Weekend Baseball: Miami Comes to Town

Wolfpack Baseball has hit a few bumps in (and on) the road the past couple of weeks.  Currently riding a six game losing streak in conference, the Pack welcomes DaU to Raleigh this weekend for a three game set.

Hopefully some home cookin’ will help get the ship righted before it takes on any more water.

Disclaimer: In the interest of reversing some recent bad mojo (and probably more accurately…because I’m a lazy bastard watching too much basketball this week), this week’s preview is going to be a little different and light on the stats (Sorry Va).

Week in Review

It stunk, just like the week before.

After the disappointment (even if understandable) of dropping 3 straight in Tallahassee two weekends ago, the Pack followed that up by crushing my soul and dropping 3 straight to Maryland last weekend.  Worse yet, none of the 3 in College Park was even competitive, including a 10-0 loss in game one which featured 8 unearned runs.  Seriously…8 unearned runs.

Carlos Rodon took the loss in that one, his 4th of the year (2-4) and his 2nd consecutive.  But he did manage to lower his ERA because of the aforementioned 8 FRIGGIN’ UNEARNED RUNS

No. 10 Pack Drops Opener at Maryland (GoPack.com)

A couple more uninspiring losses followed…

No. 10 Pack Falls 7-4 Saturday at Maryland (GoPack.com)

State Drops Series Finale at Maryland, 5-2 (GoPack.com)

A Tuesday date with Campbell got washed out, but the Pack did manage to break their overall six game skid on Wednesday, thanks to a trip to Wilmington to visit the Seahawks of UNC-W…

No. 19 Pack Drills UNCW, 11-2 (GoPack.com)

WILMINGTON, N.C. – No. 19 NC State baseball snapped its losing skid with an 11-2 pasting of UNC Wilmington on Wednesday at Brooks Field.

Trea Turner came one RBI shy of tying his career high, driving in five and scoring twice to play a role in each of the Wolfpack’s (15-8) first seven runs of the game. Turner went 2-for-5 with two runs and five RBIs on a double and a home run. The junior hit the 16th bomb of his career, third in his last three games, and fourth in his last five.

Nine other Wolfpack batters contributed exactly one hit each. Brett Austin scored twice from the top of the order with a single and two walks. Preston Palmeiro hit his first collegiate extra-base hit on a two-RBI double. Kyle Cavanaugh also drove in a pair. Logan Ratledge scored once and pushed one run across. Jake Armstrong scored twice with a single, a walk, and was hit by a pitch.

NC State starter Logan Jernigan (4-2) claimed the win in a designated role, allowing two earned in 2 1/3 innings pitched. Brad Stone worked the next 3 2/3. striking out three while holding the Seahawks (11-12) to one hit. Eric Peterson fanned three in two innings, allowing two hits. Jon Olczak closed the door with a one-hit ninth, striking out the final two batters of the game.

Bad News, Good News(?)

State currently sits at 3-6 in conference, looking up at everyone in the Atlantic Division not named ND or BC. That’s obviously the bad news.  The (maybe) good news is that this time last year the Pack had an identical 3-6 conference record before winning 11 of their next 12 ACC games.

After getting roughed up and lasting only 2 innings in his start vs Maryland, Logan Jernigan got the ball again vs UNC-W.  The (maybe) good news is that despite still being somewhat shaky on Wednesday vs the Seahawks (2.1 IP, 2 ER), he nonetheless got back into the win column thanks to 6.2 scoreless innings from the bullpen, including 3.2 from Brad Stone (who also made an early exit in his start vs the Terps…but then again, who didn’t?).  More on the shakeup involving the starting rotation/bullpen later.

As a whole, Wolfpack hitting had been somewhat stymied during the six game losing streak.  The (maybe) good news is that Trea Turner seems to be hitting somewhat of a stride, including 4 HRs in the last five games.

Freshman 3rd baseman Andrew Knizner suffered through a 2 for 13 weekend vs Maryland, yet still leads the ACC in batting average.

Miami-Hurricanes-8      Miami Hurricanes

14-12 (5-4 ACC), Last 10: 4-6, Streak: Won 1
2013: 37-25 (14-16 ACC)

The ‘Canes are a decent enough team, but not spectacular.

They’re bottom half of the conference in pitching (Team ERA 3.82, 11th ACC – NCSU = 2.95, 5th ACC) and hitting (team avg .249…only ND and BC are worse – NCSU = .273, t5th ACC).

Defensively, they’re middle of the road (.964 fldpct, 8th ACC – NCSU = .974, 4th ACC).

Plus, they’ve been bad on the road (2-5), though admittedly 2 of those road losses were in Tallahassee.

That’s all I’ve got to say about them.

But I do have it on good authority that if the Pack’s conference losing streak reaches 9 this weekend, a certain someone who holds the ‘Canes in very low regard might be looking for a tall building.  You know who you are.

ACC Standings

Atlantic Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Florida State 7-2-0 .778 19-5-0 .792
2.  Clemson 6-3-0 .667 15-9-0 .625
3.  Maryland 5-4-0 .556 16-6-0 .727
4.  Wake Forest 5-4-0 .556 16-10-0 .615
5.  NC State 3-6-0 .333 15-8-0 .652
6.  Notre Dame 1-8-0 .111 8-14-0 .364
7.  Boston College 1-8-0 .111 7-15-0 .318
Coastal Division
Conference Overall
rank schools W-L-T PCT W-L-T PCT
1.  Virginia 7-2-0 .778 20-4-0 .833
2.  North Carolina 5-4-0 .556 15-9-0 .625
3.  Georgia Tech 5-4-0 .556 15-10-0 .600
4.  Virginia Tech 5-4-0 .556 12-9-1 .568
5.  Miami 5-4-0 .556 14-12-0 .538
6.  Duke 4-4-0 .500 14-11-0 .560
7.  Pitt 3-5-0 .375 11-11-0 .500

Elsewhere in the ACC this Weekend

  • FSU @ BC
  • GT @ Pitt
  • WF @ ND
  • UNC @ Duke
  • VT @ UVa
  • Clemson @ UMd

Games Schedule – Probable Starters – TV (aka “The Pitching Situation”)

Like the hitting, Wolfpack pitching has taken it on the chin the past two weeks.  No one guy has been significantly more suspect than any other. It’s been a ‘team effort’ to be sure.

Nonetheless, there is a bit of a shakeup this week.

As mentioned earlier, lefty Brad Stone who previously had been the Pack’s regular Sunday starter thus far in ’14, ended up working 3.2 scoreless innings in relief this past Wednesday vs UNC-W.  As a result, at least for this weekend the starting rotation will have a bit of a different look.

Carlos Rodon will go Friday as per usual. Andrew Woeck who has a 3-0 record out of the pen (1.25 ERA) will get the ball on Saturday.  And Logan Jernigan, who worked 2.1 innings Wednesday, will get pushed back to Sunday.

This also disrupts the normal L/R/L that Pack starters have had going on the weekend, but that hasn’t seemed to do much good lately anyway.

  • Friday 3/28, 6pm – Carlos Rodon vs Chris Diaz – ESPN3
  • Saturday 3/29, 1pm – Andrew Woeck vs Andy Suarez – RSN
  • Sunday 3/30, 1pm – Logan Jernigan vs Bryan Radziewski – ESPN3

TV NOTE:  Even though I haven’t bothered to check, I’m going to presume that Saturday’s RSN game means FoxSportsCarolinas for those of you in the area.  If not, it is allegedly also on ESPN3.

In the Interest of Mojo Reversal

Last time the Pack faced the ‘Canes….


Always a favorite…

Go Pack!!!

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    Wolfpack Baseball has hit a few bumps in (and on) the road the past couple of weeks.  Currently riding a six game losing streak in conference, the Pac
    [See the full post at: Weekend Baseball: Miami Comes to Town]



    Springtime has arrived on Dan Allen Dr.

    However, it appears to be traveling with alotta rain.

    Good news is Miami will be stuck in Raleigh with nothing to do, but get in trouble ’til Sunday.

    Advantage Pack, as they take 2 on a Sunday double dip.



    Yeah, I intended to mention the weather outlook and the possibility of the schedule becoming modified. Oops.

    Hopefully the crime rate in Raleigh won’t climb too high if it happens, but I cringe at the possibility of two on Sunday quite frankly.



    Ah, cold front coming through at least explains this morning’s shittier than shitty headache. As the kids all say, FML.



    I wonder what teams records are when giving up 8 unearned runs are. I’m guessing somewhere along the lines of oh-and-however many games that’s happened in. I know Maryland is in deep to the ACC, but no need to be that charitable to them.



    How does one give up 8 unearned runs??????

    Obviously we cant catch the ball or throw it – then you mention we are 4th in the conference in fielding %. While I know a 2 out error that opens the floodgates makes all the runs unearned but still, Rodon has given up 23 runs, only 10 of which are earned. This % is unheard of.



    Haven’t seen the boys play this year yet. What position(s) are racking up all the E’s? Everytime I see a box score, it’s littered with em.



    How does one give up 8 unearned runs??????

    Untimely errors coupled with untimely control issues and a few well-tagged pitches. 6 of them were in one inning believe it or not (and another potential unearned run was gunned down at the plate in the same inning)….

    Maryland 5th – Convissar, K struck out swinging (3-2). Martir, K. singled to center field (1-0). Rescigno, M. hit by pitch (1-2); Martir, K. advanced to second. Montville, M walked (3-2); Rescigno, M. advanced to second; Martir, K. advanced to third. Papio, A. reached on a fielder’s choice (1-2); Montville, M advanced to second; Rescigno, M. advanced to third; Martir, K. scored on an error by 1b, unearned. Cuas, J. reached on a fielder’s choice, bunt (0-0); Papio, A. advanced to second; Montville, M advanced to third; Rescigno, M. out at home 1b to c. Leal, K. walked, RBI (3-2); Cuas, J. advanced to second; Papio, A. advanced to third; Montville, M scored, unearned. White, C. reached on an error by 2b (0-0); Leal, K. advanced to second; Cuas, J. advanced to third; Papio, A. scored, unearned. O’Donnell to p for Rodon. Schmit, B. doubled to left center, 3 RBI (1-0); White, C. scored, unearned; Leal, K. scored, unearned; Cuas, J. scored, unearned. Convissar, K walked (3-0). Convissar, K stole second; Schmit, B. stole third. Martir, K. grounded out to 2b (3-0). 6 runs, 2 hits, 2 errors, 2 LOB.



    Rain delay bottom 6th, tied 1-1.



    Suspended for the night. Current plans are to finish tonight’s suspended game AFTER tomorrow’s regularly scheduled game, but whether either of those things happens (re: weather tomorrow) is highly uncertain.



    How does one give up 8 unearned runs??????

    I don’t know, but it’s a scorer’s nightmare. I’ve lived it and I don’t care to repeat it ever again.

    Why can’t we hit the ball anymore?



    Pack falls 2-1 in game two.
    Suspended game one will resume in just a little while, weather permitting.



    I was able to catch the last two innings, first game I’ve been able to watch this season. I’m no baseball expert but I wonder, why do we never try to bunt the runner on third home with only one out? I noticed several instances last year where we went for the Sac fly and weren’t able to deliver (like today).



    ^ We’ve botched the squeeze a few times earlier in the season, but I was somewhat surprised they didn’t take a shot at it there as well. Maybe Rodon promised Avent a walkoff.



    Resumed game gives Pack the opportunity to fall 2-1 twice in one day.
    Game three tomorrow, Pack tries to avoid getting swept for the 3rd straight weekend.

    Maybe this is karma for all the sh-t I gave BC last year.



    So much for the Omaha talk. This club just needs to make post season to save Avent’s job. One top 10 recruiting class isn’t going to turn you into a powerhouse.



    packalum, unless you know something I don’t (very easily true), Avent’s contract was significantly elongated after last year tournament run. I’m afraid that ship has sailed and the successful chapter that it Elliott Avent baseball is ours for years to come. Yippee!

    In standard NCSU form, we will not only lose the majority of the class that put us/him on the map, and not only not make the NCAA’s, but possibly on the outside looking in for even the ACC.

    Exactly what did we win in these “glory years”? We are NC State.



    Miami completes the sweep. 12-5 final on Sunday.

    And slim is correct. This team now has it’s work cut out to even get a trip to G’boro.



    Holy smokes. I had no idea (generally don’t pay much attention to beisbol until the post season). Oh well.



    Though the extension was earned, Avent has reached his ceiling several times. He made his Omaha trip, but that was his shining moment. I don’t think we’ll be returning to Omaha this year, nor any other year with Avent at the helm. 18 years has proven enough to me. Maybe his can work a nice retirement package, and we can get someone else in the dugout. It would definitely make me happier.



    To the poster that I gave a hard time to about not panicking just yet last after getting swept by Maryland last weekend. Getting swept at home by Miami to lose 9 straight conference games? I’m afraid I was wrong and you were right.





    Haha. I’m not even sure a cover of Morrissey and Co. could turn this thing around.
    I wonder if we could re-work the lyrics to ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’ to fit the team’s current woes.



    Wolfpack in a coma, I know, I know it’s SEEEERIIIOUUUUUSSSS



    LOL. Almost ready made.

    There were times when I could have strangled them…
    No, I don’t want to see them…
    Do you really think they’ll pull thru?

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