Rob Crisp Granted Medical Redshirt

NC State starting left tackle Rob Crisp suffered a concussion in the second game of 2013 and missed the rest of the season. Luckily, the senior was granted a fifth year with the program thanks to a medical redshirt.

Wolfpack head coach Dave Doeren announced Monday that the 6-7, 300 pound lineman will be back in action this summer.

Crisp’s experience will be a boost for a 2014 NC State team that is busting at the seams with youth. According to Joe Giglio’s count over at the News & Observer, the Wolfpack will have 51 redshirt freshman and true freshman in the program this fall.


From the CO

Coach Dave Doeren will begin his second spring practice Wednesday morning with 21 redshirt freshmen. By the time the 2014 season begins in August, Doeren will have 51 freshmen in the fold….

Doeren will put the Wolfpack through 15 practices over the next six weeks, culminating with the Kay Yow Spring Game on April 12 at Carter-Finley Stadium.

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    NC State starting left tackle Rob Crisp suffered a concussion in the second game of 2013 and missed the rest of the season. Luckily, the senior was granted a medical redshirt
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    Honestly,I’m tad surprised. Not by the hardship waiver itself, as it was always a done deal(30% rule).

    Well…Break out the Kazoo lid for the big guy.



    Yeah, I had heard he would never play again (medical reasons). Great news for Mr. Crisp and Mr. Brissette.



    WOW!!! We’re finally catching some breaks!! This will be HUGE for our program for next year. (pun intended)



    I kinda wish he wasn’t playing. With the current evidence on CTE, it just seems like a bad idea.

    Has he graduated?



    I’m with you packfanistan. I hope/suspect we have done medical due diligence here.



    A nice, unexpected (for several reasons) surprise. As opposed to the expected kind.

    Hopefully the issues have been worked out.



    Huge news. He was our best offensive linemen and plays the 2nd most important position in pro football. Arguably less important in college.



    Also read that S Jarvis Byrd has had medical hardship waiver put in by State. I’m thinking the 30% doesn’t bode well but that the NCAA may be lenient due to all the subsequent years he has missed due to different injuries.

    Man, did our rushing defense suck once he got hurt. He was our best open field tackler bar none (not that it was all that high a bar set).

    Crisp must still have his eyes on the prize. He may not be low round NFL draft stock but if he can prove himself physically fit this fall then he stands to get paid playing somewhere on Sunday. His head injury sounded real bad but we weren’t in those Dr offices with Big Rob and family.



    I just hope the head injury is really a non-issue and he can play without doing damage to himself. Any “extra” player we can pick up is a plus.



    Safety first and foremost. That’s what matters. It’s just a game.



    Based on what I’ve been told of the athlete’s experience…it doesn’t surprise me that he’s eager to take the risk. I’ve been told – by well-adjusted, successful adults – that the end of one’s playing career is almost like a death.



    I hope he’s receiving advice that’s in his best interest. I don’t think the young can appreciate how long life can be, and how much they’ll miss the ability to do simple things.



    It’s just a game.

    I doubt a they look at it that way. I know I wouldn’t think that of ANYTHING that could potentially pay 7 figures + and take care of my family for life.

    Considering all that I’ve heard about this particular case, I’m what is really being risked. But even if the risk were substantial, an easy way to convince yourself to jump in is to consider what is risked by active duty military for substantially less.

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