Yow Comments to SFN on Football Scheduling

The 2014 State football schedule has been released (here).

Once again, the non-conference schedule looks very similar to the past several years, and, understandably, isn’t one that fuels excitement among those of us who have invested for over a decade in LTRs and season tickets: Georgia Southern (Sun Belt, I-A transition year), Old Dominion (C-USA), @ South Florida (American), Presbyterian (I-AA).

2013 – Louisiana Tech (C-USA, 4-8), Richmond (I-AA), Central Michigan (MAC, 6-6), East Carolina (C-USA, 10-3)
2012 – Tennessee (neutral), @ Connecticut (formerly Big East, 5-7), South Alabama (Sun Belt, 2-11), Citadel (I-AA)
2011 – Liberty (I-AA), South Alabama (then I-AA), @ Cincinnati (Big East, 10-3) Central Michigan (MAC, 3-9)
2010 – Western Carolina (I-AA), @ Central Florida (C-USA, 11-3), Cincinnati (Big East, 4-8), @ East Carolina (C-USA, 6-7)

Understanding that the conference schedule is dictated by the ACC, SFN emailed AD Yow to ask her to comment briefly about the current non-conference scheduling philosophy and also the limitations. Whether or not you agree with her comments, as usual, she was accessible and candid, and at the very least, there appears to be a plan.

Based on her response, the current non-conference scheduling policy can be described simply as pragmatic.

Paraphrased by SFN, here was her response:

We inherited five home games in 2014, and seven home games are needed to break even [SFN has noted in the past that very few programs cover operational expenses with gameday-related revenues, which is why TV revenue is so important]. I-AA Presbyterian was inherited from the “previous administration” while Old Dominion and Georgia Southern are both I-A now.

Louisville replaces Maryland in 2014, and we’ll also play Clemson and Florida State — likely all three are Top 15 teams. We’re at both Syracuse and Carolina (we lost to both at home in 2013) and we have Boston College, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech at home.

Based on the current state of our program — off a 3-9 (0-8) season — this is a challenging schedule.

Over time the strength of schedule should “naturally” improve; we’ll begin playing Notre Dame every few years, “Duke is no longer Duke,” and the league is discussing “alternate scheduling models” with the ADs [SFN notes the latter comment may refer to the nine-game league schedule we anticipated and/or the elimination of divisions].

She also noted that we’re in a “rebuilding process” — “I hate to use that term, but there is no denying that our recruiting outcomes in prior years means we are in a rebuilding mode” — and we need to enhance recruiting, so it’s necessary to put our athletes in a position to win and regain confidence.

“I believe our fans will appreciate that we have a strategy.”

Now, we ask the SFN Community: What do you think?

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    The 2014 State football schedule has been released (here). Once again, understandably, the non-conference schedule looks very similar to the past seve[See the full post at: Yow Comments to SFN on Football Scheduling]


    Duke is and will always be Duke. Yes they are in a better than normal phase, but I don’t expect them to stay at the top of the Coastal. But even a bad Duke was a good game for NCSU. I guess I want to know if State will ever be something better, consistently, than we have been.


    But I think DD’s recruiting is on the right track. Please give him time WPN.


    I dont really care for the schedule…but she is right, we will probably stink again this year so a soft schedule might not be the worst thing. You gotta give it to her, she communicates with the fans far more effectively than previous AD’s


    The comments should focus on the non-conference schedule, over which there is more discretion. This addresses none of that, and instead focuses on conference opponents.

    Were ODU and GS ‘inherited”?… who cares if they are now D-I. It doesn’t change the fact that these games are not interesting.

    Where are the comments on the non-conference scheduling? Or should we expect more of the same in the next few years?


    She did address that.

    I-AA Presbyterian was inherited from the “previous administration” while Old Dominion and Georgia Southern are both I-A now.

    What she is saying is that she schedule low level FBS opponents so we could get wins, which is what helps build a program more than tough L’s


    The same results may be accomplished with an Indiana, a Marshall, etc.

    I wonder if she’s forgotten that recruits do look at …” who they play?”

    That said, with GT on the slate, the Georgia Southern game looks like good scheduling.


    Not good enough. Tired of this, same excuse for previous coaches. Tired of buying tickets for this garbage. Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Marshall, miss st, teams from the big 12 and or 10. Also South Carolina, games like this would help with recruiting and put people in the seats and make money!


    Presumably CowDog is saying that playing both GT and GS gives us more show than normal in Georgia, which is a pretty hot recruiting area. Hard to deny, but I can imagine the pitch from DD in the top recruits living room. It might go something like this:

    Recruit: “I’d like to play against top competition, so the NFL scouts know that I can get it done, regardless of who we are playing”

    DD: “No problem, because we are in the Atlantic Division, we play FSU, Clempson, and Louisville every year”.

    Recruit: “Wow coach, that’s a top notch schedule. What about bowl games…my pappy doesn’t like to travel, so we need to be on TV so he can watch”

    DD: “Once again, no problem, just to make sure we get to a bowl game, we schedule games against the sister’s of the blind, the sister’s of the deaf, AND the sister’s of the taste impaired, plus throw in a I-AA game, and we’re golden.”

    Recruit: “Oh, my pappy doesn’t get ESPN3. Thanks a lot coach, I’ve gotta go though, I’ve got a meeting with an SEC team is 1/2 hour”

    DD: “But…if you play in the SEC…all you’ll get is exposure on every ESPN channel, highlight on every (non-NFL focused) program. If you play at State, you get to go the Weiner Bowl”

    Recruit: “uh…thanks coach…see ya”


    I’m with you CowDog. Recruits would much rather play in a nationally televised game, or go on the road to play in a game where their families could show up locally. Pick a recruiting spot we want to focus on, find a middling BCS team and go play them. That S. Florida game is the right idea.

    If they think we’re going to lose in year one, then offer to go on the road first. That will help recruiting as well because we can invite recruits to the game.

    As you mention, I’m fine with Georgia Southern if that is the one weak game, and we have GT on the schedule later. I’m not happy with it given we have Presbyterian and Old Dominion on the schedule.


    Presumably CowDog is saying that playing both GT and GS gives us more show than normal in Georgia, which is a pretty hot recruiting area.

    I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the similarity of the offensive schemes of both schools. Willie Fritz is coming from Sam Houston State and is bringing the triple option (his version, anyway) with him. Preparing for GS early in the season will help us later down the schedule against GT.

    Therefore, scheduling an early game against a presumably much weaker team that runs a similar offense to GT is “excellent scheduling”, accomplishing 2 goals. Presumably gets the Wolfpack a win while helping to prepare against a conference foe, ie, providing a second week of practice to prepare for the basic tenants of GT’s triple option.

    Like calling Richard Sherman thug, sometimes things are a wee bit deeper than they appear. I don’t care if we were league favorites. Getting an early game against GS given the circumstances is a Coup.


    Some of you can certainly take a notion and run with it.


    I wonder if she’s forgotten that recruits do look at …” who they play?”

    Pretty sure she does, CD. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, anyway.

    Given we have 2 built in “Who they play” game every year in FSU and Clemson, I can live with the upcoming schedule. For the immediate future, I’d prefer to lock up a W in obscurity than absorb an embarrassing butt-whupping on national television.

    But I do want to see the quality of opponents trending up starting in year 3.


    I can see the schedule getting better as we get better. Let’s see how the 9 game ACC slate shakes out and then maybe we can have one gimme game, one good team and one team where we want to recruit, even if it means we go to AL, OH, MI, etc and get beat.


    And don’t forget while GS is a warm up for GT, we also have that additional bye week before FSU. Just don’t get caught looking past the Blue Hose. huh?



    BTW…Foose is right. That’s exactly what I meant about Ga.Southern.


    Count me in with the crowd who is ok with a soft schedule in this year. Look UVA had recruited VERY well under Mike London and scheduled some top notch OOC games against Oregon, Penn State, USC-West, TCU, Indiana, Ball State (2013), Louisiana Tech (2012) & BYU.

    Yet their attendance is low, recruiting taking a big hit, and they’ll possibly have to hire a new football coach soon. Why? Partially because their OOC slate has been so tough they’ve struggled to win most of those games to put them in a position to get to a bowl. Truth is, as a recruit, if the team isn’t getting at least 6 wins and the coach who recruited you is constantly on the hot seat that will affect your decision more than worrying about a OOC slate that varies yearly (it was only a year ago that we played Tennessee in Atlanta folks).

    Of course, the easy answer is for us to go out and just win those games, even the tough ones. Yet if our program is admittedly in a rebuild concerning talent and perception, why add another obstacle by putting yourself in an uphill climb for a bowl games?


    My apologies for presuming CD. At least I didn’t assume.

    Prowling Woofie

    1) Glad to see AD Yow responding personally and proficiently. At least you didn’t have to wait two weeks for an Uncle Jed form letter…

    2) Would like to see OOC SOS improve, but not until the roster can justify it. Given last year’s misery, this schedule – as a season ticket holder – gets a pass from me. I love the home game atmosphere, tailgating with friends, baking on the sunny side, and I’d love to see a victory.

    3) The Atlantic Division is so friggin’ brutal, until we can elevate our recruiting levels, we need wins from somewhere. Get a couple of Doeren classes under our belt, see what he can do with them, and upgrade the schedule when appropriate.

    I think in the short term, wins and bowl games (even Weiner Bowls) will sell better in living rooms (both fans’ and recruits’) than hopeless slaughters against the Big Boys.


    Hey FergusWolf.
    Your take, on my take, has merit. Nothing wrong with mo’ Ga. exposure.

    But, State gains nothing on The BlueHose, nor ODU.


    I can imagine the pitch from DD in the top recruits living room. It might go something like this: …

    If DD’s recruiting pitches are even remotely close to what FestusWolf imagines they are, God help us.

    While OOC scheduling might have an effect on recruiting, I doubt it ranks high enough to worry about at this time. Speaking of recruiting, DD and staff are doing pretty darn good for a new coach recruiting for a team that was 3-9 last year. It’s OK to not like the schedule or even be upset about it but let’s not make fools of ourselves dreaming up ridiculous and improbable consequences.


    But, State gains nothing on The BlueHose, nor ODU.

    Mr. DOG, I respectfully beg to differ. State gains some confidence and some time to prepare for the meaty part of the schedule. Hopefully those freshmen and redshirt freshmen will be playing more like sophomores than high school seniors then. My contention applies to this year only. It’s DY and DD’s call and I suspect that they considered all angles before going this route. We will never actually know if it was the right call or not.


    If we’re going to play teams from the Sun Belt, then play App State instead of Georgia Southern.

    If we’re going to play teams from Virginia, then play Virginia or Virginia Tech instead of Old Dominion.

    If we’re going to play teams from Florida, then play Miami or Florida instead of South Florida.

    And for goodness sakes, let’s make sure we play Syracuse and Boston College ten times as often as we play Duke.


    I’m sorry ,but I will have to just shut my eyes and pay the dues, but I can’t see driving 200 miles for any of the first 4 games. Now if Brisset is really the deal….

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