#7 NC STATE vs #10 MIAMI PREVIEW (ACC Tournament Edition)

Time: 7:00
Announcers: Dan Shulman, Sean Farnham

Survive and Advance. Yes, it’s that time of year again, Tournament Time, where you are literally taking it one game at a time. If the Pack are going to have even an extreme long shot chance of making the NCAA Tournament then it all begins here and they have to do it against a team they haven’t played very well against this season.

Recap of both games this season…

Feb. 8th, 2014 (Coral Gables, FL)
NC State 56
Miami 55

The Pack did not play it’s best this day on offense where everything was brought to a stop by the grind it out, slug fest of slow ball. The Pack was also still trying to figure out zone defenses at the time and how to score against them. Luckily for them the Hurricanes were their normal, awful selves on offense. The only thing that kept Miami in this game to the end was the Pack’s inability (all season) to get a defensive rebound, giving the Canes a second chance shot every other trip down the court. The Pack walked out with a victory but for some unexplained reason the refs swallowed the whistle on the final 3/4 court shot when Kyle Washington thought he was playing football and tackled the shooter.

March 1st, 2014 (Raleigh, NC)
Miami 85
NC State 70

The Hangover Part II. The Pack was coming off a heartbreaking loss to rival U*NC and looked uninterested most of the game, at least on defense. The Pack played Matador defense to perfection allowing Miami to score at will and do it efficiently. Even when the Canes missed they were likely to get a second chance at it. The Pack did finally wake up and fight back to tie the game but something happened with about 6 minutes left in the game, the Pack up and quit. I can’t explain it except for the fact this is the weakest team mentally that I can recall in many years.


So what can we expect from today’s game? Well if the refs call a tight game then that should put Miami in serious foul trouble outside of Brown. It also means Vandenberg will go to the bench early as well as Washington. If not then who knows how the game will play out, there’s a certain amount of pressure on the Pack that isn’t on the Canes and we have seen this team, outside of Warren, can’t handle any pressure at all. Now there isn’t a lot of pressure since this is an NIT bound team trying to somehow win enough to make the NCAAT so maybe the pressure is small enough now they’ll play loose. Who knows, I’ve given up trying to figure out this team beyond Warren.

I’ve had a bad feeling about this game since the seedings were decided. I’ll go with my usual negativity here and say Gottfried gets outcoached and the Pack gets out of Greensboro in a hurry.

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    1.21 Jigawatts

    Survive and Advance. Yes, it’s that time of year again, Tournament Time, where you are literally taking it one game at a time. If the Pack are going t
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    TJ is playing his best basketball of the season. That will continue tonight, and the Pack wins a close game. Our bigs will get in foul trouble no doubt, but one of them will take their turn having a great game. I think it’s Beejay’s turn, or maybe Kyle’s. I can’t remember.

    Tyler and Cat have finally learned to coexist, and both have been solid lately. Hopefully we see the good Dez and the good Ralston tonight. That will help a great deal.



    Love the matador pic. Ole!

    The defensive effort (other than the Prague Spring of some two-man press by Buckets and Hipster Cat) at home vs. Miami was shameful. As such, we really need to see much more of the alignment we’ve closed games with lately:

    Hipster Cat, Des, Buckets, Le Nard, KH



    This site: gives us a 48.6% chance to win today, a 0.5% chance to win the ACCT, and a 2% chance of making the NCAA field.

    Opening line had the Pack at +1. It’s now at +2. Looks like the betting public likes the ‘Canes.

    It’s nail biting time…



    Sorry. Operator error. Here’s two tries at getting the link right:




    It starts and ends with defense. TJ can go off and score 50 and we can still easily lose if we don’t pick it up on D. Way too many open threes given up to the Canes, and easy driving lanes without helpside. Our press really affected them, so maybe we see some more of that? Especially since we are rested and they aren’t. This is an even game.



    And Larranaga does seem to know how to summon the magic in March. He did it at George Mason and now at Miami. Big coaching advantage there.



    ^+ KH??? Must be some spin on Kyle’s name.

    i think it’s all about fouls. If we can keep TJ on the floor, and avoid being handicapped by foul trouble, then I think we have a shot. But it will be a close game. Larrañaga is not going to let us get too far ahead.

    I don’t think Miami having played yesterday hurts them. I hope our only playing game in the last 10 days doesn’t hurt us.



    We’ll beat Miami today.



    Larranaga (did I include enough A’s?) didn’t vote for TJ. So maybe that slight motivates him to 50+ today.

    I watched a bit of their game yesterday and it seemed the zebra’s were quick to call the touches but let them break bones under the glass.



    If there is any disadvantage in potential fatigue for Miami by playing yesterday, then it will only be exposed if State moves on defense, applies some form of press and more importantly by utilizing an offensive scheme which requires all five players to constantly move. Not exactly rocket science. “I can’t explain it except for the fact that this is the weakest team mentally that I can recall in many years.” I hope “team IQ” includes the wide array of our coaches on the sidelines. Hint – Buckets is today’s version of Gainey and Rocky III, let him play 40 minutes but rotate the hell out of everyone else. Four days, four games. Keep our secret weapon, Sir Patrick Wallace, under wraps until semis or the final when Hess comes along and blows 47 times.



    It’s a basketball game that we’re involved in, so I have no choice but to be pessimistic. There’s no way I’m predicting a win against a team that destroyed us at our place two games ago.



    KH = King Hippo = Beejay Anya

    Personally, I’m pretty excited for tonight’s game, for no other reason than every game we play is possibly our last chance to see Buckets play in a wolfpack uniform.

    My expectations are that he doesn’t want this to end any time soon, and like the Pitt and BC games, he will do what is necessary to keep us going.

    Go buckets! Go pack!



    Miami’s guards are quicker than ours…
    Miami’s BIGS are tougher than ours…

    Our biggest advantage today is playing on a Home Court
    Miamis biggest DISadvantage is they played yesterday…

    Our Keys to the game are the same as every game for last two months…
    We win with three guys in double figures and forty minutes of “good”, not great defense, less than 10 turnovers and 70%+ from the charity stripe.

    My head says… this game is “too close to call”…
    My heart ALWAYS says… GO PACK!


    Now…. This is the ACC Tournament…

    We know we can count on CUZ to bring his “A” game…

    I’m looking to see WHO in RED && WHITE steps up and as Mr. Dog would say on the diamond… “Announces their presence with authority” !


    and maybe it could even be ANTHONY — the hipster kitten ???

    PLUS… here’s one old Wolf who is really hoping GOTT && Company reach into their bag of coaching tricks… AND bring out a couple of surprises — something nobody has seen all season!!

    After the way Larranga abused them (GOTT && Company) in the last chess-game… I’m hoping they all GOTT their feelings hurt and are going to make damn sure that doesn’t happen again.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!


    KH = King Hippo. It had its genesis due to conditioning issues, but I definitely mean it 100% as a compliment now. As you know, the hippo is a badass animal, the deadliest in all of the most deadly of continents. That applies to our KH, who plays super hard and very damned effectively, especially when defending the lane (analogize to a lowly antelope trying to drink from HIS river) or delivering the deadly HippoHOOK on offense.

    KH is now my favorite player, to the point where I signed up as “King Hippo” for posting on KSK.

    One will note how we NEVER finish with the 5 we start. That’s because the staring 5 includes our worst 4 defenders by far. WBS, BSW, and Vandy are 3 of the worst 5-10 defenders in the league, and KW is not far behind.



    Hipster Cat says a Thursday exit would be too mainstream. As would SyraDuke making the finals. I mean, whatever.



    Is Hess going to ref this game?



    We are underdogs according to Vegas, and Larranaga didn’t vote for TJ for POY. If I were Gott, I’d be using both those factors to hammer home some motivation for the guys. TJ needs to get nasty this game. It will be physical on the inside, so the bigs need to keep their composure and not pick up silly fouls (easier said than done, I know). We can win this!



    We’ll beat Miami today. I might be wrong but I feel that if we get to Sunday after beating Syracuse and duke we should get in as long as were not blown out on Sunday. That would have had us beaten Pitt at Pitt and Syracuse along with Duke in the Tourn.

    Maybe TJ Winning the POY along with those wins would be enough But, It is one game at a time. Survive and Advance with Miami being the only thing that should be on the teams mind.



    Hey Gott! Show the team the last 44 seconds of the 1983 National Championship game before hitting the floor tonight.



    I am skittish about tonight, but would be confident for tomorrow’s matchup. Given my track record…we’ll roll Miami and then get pasted by Cuse.



    I just got hold of a pair of tickets for tonight’s game from a Duke friend who didn’t plan to attend until tomorrow. Anybody got any tailgating recommendations? I was considering driving up from RTP area and parking at the Sheraton to take the shuttle. Is that the recommended way to get to the game? Or does anyone have any better suggestions? This’ll be my first time at the tourney.


    Alpha Wolf

    Miami’s guards are quicker than ours…

    Which is why Cat Barber is the key to victory.

    When we played Miami at home, it was no coincidence that we went on a run to grab a one-point lead when he was in the game. That’s when Gottfried put Lewis back in, and Miami’s guards we able to run wild because Lewis can’t keep up with them.

    Cat needs to play as well as he has lately – only two TO’s in the past three games – and he needs to play the bulk of this game.



    Hipster Cat

    chester cheetah



    Did I miss where we found out it was Larranaga who didn’t vote TJ player of the year?

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