State loses FT contest at WF

State lost to Wake Forest 70-69 and falls to 1-3 ACC.

Tim Brando of the ACC Network said the officials did an excellent job last night in Winston-Salem. And it showed.

Jamie Luckie & Crew once again took center stage, calling State and Wake combined for 52 fouls — 26 each — and 70 free throws — Wake 28-of-39; State 21-of-31.

This wasn’t an isolated event, either. We were told the officiating changes would improve the game, but instead they’ve made college basketball an unwatchable mess.

In the end, State still couldn’t hit enough FTs (and somehow decreased its ridiculous-worthless-uncontrollable stat of defensive FT%) and still can’t win against a zone.

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    State lost to Wake Forest 70-69 and falls to 1-3 ACC. Tim Brando of the ACC Network said the officials did an excellent job last night in Winston-Sale
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    I was at the game last night and had a few observations.

    Our offense ran smoother with Tyler Lewis on the floor. Cat just dribbled around and passed the ball at the top of the key most of the night. He and Lee had plenty of open 3 opportunities and did not even attempt them. Lewis did not play in the second half, and walked off the floor with a coach or trainer with 4 minutes left in the game. When Warren was not on the floor our offense stopped. In the last 2:30 with Warren fouled out, Turner threw up 3 threes with at least 20 seconds left on the shot clock. We were only down 2-3 points during this time no need to throw up ill advised shots. Finally this team lacks leadership and it is most evident on the defensive side of the floor. Players are continually out of position forcing them to foul when they get beat.


    Lee, you are a 70% ft shooter, Attack the Rim! Lee, the refs are calling fouls on every play, Attack the Rim! Lee, you have never been in foul trouble, Attack the Rim! Lee, you appear to have a quick first step and great stamina, Attack the Rim! Lee, you play solid defense and get some rebounds so reward yourself and Attack the Rim! Did one of our coaches have this conversation with Lee at any time during the game??? Lee finally drives the paint at the .15 second mark and gets fouled. For god’s sake Lee,please don’t be the next Grundy where you start to penetrate and score when the game is all but lost. You have the talent and we need someone, anyone to step up to the plate now. Drive to the basket and get fouled 20 times every game and the made Ft’s will help your three shot. ATTACK THE RIM!!!!!


    It is what it is. It has happened all across college basketball, not just our games or the ACC. We need to adjust. We need to do a lot of things. But we won’t.


    52 Fouls is a lot….. so we were 21-31 from the stripe and they were 28-39.


    I won’t blame the refs for the loss, but it sure does hamstring a team with limited scoring options. I agree that it’s making the game unwatchable, but I might add it’s making defense uncoachable. I seriously don’t know what a good defensive play is anymore except maybe a clean open floor steal. 90% of the time when an offensive player initiates contact there will be a foul called against the defender (unless it’s a NC State offensive player where 60% of the time there is no call). Either Lewis or Cat better find an outside shot or this is going to be long season; just pack in the zone and dare us to beat you. BTW – I actually thought the team played pretty good defense for most the game.


    Agree about Tyler, but he was sick. I’m sure he would have gotten a lot more time, Gott was not happy with Cat.

    Faststback68 – Amen, brother. Dez started the season as a scorer, but seems to have wilted and now is just a defensive guy – normally assigned to their best guy.

    Refs – Inconsistency. Doubt we would have won, but had the UVA game been called the way the Wake game was, there would have been 20 more fouls called on UVA’s physical play. Not blaming either loss on the refs – we cost ourselves both games.

    Gott – I thought his in game adjustment in the first half turned the game around. They were killing us, then during that timeout he yelled at them, made a couple of substitutions and we took over the game. We were clearly the better team after the first TV timeout. But then in the second half, how do you go 9 minutes without being able to call a play and get ONE basket???? NINE MINUTES??? I get ‘going cold’, but not for that long. And that last in-bound play, how can we have been so poorly prepared for that? I’m not on the “Gott’s incompetent” bandwagon, there is a ton of coaching talent on our bench. But this was not their best day. And we REALLY needed this game.

    Incredibly disappointing.


    Not sure why Barber let his man run free down the court on the final play. Also, not sure why Lee waited until the last minute to show up on the offensive side of the ball. I feel like he should be our second scoring option so it’s unacceptable. Too much is put on the shouldes of our wing players without having a post player capable of scoring on anything besides a tip dunk. It’s awfully hard to watch this team, and I’m anticipating Saturday being even worse.


    The number of fouls called by this crew is not due to the changed emphasis this year. Jamie Luckie has a history of calling lots of fouls. I should have gone to bed as soon as I realized he was calling the game.


    I didn’t know Lewis was sick so that makes sense. Lewis runs the offense better than Cat right now. Cat is faster, more athletic, better scorer I guess, better on defense blah blah. However, right now (not tomorrow not earlier in the year) Lewis is running the offense better. It is much smoother when he is in there. He needs more time in the game. Your shot can’t get better without playing time.

    Sorry my rant continues to be on the offensive side of the ball…defense is rough especially with the new whistle happy rules. On offense we are lost plain and simple. It’s as if that just run around with no intent. I don’t know what it is anymore but Gott is looking rough at coaching at the moment (not recruiting, management, PR etc just coaching). That doesn’t mean I’m on the throw him out mindset but rather WTF is going on at practice. Do we have any plays at all? We have no organization or leadership on the court plain and simple. Oh yeah, Turner can shoot but that does NOT mean he should shoot every freaking time he touches it. Look for a good shot man.


    Barber’s man ran free because he made his second terrible decision of the game to go for a steal instead of staying in front of his man and making Wake use some clock to get the ball up the court. He got bailed out on the first one by a dropped pass that would have been a sure slam dunk. I figured Lewis must be sick. That really hurt us last night. Cat Barber is pretty quickly turning into CJ Leslie. I’m starting to have trouble figuring out what he does well.

    Hopefully regional coverage will preclude me from having access to the decapitation in Duuurm on Saturday.


    43-35 game at the half. Refs took over in the 2nd and ruined what could have been a classic ACC game with a final score in the 80s. The refs didn’t lose this game for us, but they certainly disrespected the sport itself. Here’s hoping someone in the ACC offices makes some attempt at getting that corrected. There’s no need to call a foul on every single offensive possession. If these games don’t have a flow, you’ll lose viewers which means less ad revenue. And money talks.

    Extremely disappointed in how this one ended. Despite the bad plays and difficulty with the zone, had we made our foul shots we’d have won the game. Don’t know where this season is going to end up but probably not in the Tourney. At least the women are playing some great bball right now, so there’s that.


    In case you didn’t get enough of my depressing music selections:

    FWIW, A Silent Film did a cover of this during their live SiriusXM session, easily the most touching song I’ve ever heard. And it’s unfindable online, damnit.


    I prefer Shifting Gears by Lalo Schifrin. This team needs to watch that 10 minutes of visual heaven before every game and perhaps the concept of “initiating contact” will finally sink in. PNC fans need to chant it and wear it on t-shirts. INITIATE —– CONTACT.

    Sweet jumper

    We snatched another defeat from the jaws of victory. Very frustrating. I do not understand why Cat went for the steal in the backcourt on the last Wake possession rather than staying in front of his man and helping the TEAM make the defensive stop to win the game. Better showing than UVA game–could not have been worse–but very disappointing result. We have not been able to close games for years at NCSU. All I can figure is that this must be a combination of confidence, coaching, and bball IQ.
    Come on Pack, please send the Twerps to the Big 20 football conference with a final loss in Raleigh.


    Beej. I had Cohen’s album back in ’72.

    Hey. Luckie has actually had some respectable games thus far. There’s a new broad ready to be the next star in stage and screen. I’ve been telling you to keep your eyes on her for weeks.

    Sean Hill is a can’t miss.


    Some observations…
    Ralston Turner doesn’t shoot THAT well or consistently, and certainly isn’t Monroe, DT, Gugliotta, or many others with a ‘green light’ to shoot. In other words, pass first and get a better shot, please.

    Tyler Lewis should be on the floor. Sure Barber is a tremendous athlete. The two should be in the backcourt together. Lewis is a winner but faces one adversity after another it seems that keeps him from becoming what he can. Those two combined with Lee, Warren, and Vandenburg perhaps provide our best offensive lineup…

    It really doesn’t matter who is in the low post – we’re too young, too inexperienced, period, and we have nothing to lose. We like Freeman a lot, Anya, and Washington are fine in time, but the greatest thing about freshmen (aside from those extremely talented but rare few) are that they become sophomores and can begin to compete.

    Gottfried is struggling with all the youth, untested personnel, and lack of leadership. Tremendous challenge…
    Next year will be better.

    T.J. Warren has no business going pro next year. He is surely talented, but in no way can he put a team on his back and win. He’d benefit by staying around all four years.

    Team needs to stay the course, learn, develop, and learn more – especially the big guys…next year will be better.


    Next year will be better.

    No, I think not.
    We are seeing varying levels of this crap. I want to like this team but am tired of watching it play. If I happen to be home and remember there is a game I might watch but honestly who cares at this point.


    Gottfried better figure something out quick w/r/t offense. I don’t care if we lose every game trying to develop our young guys into future scorers.

    Ralston Turner is a chucker. And everyone hates a chucker. Leaning on him to be our ‘bail out’ offense when TJW is either cold or out is going to have about a 20% success rate this season. Which is awful. But more importantly, does nothing for the future. What are we banking on, that he ‘improves’ to a 30% success rate for his senior season?


    This team needs to get to next year. Period. It’s all trial by fire for all but Lewis and Warren.
    In over 42 years of ACC/NCAA basketball, one thing has almost always been a given – freshmen cannot take you to the promised land – just simply aren’t developed enough. And while sophomores will spread their wings, they too will struggle at times.
    And this team is woefully young.
    Gotta accept these facts.

    Michigan’s fab five were the very rare exception. And they too stumbled.
    And all of the young media morons who recently anoint teams like Kentucky a number one ranking because of a recruiting class of freshmen, well, haha – they don’t have one single clue.
    It’s becoming ridiculous in this country.

    We are young, we have to develop, we have to learn…it’s called ‘paying the dues’.
    Part of life.
    We’ll be good next year…and we’d be very good in two years if this nucleus of players along with Trevor Lacey and Malik Abu exercise some sense and stay around.


    So just how many steps did the WF player take for his layup at the end?

    4, 5, 9?

    Horrible non-call.

    I could not believe he got away with it.


    Has anyone else ever noticed that “next year” never seems to get here?


    NCSU is now irrelevant in both BB and FB…depressing.

    Not even considering wasting more time watching games this year.

    The BB and FB products NCSU are fielding these days are increasingly declining in quality. And I’m not convinced either one will improve anytime soon.

    Hard to admit from a proud alum.


    Follow-up stats on the Refs….

    23 fouls called in FIRST Half
    29 fouls called in SECOND Half.

    Average for crew is 38.8 (memory)

    They called 52….that is 35.4% MORE fouls than their season average.

    This game was not a FOUL them at the end….so this number is really ridiculous….I do NOT care if they did call the same on each team.

    The Standard Deviation for the crew is 8.5 Fouls….so they were 1.5 X their standard deviation. I have looked a 10 plug games this year and run the numbers. USUALLY the crew will be LESS than one Standard Deviation.

    This was a WHISTLE happy crew. I think the Carbon Monoxide from the Demon Deacon’s Harley impacted our team. Wake was on O2.

    Ref had to expel the CO from their lungs in short violent bursts through a small controlled orifice…


    Free throws and terrible shot selection aside, what I’m most concerned with currently is that this team is still unable to even semi-competently attack a zone at this point in the season.

    I’ve been willing to write off some of the struggles due to youth, etc. – but we should at least be able to bust a zone up on occasion at this point.

    From what I saw – all things being equal – we are ~10 points better than Wake Forest on a given night. Why did we lose? Easy – we cannot attack a zone. We sh*t our pants and hoist a 24-foot three-pointer b/c we’re ‘kinda-sorta open and we should shoot that.’

    Point fingers where you feel they need pointing – bottom line is this team has enough talent to not solely lose to a zone defense at this point in the season. It is the reason we lost last night. Unbelievable.

    If teams stay in ‘man’ against us for any length of time from this point forward we should thank the heavens. I doubt we will score 40 total points against Syracuse.

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