Athletics: ‘Twas better than you thought

Make no mistake about it, NC State’s massive egg-laying on the hardwood at UNC-CHeats last Saturday was a severe kick to the guts for all Wolfpack fans.

With that acknowledgement out of the way, I wanted to take a moment to hopefully make you feel a little better by developing a broader point about the recent success of NC State’s Athletics program on the whole. SFN makes no secret of how impressed we are with the course Debbie Yow has set for the Wolfpack ship and how much we appreciate the decisiveness of her actions on most issues. It was with that thought in mind that I recognized quite an impressive trend of news around our Athletics Department in the couple of days leading up to Saturday’s game that I thought worth noting.

Coming in the same week that the surprising Wolfpack Women’s basketball team (now ranked #14 in the country) led by new coach, Wes Moore, defeated another Top 25 opponent (click here for more), the NC State Athletics Department also experienced the following:

* #35th ranked Wolfpack men’s tennis team (4-1) beat Indiana to capture their second consecutive win over an Big Ten program.

* NC State women’s swimming & diving team earned their highest ranking of the season at #21 in the latest College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA).

* A win by the 12-4 Wolfpack wrestling over arch-rival UNC-CHeats on Friday.

* NC State’s women’s softball team – coming off an ACC Championship – has been picked to finish second in league play this year.

Since the weekend, we obviously have can only feel better about our future on the gridiron with our new football recruiting class…and, let us not forget what season is about to launch

I only share this because sometimes we can get pretty caught up in the minutia of the ‘here and now’. OBVIOUSLY, the average fan cares most about men’s basketball and football and we long to see the Wolfpack competing at the highest level in these two premier sports. I guess my point is that I feel much better about our plan and progress to succeed at those sports when presented with the facts of how we have so quickly been put on the right course in so many other sports that were previously abysmal.

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    Make no mistake about it, NC State’s massive egg-laying on the hardwood at UNC-CHeats last Saturday was a severe kick to the guts for all Wolfpack fan
    [See the full post at: Athletics: ‘Twas better than you thought]


    no doubt


    Whats up? I can’t see the full post from either my PC or phone.

    10:15 pm edit
    I could edit the article and read it on pc.
    It shows up on Android tablet.
    Still doesn’t show up on iphone.


    Va….my man. I believe SF made a funny.

    If not, it should be.


    ^….won’t a damn thing ‘funny’ ’bout last Saturday…

    I really hope that a week of practice will break once a for all…. ANTHONY on 3,4 or 5…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I admit to being very discouraged about the Men’s team. However, it is sort of like my current New Year’s Resolution to get rid of half of the pesky pounds that I successfully (with a LOT of hard work) got rid of in 2011….these things take time and you go through spells where NOTHING seems to change the daily duel with the scale.

    I can’t dissect and parse out the exact problems last Saturday and come up with a solution that is proven and has a 99.9% success rate….If I could, then my retirement income would be muchly improved by the handsome consulting fees that either Coach G was paying me (out his own finely lined, I might add, pockets) or AD Yow had approved.

    I have to take it at face value that we are improving and there will be a constant change and in the end we will be much improved. Step back….I’m coming down off the Red & White Soapbox.

    NOW….the really exciting thing about this post should be the WOMEN’s TEAM. Since I longed to hear Old McDonald and here the fans cheer at the end of a game, I have started attending the Reynold’s games.

    Last night was a thriller….also most TOO much. WF got up by 5 – 7 points a few minutes before the first half ended….But we tied it at the half. We were in control all through the second half, but never put WF away. The ladies played gutsy BB and the shooting (save the first 10 minutes when neither team could hit squat), we were great. Had some lapses and too many turnovers and the refs seemed a bit biased.

    But in the end, the band played Old McDonald and all was well….

    There is a LOT of women’s BB left. I urge every STATE FAN to but a ticket. With our SR admission, 2 sodas, 2 HD & 1 popcorn, we spent $26…and that was our “dinner & movie”. Try that a Regal complex…

    GO PACK….

    PS…SFN….I TOTALLY agree with you. Debbie Yow is one tough and smart cookie. I would NOT want to work for her if I could not meet her expectations…which would mean that I was no longer gainfully employed. I have had to sit across the room from some very competent executives (including lawyers) and hammer out some deals. She would be TOUGH…

    If you look at the dumb Personal Injury commercials and the big talking boss panics when WeGetUR$ calls….getting a call from DY when I had a weak position would be psychologically demotivating….

    GO PACK.

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