Red Light is flashing – 2:40pm Update

Is today the day that the future fortunes of NC State Football take a giant step forward? Only time will truly tell…but if early indications are correct we could all be pointing to today’s haul a tangible turning point. I would ask that you take a moment and check out this #Pack14 entry (and embedded links) for a little primer.


Personally, I’m not a big follower or fan of “National Signing Day” as I’ve learned that none of this matters until the recruits actually show up to campus, get through class (see how we are already different from our competition?) and produce on the field. Nonetheless, history does prove a general correlation between recruiting rankings and on field performance. So, I can’t help but be a little excited by the prospects of landing 15 of the Top 50 players in the state of North Carolina and 5 of the top 20 in’s rankings. Elsewhere, NC State signed 9 of the state’s top 30 prospects in rankings. FWIW – Duke, Wake Forest and UNC COMBINED to land only 8 of the top 30. (Click for more)

NC State verbal Kentavius Street checks in at No. 7 on the list. The Greenville (NC) Rose defensive end picked the Wolfpack in December over offers from LSU, Miami, and Ole Miss among others.

Charlotte West Mecklenburg quarterback Jalan McClendon is the No. 9 prospect. One of the biggest risers in the state, McClendon picked the Wolfpack over the summer after considering offers from UNC, Florida State, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech among others

The Wolfpack had three other commitments make the top 20 of the rankings: Southern Durham wideout Maurice Trowell (No. 14), Burlington Cummings offensive tackle Will Richardson (No. 18), and High Point Central safety Germaine Pratt (No. 20).

Trowell and Pratt both committed to the Wolfpack in the summer, and Richardson committed this week, flipping his decision from Virginia to NC State.

As of 8am this morning NC State had already received 14 signed LOIs. We aren’t going to list them all in real time for you (as we have things like jobs and families that evidently other bloggers don’t). But, you can easily follow LOIs in real time by clicking @PackFootball. For even more, you should make your life real easy and follow SFN’s “NC State List” on twitter by clicking here.

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9:15am Update
We have our first surprise of the day at a position of need for the Wolfpack.


Airius Moore is 6’1 and 215 pounds and was ranked as one of the Top 100 OLB’s in the country in high school, but could play inside in college. He is known for brings strong leadership and work ethic who shows headiness to respond quickly to developments on the field that helps him compensate for reportedly ‘average’ athletic ability. Any late addition to the class is exciting, especially one by a great kid who is a 3-star player at a position of need.

…more to come throughout the day…


3:30 pm update

Recruiting Class from

Recruiting Class

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    Is today the day that the future fortunes of NC State Football take a giant step forward? Only time will truly tell…but if early indications are cor[See the full post at: Red Light is flashing – Signing Day is here]


    Depending on your interest level in recruiting decides just how exciting this day is.

    One point that should go noticed is how DD and staff compete every minute while on the job. Last year they convinced three WRs-Ramos, Valdes-Scantling, and Alston-on signing day to run with us.

    We don’t have room for that kind of flurry but they will continue to recruit to the very end.


    Yes. NEXT YEAR’s class will only have room for 15-20 scholarships. They are going to have to really attract high quality guys with less room for numbers and ‘development opportunities’.


    how do we have room for the new LB? i thought we were at our max 25?


    I’m not in the know about recruiting at all, I really just keep up with it from a distance. One question I have is about in-state recruiting, as I know most everyone would agree this is one of our largest opportunities for improved talent.

    A quick look through the ESPN 300 (not to credit these rankings over others, but simply as a quick survey of some of the best talent in the nation), shows 13 recruits from NC. Two of them have committed to UNC, two of them have committed to State, one is still uncommitted as far as I know, leaving eight going to out of state schools, or 62%, with five of these eight going to non-ACC schools (two to UGA, one to Florida, one to Tenn, and one to Penn St.).

    I understand that when you’re a nationally recognized recruit, you’re targeted by nationally-ranked schools. How realistic is it to think State could begin to pull 1/3 to 1/2 of these top in-state recruits? Should that be our #1 recruiting goal?


    Add Thomas-Williams to WVU, which brings the out of state schools taking top NC talent to 69%, with 46% going to non-ACC schools.


    Charger: The N&O has a story today saying that State has 9 of the top 30 in-state recruits. This is better than recent years. UNC-CH has 5, Duke 2, and Wake 1.


    Charger17, I think 1/3 to 1/2 half of the top 15 in NC is unrealistic until we have a FSU/Clemson type reputation. Even those silly blues can’t pull that off.
    And I would be curious to see how many of the top 15 Florida recruits went to FSU. But Dave is bringing in 15 of the top 50 which is an improvement and I do expect In-State-Recruiting to continue to improve. Dave has said that is a big part of his focus since day 1.


    Why would it be realistic considering who, and what conference, is in our backyard? That’s not likely to change any time soon.


    I think 1/3 to 1/2 half of the top 15 in NC is unrealistic until we have a FSU/Clemson type reputation.

    Yep. But considering the number of higher division football programs in NC and the proximity of the SEC, it would be difficult even with that reputation.


    We did take in 5 of top 20, so that is 25%. Maybe 1/3 is closer than I think. So I count a total of 33, 9 in early and 24 more.


    tjfoose1, you are so correct. I have always said that is an issue in NC. South Carolina has two schools. We have 5 that compete for the best. 5 of 20, 9 of 30, 15 of 50 is damn good for a second year coach that did not win a conference game.


    I’ve never understood why anyone cares about where an athlete was born. I just want the best team possible.


    ^ I don’t know that it’s about caring where someone was born per se. I think it’s more that some feel like State should have a built in recruiting advantage with an athlete who has grown up in the area and might possibly be a State fan.


    A sarcastic person would quip that State’s athletic dept has worked to minimize the number of kids that grow up State fans over the last 25 years.

    State can’t use tradition or success to entice kids to come play. Doreen is selling hopes/dreams along with playing time. I wish him well no matter where he is finding kids. He will only have a short period of time to make the transition from selling dreams to selling a winning program.


    List, videos, and link to 3:30 press conference at


    All else equal, I prefer the recruits come from NC, because it signifies a feasible and competent long term strategy. Sure a coach can get lucky and nab a top 20 FL recruit, but is that sustainable? Is that good strategy to fly down every weekend and recruit against better in-state schools? No. We didn’t need Amato to realize that. Red flags when the cloches rely on Catholic schools in Ohio or Florida scraps.

    1- Cheaper to recruit both from coaches traveling and paying for in state scholarships. WPC must pay out of state dues for those kids FYI.
    2- More sustainable to build relationships with high school programs and younger kids. Relationships drive (ethical) recruiting.
    3- NC has the highest black southern population outside of Texas Florida and GA. Black players make up approx 70% of NFL yet 30% of population.
    4- In state schools have a competitive advantage. Not using that advantage signals incompetency.

    Seeing us dominate recruiting here signals a competent strategy that is the only real chance we have to build our program into a power. We are damn lucky to have a growing population and blessed demographic makeup. We spend our resources nurturing that benefit and we can become a power.

    We need in state improvement next year. I’d be interested to see what % of top 30 recruits UF, Miami, Fl St, UGA, UT etc keep. That should be our benchmark. Steal some from the border states when possible. I have a vision this is a relatively simple enterprise.


    I’m in….But can we run the Whirley-bird again?


    This thread is getting old but is still relevant. If you care about NC State recruiting, listen/watch his NSD presser. He makes staying in your home state the right thing to do for your future without making the out of state schools wrong or putting them down. He talks about the value of being know in your home state AFTER football and college is over. He talks about the relationships that Holt and Williams have built by playing for NC State.

    Contrary to some opinions here, he doesn’t sell dreams and hopes, he sells reality after you earn a degree in a quality education institution. Most 17 and 18 year old boys aren’t thinking about living long distances from their home when they graduate. That can change after playing in Athens or Tuscaloosa or Baton Rouge for 4 years but at the time recruiters are talking to these young men, that’s not the case.

    DD obviously gets to know the families of the young men he recruits and he speaks highly of both the parents and the character of the recruits themselves.

    I am impressed with Dave Dorean and can see why Debbie was too. As a parent would I want my son playing in a family atmosphere, getting a quality education or for some Red Bull swilling guy coaching for a known academic fraud?

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