Dean Smith’s Son Is a College Hoops Ref

If you think that Karl Hess, Jamie Luckie or “TV” Ted Valentine coming out of the official’s locker room in the PNC Arena is bad, imagine this:

The profile was familiar. So was the steely look in his eyes. Scott Smith is the spitting image of his famous father, North Carolina coach legend Dean Smith.

Only instead of standing on the sidelines working the refs, Scott was the one wearing the striped shirt at Minges Coliseum for East Carolina’s game against Texas-San Antonio.

I would hope even John Swofford would see the presumed conflict of interest in having the younger Smith in the ACC, but then again, nothing that happens in the ACC surprises me any more.

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    Alpha Wolf

    If you think that Karl Hess, Jamie Luckie or “TV” Ted Valentine coming out of the official’s locker room in the PNC Arena is bad, imagine this: The pr
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    lol…count me in as one who wants to see him become an ACC ref and work a State v. UNX game. It would add some spice to the usual referee conspiracy talk after we lose to the holes again.



    Tyler Zeller is Dean Smith’s spawn too. Just look at him.

    As for his other son Scott, I’d say this is similar to Rosario Amato in football, which never seemed to be an issue.



    Not that I would try to defend Scott, nor condemn him….

    If you look at Karl’s “credentials”…..

    This is the main tab. Click on the Trends or others to get a feel for the “way they call the game”. Scott only does about 1/4 of the games that Karl does. I was a big time road warrior when I was working plus did a lot of International travel. As the TSA and all the other hassles (the airlines shrinking the seats, charging for cabin air, etc) kicked in, I PERSONALLY would not want to be a Referee….Maybe that is why they are always so grumpy.

    As an aside, I have MIXED feelings about yesterday. I have never (it may be an NCAA record) seen an officiating crew take THAT long to review a play. It could have gone either way. Coach G’s body language told the stress on him. I personally think that he was already planning on his technical for punching the ref as the call was going to be a Flagrant. As it was, it worked out. Dave Odom’s commentary certainly changed during the “ad lib” time.

    NOW, back on point…look at Scott’s

    I whole heartedly agree….Swoff should NOT bring him into the ACC and if I were Scott, I would NOT want to work in the ACC…



    Yes, however Rosario was not allowed to do NSCU when his brother was the coach nor FSU games even after amato left FSU. Not that little Johnny boy would not have a double standard when dealing this the cheater in light blue, as opposed to the cheaters in drak blue



    Surprise, surprise. Not one person mentioned the name of:

    a) The zeeb that finally broke up the coffee clatch at the scorer’s table. (To State’s advantage)

    b) Was standing alongside KW’s tackle at end game.



    ^was it Kearsey ??

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!


    Nope. Kearsy is trustworthy.

    It was none other than “Shut your f’n mouth, ” Brian Dorsey.



    Crickets …from refereeanados.




    ^forgive and forget….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!


    Oh, I think we all pretty much unanimously agreed (in the game thread) that we got damned lucky that KW wasn’t whistled for his body check. The review at 1.8 seconds, though, would have been a screwjob of the highest magnitude. I am glad they took their time and didn’t rush into a decision, too.

    I wonder if the perceived dive aspect of that play colored the decision not to call a foul on the 70-foot heave (ie, the refs just presumed Miami was exaggerating again).



    I just want to know if he “trips over his nose”???

    I have finally convinced myself that 92% of all fans(no matter which school) are idiots…School spirit is one thing, keeping you head out of your backside is another!

    And it’s not getting any better folks! Sometimes I wonder if it can exceed 100%…and the only thing that keeps me from accepting that is that I had ‘a little math” in Harrelson!

    CD, bet 93 of the 92 didn’t have any idea what you just said!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!

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