Thursday morning notes

* SFN will have more today, but as you are surfing around to find news and conversation I wanted to encourage you to click here and spend some time picking and choosing whatever you would like to discuss.

* NC State Basketball – It does not get any more simple — if we want to have any reason to hold on to conversations and hope about an NCAA Tournament bid we MUST win at Miami on Saturday. Period.

* ACC Basketball – speaking of Miami…Pitt barely held on in overtime against the Hurricanes last night. The Panthers are not playing as well over the last couple of weeks as they did in the first part of the season and are currently projected around 5th or a 6th seed in the NCAA Tournament. Rush The Court has a nice look at “ACC Bracketology” available here.

* Twitter – If for some reason you are not one of the 10,000+ people following our Twitter feed I encourage you to do so!! Check us out by clicking here.

* Wolfpack Women – the Wolfpack Women have jumped five places in the most recent national poll and now come in at #14. Unbelievable job! Please see our related note by clicking here.

* NC State Football – you cannot click anywhere on the blog or our message forums without some information around yesterday’s recruiting haul, so I won’t link up a bunch of things that you can find on your own.

#Pack14 Infographic

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    * SFN will have more today, but as you are surfing around to find news and conversation I wanted to encourage you to click here and spend some time pi
    [See the full post at: Thursday morning notes]


    In that “Rush the Court” picture, looks like Coach K is considering slipping Boeheim a little tongue.


    From looking at the schedule, 5-4 or 4-5 is probably a rational, objective, expected baseline half way through conference play.

    Then it’s on, with the second half starting with Miami and Wake, before heading to Syracuse. My way too early and little informed projection has that game as our touchstone.

    -tjfoose1 01/02/2014 at 3:38 PM

    Pure genius at work.

    Or something akin to the blind squirrel thing. I prefer the former, but more likely that latter.


    Well, about a third of the members here predicted 7-9 ACC wins in the front page poll, so 4-5 is right on target. I’m not sure a third of the members are geniuses, but that seems like the correct ratio of level-headed, reasonable State fans.


    I love putting together those polls because almost without exception the vast majority of our polls end up coming together very close to accurate.


    I bet if you did a poll on SFN with the question “Are you a genius?”, you’d end up with a number a lot higher than 33%.


    ^ I’d take the over.

    For clarity, the “genius” comment was sarcasm. I’m a football guy, and readily admit to being a basketball novice, knowing nothing more than the average fan, maybe less.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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