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    Off topic, but I went to a Board meeting tonight wearing my NC State hoodie…it’s cold! One of the Tarholes said something about the hoodie and I said “I’m impressed, you can read”?????

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Niiiice. 🙂

    Did the tarhole respond or just shut up and behave?




    I can imagine the pitch from DD in the top recruits living room. It might go something like this…

    I imagine in the short term it goes something more like this:

    Recruit: “I’d like to play against top competition, so the NFL scouts know that I can get it done, regardless of who we are playing”

    DD: “No problem, because we are in the Atlantic Division, we play FSU, Clempson, and Louisville every year”

    DD: “No problem, because we are in the Atlantic Division, we play FSU, Clempson, and Louisville every year. And have you seen us play lately? To impress the NFL, you gotta be on the field. We have plenty of opportunity.”

    Recruit: “Wow coach, that’s a top notch schedule. What about bowl games…my pappy doesn’t like to travel, so we need to be on TV so he can watch”

    DD: “Once again, no problem, just to make sure we get to a bowl game, we schedule games against the sister’s of the blind, the sister’s of the deaf, AND the sister’s of the taste impaired, plus throw in a I-AA game, and we’re golden.”

    DD: “Once again, no problem, just to make sure we get to a bowl game, we schedule games against the sister’s of the blind, the sister’s of the deaf, AND the sister’s of the taste impaired, plus throw in a I-AA game, and we’re golden. But once you’re here, you can be a a part of changing all that.

    But getting back to the NFL… Come here and show them that you were part of turning around the culture at NC State, that you brought your winning attitude to a program that didn’t win a single conference game the year before you arrived.

    The NFL is interested in more than just physical skills and college wins. Ever hear of Jarmacus Russell? Come to NC State where you can show the NFL that you, your hard work, and your intangibles played a significant role turning the Wolfpack into Champions!”

    Recruit: “Oh, my pappy doesn’t get ESPN3. Thanks a lot coach, I’ve gotta go though, I’ve got a meeting with an SEC team is 1/2 hour”

    DD: “But…if you play in the SEC…all you’ll get is exposure on every ESPN channel, highlight on every (non-NFL focused) program. If you play at State, you get to go the Weiner Bowl”

    DD: “Great teams over there, no doubt, and if that’s what you want, best of luck to ya. Nothing wrong with hitching a ride-a-long with a good team. Team exposure and winning are likely to come, regardless of the role you play in it. But if you go that route, be wise in your choosing, sometimes those programs can be a little “wascally” in their enthusiasm. Sometimes they get caught.

    But if you want to come to NC State and be a central cog in building a winner, to be a central figure, the reason why the Wolfpack wins, then come to NC State young man. You will have your chance. The NFL will be watching.

    Hold on one sec, I gotta answer this… Well hello Russell, nice little game you had up there in Jersey. I hear you, JR, and little Stevie Hauschka had a great time. What’s that? Nate says ‘hi’? Oh, that’s great. Well I gotta go, I’m speaking to a nice young man at this very moment about joining the Wolfpack, then meeting Keim for lunch.. yeah, that’s right AZ’s GM, Class of ’96… Yeah, we’re meeting the Holt boys over at PR to share 1st hand accounts about the Super Bowl. Wanna come?”

    Recruit: “uh…thanks coach…see ya”


    ^ Darn. Need to make a tiny edit, but can’t. Delete “regardless of the role you play in it.

    And update DD’s last line to:

    Yeah, we’re meeting the Holt boys over at PR to share 1st hand accounts of Super Bowls. Wanna come?


    Great players gravitate to great places. They have great facilities, better tv exposure, schedules for competition, coaches and the path to the NFL.

    I know we have a nice football building and that is it. Especially if you compare it to the SEC, Clemson, etc.


    Stop being rational


    Sure why not, I will be delusional and go with state mantra wait till next year, wait till next ad, wait till next whatever, or in the past we are one or two players away.


    Bill Snyder built the Kansas State program by playing a garbage schedule year after year and impressing recruits with 10 win seasons. It is a valid strategy, especially at a school that has little or no history of national success in football. It probably sucks for season ticket holders, but it is a valid strategy.


    So which is it fellow pack fans? Do you want to pay to watch the team win? Or do you want to pay to watch the team play good competition? Because those two ideas don’t really intersect here. With the nature of college football currently, I don’t personally see any benefit to scheduling a home out of conference game against any team that you can’t beat 9 times out of 10. This isn’t basketball, strength of schedule doesn’t matter for teams like us. IF, and that is a big if, we were to shock the world and go undefeated, and get left out of the playoff because of our weak schedule, then perhaps there would be beef to be had. But that isn’t going to happen, and we need the wins from wherever we can get them.

    And remember, another team has to be willing to schedule a game with us. We can’t just pick and choose who we want to play, they have to want to play us. And honestly, what upside does a team like the ones mentioned in this discussion have to travel to Raleigh and play us? I can’t think of any. We’re not guaranteed to be good enough that playing us will help their SOS, and we aren’t bad enough to be a guaranteed win. This is the world of mediocre football fellas. If and when we start winning enough games to warrant a changing in the scheduling philosophy, I’m sure that change will be made. Until then, if you don’t like the way things are, then don’t renew. Then maybe someone like me can actually move up into better seats.

    TruthBKnown Returns

    My comment may seem off-topic because it is not about our football schedule. But in the article, recruiting was discussed. And I wanted to address that to see what others think… I read today that we have 30 recruits for the 2014 recruiting class. I thought 25 was the annual limit, with exceptions for players that arrive early and can be counted against the previous year’s total.

    With so many recruits coming in, are we looking at “pulling a Butch”, and forcing out some players so we can bring in better replacements? I remember giving Hole fans heat about that, and now I’m thinking we might just be doing that same sort of thing.

    No, I’m not a Hole in Wolf’s clothing. I’m not slamming us, I’m just asking because I don’t want to give someone a hard time for this when we might be doing the exact same thing.


    Presbyterian!!!! In Football?????

    Foot the bill at the Angus Barn for Jed. Give him a little Turkey. Get whatever you want. But, he know’s basketball!!!!



    Lee Fowler would’ve just blamed the bad fans for the schedule.

    I bet if we win all of early games that we won’t have an attendance problem.

    Prowling Woofie

    TBK Returns – I know of one player who has decided not to return. It was his decision – he weighed the time involved against probable playing time and the unlikelihood that the NFL was in his future – and he opted to concentrate on finishing his degree. There are probably others who have made the same call, based on the likelihood of decreased or minimal playing time.

    I don’t think that’s an underhanded or shady reality – as long as it’s not a common (year after year) practice. If the talent level is increasing due to the recruiting of the new staff, and the coaching staff is honest with the players, transition is going to mean guys have to choose whether the 40+ hours/week involved is worth it. I’m guessing a few already have decided it’s not.


    I saw that 30 number and had questions myself. If and when this staff starts partaking in such shady practices as referenced above, they need to be called out. But unless or until they do, I see no benefit to supposition or conjecture.

    All scholarships should be honored. Period. And that’s not a White House “period”.

    If a scholarship athlete leaves the team willingly, w/o pressure or prodding, then so be it. And I certainly don’t want to see any medical hardship cases pop up playing at another school.




    I notice Yow doesn’t address whether future schedules will improve or if we will keep having crappy opponents.

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