Time: 7:00 pm
Announcers: Tom Hart, Cory Alexander

Clemson…All Defense + Zero Offense + 2nd slowest team in the country = ZZzzzzzzz. Basically it’s Miami all over again. The Tiggers are currently on a 3 game losing streak (@SU, @ND, UVA). Brad Brownell has the Tigers in a very familiar position to Wolfpack fans, betting the teams they are supposed to beat and losing to all the “good” teams. Brownell is taking a page out of the old philosophy, if you don’t have the talent then slow it down to limit possessions and play tough defense.

Probable Starters:

#12 Rod Hall (6-1 210 JR) GUARD – Clemson’s primary ball handler with a tremendous assist rate of 26.5% and shoots the ball pretty good. While he’s only taking about half the shots that McDaniels is taking he maintains a very respectable ORtg of 114. Rod is one of only three players who play more than half the game at 80% (McDaniels 80%, Nnoko 60%).
#21 Demarcus Harrison (6-4 200 JR) GUARD – Harrison is usually in for less than half the game but is decent while out there, while he’s a good FT shooter (.881) he’s struggling inside the arc (.342). He could really stand to take less shots but let’s not tell him that before tonight, mmmKaaayyyy.
#32 K.J. McDaniels (6-6 200 JR) FORWARD – Primary scorer, 3 pt shooter, rebounder, and blocker, all while sporting a nice 113 ORtg, which is surprising since he’s 30% of the team’s offense.
#5 Jaron Blossomgang (6-7 215 FR) FORWARD – He’s a pretty good rebounder and has a sub-100 ORtg. There’s really not much to say about him other than at .548 FT% I suggest fouling him.
#33 Josh Smith (6-8 260 SO) CENTER – Yeah ummmmm…no earthly idea why he is starting (ORtg 70.8) but hey, not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Maybe he’s taking Nnoko’s spot since he’s out with the flu, whatever the reason he may be “Unknown Player has career game against Pack” guy.

Series Notes

• The last two games between Clemson and NC State in Littlejohn Coliseum have been decided by a total of four points; in 2012, Andre Young hit the game-winning three in overtime to lift Clemson to a 72-69 win; last year, Scott Wood buried a baseline three in the final seconds to give the ‘Pack a 58-57 victory.
• Clemson has won four of the last five in Littlejohn, including in 2011 when the Tigers trailed by as much as 19 in the first half.
• NC State leads the series 99-48
• NC State has won the last two meetings
• Last season’s 58-57 victory for NC State was the first Wolfpack win in Littlejohn Coliseum since 2006-07.
• Landry Nnoko missed his first career game against Virginia on Saturday and is listed as questionable for Tuesday’s game due to the flu.

Fun Facts

When leading at the half: Clemson 12-0, NCSU 13-3
When leading with 5:00 left: Clemson 14-1
When shoots better/same as opponent: NCSU 15-2
When has more/same FT attempts: NCSU 9-0
Clemson is 10-2 at home. NCSU is 4-5 on the road.


Clemson plays mostly man defense and if they stick to it I think Barber can get more playing time then against the zone. Overall Clemson’s defense is better than the Pack’s offense, the Pack simply has to shoot the ball better from behind the 3 and at the FT line.

This is going to be FUGLY. If the Pack can learn that defensive rebounding will prevent the Tiggers from scoring then it should be an “easy” night.


KenPom Predictor and Vegas both like Clemson by 4. If this team was pissed off after Saturday night (and still is) then I say the Pack wins. If the Pack sat in their lockers and cried about the game then the season is over.

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    Time: 7:00 pm TV: ESPNU Announcers: Tom Hart, Cory Alexander Clemson…All Defense + Zero Offense + 2nd slowest team in the country = ZZzzzzzzz. Basical
    [See the full post at: NC STATE at CLEMSON Preview]


    Can’t say enough how much I love the Swoffy Cabal photo in the FT advantage column. A picture says a thousand words, indeed.


    … another good writeup.. Jiggs….

    “If this team was pissed off after Saturday night (and still is) then I say the Pack wins…..
    If the Pack sat in their lockers and cried about the game then the season is over.”

    ^THIS sums up all it…

    If there’s one thing I’m sure of….
    is that there has been more ‘CRYING’ on SFN than in our kids locker-room.

    I’m betting on PISSED OFF … and the PACK wins by double digits…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Six games left. Really need to go 5-1 to make the Big Dance. The games against Klempson, UNCCH, and Pitt should decide our fate. We need to go 2-1 in those to have a shot. We will see how good Gott’s “Dr. Phil” impersonation is tonight.


    Tigger meat for dinner.


    Another swing game. Can’t lose this one and expect to have much of a chance for the tourney. As good as Clemson is defensively, I am very curious to see how they (try to) handle Warren. Should be a close one.


    I’ll go ahead and get it out now so i don’t have to type at the end of the game:

    That call on KW was debatable, but it cost us the game. Had we made free throws, not turned it over inside the last minute, and closed out the game, we would have on.

    Seriously, don’t even let it be close inside the final 4 minutes. Go Pack!


    This preview isn’t making me feel any better. Taking my boys back tonight for their second State-Clemson bball game at Littlejohn. Last year’s game was a nail biter but Scott Wood sealed the deal and we had a great time.

    Go Pack!


    Perhaps Black Scott Wood will add to his growing legend tonight.

    As you know, I tend towards the fatalistic end of the spectrum. And as such, I see an uninspiring loss. The Cabal will have beaten us at least twice Saturday night. Maybe more.


    Swing game is right. We lose this one and any chance of making the NCAAT becomes very remote.

    I think we have to win BC, VT, CU and UM to even be on the bubble. And probably need at least one upset at PITT or UNC plus some success in the ACCT to be in the Selection Sunday conversation.

    The fact that they beat Duke scares me to death. Gonna be a tough one.


    Perhaps Black Scott Wood will add to his growing legend tonight.

    Hopefully, in a good way.


    I’m just glad we have another game to focus on, so we can (at least temporarily forget about how not only the refs and the ACC, but likely the NCAA, possibly the “establishment”, and maybe even the KGB has singled out NC State for long term pain. Probably has to do with that ’83 national championship).

    Anyway, the think that GOTT is a good enough coach to reinforce the positives from Saturdays game, fix some of the negatives, and use the end of the game as an example of why we need to be up by 10 with 1 minute to go.

    Another point of good news is that there is no Raleigh native on the Tiger’s team who will take this opportunity to have a career night.

    So, now all we have to watch out for is the player with latent 3 point skills who is bound to have a 24 point night.


    Clemson lost a close one on Sat as well. We’ll see which team recovers tonight.


    Whoever wins this game will momentarily be #1 in the #2 business by sitting in sole place at the sixth seed position. As predicted, UNX vaults to the fourth or fifth seed. Does Pitt move down with an easy remaining schedule? Pitt has to play FSU, State and Clemson so it should be interesting. With regards to the NIT, many posters have stated that the pack can only beat the crap teams so why is it so important to go play another three or four crap teams. NCAAT or bust. I think State can go 5-1 but I’ve been accused of being rosy red. TJ Warren is the type of player we have been missing since Hodge. Who is going to stop him besides a zebra. Play defense tonight. Go Pack!


    UVA toon Warren completely out of the game. That is what a good defensive team will do. We are a different team, and Clemson may not be as stout as UVA on that end. That is why I say it is going to be interesting to watch. And if it does happen, who steps up for us?


    UVA made 17 of their first 20 shots. They took everyone out of the game. That must be some kind of record? 85% shooting on a minimum of 20 shots. Sure I have seen teams shoot 7/8 or 10/11 and 13/15 but 17 of 20 to start a game. Yes UVA is an excellent defensive team but I thought Syracuse would make a point to shut down TJ but they couldn’t. Here’s to Washington making another significant contribution.


    Right now, the ACC has 5 teams bound for the NCAAT. They will not get more than 6 teams in.

    This game will probably determine who the 6th team COULD be. Barring an ACCT run, the loser of this one will at best be playing for a top 4 seed in the NIT.

    State is the better team. But I’ve seen this scenario too many times before. I wish we still HAD a Scott Wood. Turner is NOT a Scott Wood, no matter how bad we want him to be.


    I was very pleased that Cuse wasn’t able to shut Buckets down. Hopefully Clemson won’t either.

    Clemson is a great defensive team, but they have so little offensive skill, it usually doesn’t much matter. This is why they aren’t UVA.

    For reference purposes, VPI is essentially Clemson that doesn’t play much defense either. Meltdown imminent if those f-ckwits beat us.


    Make FTs and eliminate turnovers…can win!!!


    “…we can temporarily forget about how not only the refs and the ACC, but likely the NCAA, possibly the “establishment”, and maybe even the KGB has singled out NC State for long term pain.”

    Well said!! (but you forgot Al Queda)

    Finally, someone understands besides me.


    13OT I agree with you on the basic concept regarding 6 teams but I think it comes down to RPI and top 50 wins. 5-1 and we don’t flop in the Thursday game, were in. So if we lose to the kittys we better beat Pitt and those A$$heals. 4-2 and the two losses are to UNC and Pitt (worst case of the 4-2 outcome) we have to win Thur and Friday, and probably Sat to get a good RPI win. Go 9-9 in conference and we’ll just have to win the ACC Tournament. At least we think it’s possible after staying with Cuse.

    So beat Clemson tonight and then pull for them to go on a winning spree to up their RPI. I don’t think it’s us vs them for the Tourney, it’s RPI, and theirs sucks worse, but they have that Duke win. Of course if both teams are at that last in, first out point, then it is sort of us vs them. Damn, I thought I knew where we stood.


    ^^ PapaWolf

    Dang…knew I was going to miss someone. I also forget HWSNBN.


    I just don’t see a way that State can make the NCAAT if they lose the game tonight, except win the rest of their games plus 3 or 4 more in the ACCT.

    The Central home loss won’t ever completely go away. The Missouri home loss was similar to the Pitt loss, and our one chance to redeem ourselves after the home blowout vs UVA and the Triangle road debacles was thrown away in Syracuse. The remaining schedule’s “quality wins” list offers just UNC, who has been the ACC’s “see saw” team so far this season.

    It wasn’t just that the Wolfpack lost to the ACC teams that matter (the top 5), but it was HOW we lost to them.

    I know I was pretty hard on Turner, but to me he is nowhere near the outside threat that Scott Wood was, plus Wood was nearly automatic at the line. If Turner isn’t hitting his 3-ball, he will keep on firing them up without regard to where he is or where everybody else is. I just don’t think he’s a team player. State badly needs a consistent outside shooter, and right now, he still hasn’t stepped forward.

    It’s getting late. It’s time for him to step up, NOW.


    I do think that the foul on Warren at the end of the Syracuse game should have been a ‘and one’ foul which would have most likely won the game for us. However, we did catch a break at the end of the Miami game when Washington clearly bumped Brown on the 3-point heave at the end which would have sent him to the line for 3 free throws and us up by 1, so I guess things even out. Would trade a win over Syracuse instead of Miami though at this point.


    This is a really tough match up player wise. TJ will have to guard McDaniel and Buckets is well known for leaking out to lead the break (he’s not out first for his sprinting speed). I expect McDaniel to have a monster night on the offensive boards unless we put Freeman on him (have TJ guard Flowerdoppleganger dude).

    On offensive our play against man to man is either fantastic (FSU & UNC first half) or freakishly bad (UVa & UNC first half). One thing that hurts is that we’ve been playing against Zones almost all the time for months. Seeing man to man is just too novel looking at times.

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