, running the break, finding teammates. Graham can run the pick-and-roll effectively, and has shown great vision and hands. He also can keep defenses honest with his perimeter jumper. Defensively, he plays passing lanes and forced steals.

If Graham joins the 2014 recruiting class and State chooses not to accept any more 2014 recruits or transfers, the Wolfpack would have as many as four scholarships available next year and at least one scholarship available the next year if no other transfers out of the program happen.

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    Brewster point guard @im_dat_kid_dtae will visit #KU 4/18, 4/19 & #NCState 4/21, 4/22. Others in mix: #UVa #Friars #VTech #Xavier— Jason Smi
    [See the full post at: Devonte Graham will visit NC State]


    Hopefully we get him. I see recent recruiting activity that we have offered a 3 star PG
    JaQuell Richmond. That’s surprising while Devonte has just become available.
    Maybe it’s to make Devonte move quicker, (first come first served)

    With 13 Scholarships I like the idea of recruiting 4 every year. With transfers and early exits it will be rare when there won’t be 4 spots available, unless backfilling with transfers has occurred. That said if we pick up a point guard for 2014, I only see 3 slots available for the following year. One open spot now and the spots vacated by Dez and Ralston.
    Trevor and Chase would be our seniors. So the following year would appear real light, (only – transfers happen).


    If we get Graham (Vandy’s scholarship) we still have 2 extra scholarships this year (TJ & WBS). Dez and Ralston next year gives us four. Lacey the next year is the only senior.


    OK, that link I’m going to shows Chase Cannon as having a scholarship and I thought I read that coach awarded him one. Maybe that is wrong.

    Sr Dez and Ralston
    Jr Trevor and Chase
    So Cat, Lenard, Anya and Washington
    FR Martin, Martin and Abu = 11, New PG =12, leaves one open.
    incoming 2015 = 3, 1 open plus Dez and Ralston.


    Like old Gomer used to say with a grin like a mule eating briars…

    Suprise! Surprise!

    I wonder how ANTHONY and his family will handle the “competition”…

    tweet…tweet…tweet ??

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    NC State recruiting. A 3 ring circus. How’s that 2015 class coming along? No takers so far on the 3 Ring Circus Bubble Dynasty part Deux?

    If I’m Graham I seriously consider Buzz and VA Tech. New coaches are always the belle of the ball.


    A grand total of 18 players in the 2015 Top 100 class have committed so far. Yep, Gott is really screwing the pooch on that one. His recruiting record in his 1st three years has been absolutely abysmal. I know exactly where you’re coming from.


    packalum44 clearly just puts out replies/comments to bait people. Perhaps its an alter ego of the group behind this site, that serves to just keep this crowd stirred up. or a blue creeping around SFN, long term?

    if not, packalum44 why don’t you consider Buzz and VA Tech, I’m sure they need a big ball of sunshine such as yourself chirping away with support. There I took your bait.


    I’m with OWWolf on packalum44 – I don’t post much but read Statefans Nation a lot/everyday. Really tired of the unrelenting negative criticism – if you hate NC State coaches/players/teams so much why continue. There’s a lot of differing opinions and sometimes jumping off the ledge after big loses, etc. but hell, always the same song.


    Different points of view, healthy disagreements, heated debates – all good. But this guy is staining an otherwise terrific site.




    It sounds like Graham would be a good addition to the team. Hope they can land him.


    If you get a chance, watch some film on Graham. Fast, good ball handler, great passer with excellent court vision , and a really nice stroke from outside. A great attitude as well. He’s just one of those kids that really developed over the course of a year. We will be very fortunate if we can land the guy. That will also keep Lacey where he should be, at the 2.


    It’s gonna be tough to get a kid like this when we have a starter at PG for the next two years at minimum. Really, who do we have on this team that is going pro after next year? I think 2015 will be a light recruiting class because the kids we have are probably going to make this team up for the next two years minus any transfers. At this point, I hope that the majority of Gott’s transfer problems are behind him. You can’t make everyone happy for sure. What we need is mature players. That was not a flash in the pan team Virginia had this year. Those guys bought into that program and they won the conference. Miami had plenty of seniors the year before. Don’t get me wrong, Ill take a good recruit or transfer, but 2016 is probably the bigger focus.

    john of sparta

    we’re through with Omaha,
    we’re betting on Brissett,
    and the NCAA is ok for food.

    somebody WIN something please.


    I would settle for winning a PG recruit at this point.


    Hopefully he wants to come home and has friends here. I’d love to get another 2014 guy. Tired of having constant excess schollies.


    That’s an amusing idea of people behind the site using an alter ego for contrarian posts.

    John of Sparta – Beejay Anya’s eyes widened and the S&C Coordinator’s heart sunk at that announcement.


    PIR, I’d be willing to bet that ESPN has people on the payroll for that express purpose. There are a number of usual suspects who should have been banned years ago, but somehow they persist. I rarely post there anymore.


    The juju is very good re Mr. Graham.


    Anyone got any good word on how his visit went? I’ve heard surprisingly nothing about this important visit. I refuse to pay PackPride for anything.


    Rivals has updated their rankings and moved Graham to a 4* and number #36 in the class, ahead of Abu at #45.


    If we get Devonte, and it is looking very good for us right now, our recruiting class will end up around #8. And that doesn’t include a former 5 star in Trevor Lacey.


    Graham has narrowed his schools to two. Kansas and the Wolpfack!


    It may hinge on Myles Turner’s decision this afternoon. KU has one scholarship left, and it is Turner’s if he wants it. It is down to them and Texas, and I believe Texas is the odds on favorite.

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