A Letter from Coach D

Dear Wolfpacker,

My staff and I have turned our complete focus and energy to bringing in our 2014 signing class and beginning our off-season strength and conditioning program for our returning players.

As that occurs, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your support this past season. You are one of the primary reasons I wanted to be at NC State – because of your reputation for being passionate about the Wolfpack every day. I especially appreciate the show of support you gave to our seniors in their final home game.

Our results on the field this year fell short of expectations, and I assure you that we feel the pain sharply as student-athletes, coaches, and support staff who come to work every day at the Murphy Football Center with the goal of creating a Top 25 football program. I also assure you that we are making strides in a number of important areas. Our goals and vision for the future of NC State football have not changed. We will continue to work relentlessly to make that vision a reality for all of you who love Wolfpack Football. Below are a few updates.

1. As a staff, we pride ourselves on working as hard at recruiting as any program in the country. While we won’t know until February 5th who our “Pack14” recruit class will actually include, our group is currently ranked in the top 30 nationally by Scout and Rivals. We feel confident about the talent and character of the young men who we are bringing into our program.

2. We played 11 true freshmen this season (one of the highest numbers in the country). They showed flashes of potential, and after a year in our off-season conditioning program, they will be much better prepared to compete successfully than they were in 2013. Of course, our off-season conditioning program is also aimed at protecting us against the number of injuries we faced this past season.

3. We have 20 talented returning players who red-shirted last season, and they will become valuable additions to our program in the future, including a quarterback who was ranked as the third-best in the nation coming out of high school and who transferred here last spring.

4. We have begun thoroughly evaluating every part of our program during the off-season, including offensive and defensive schemes, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and practice routines to best ensure we make the necessary adjustments to help us be much improved next season.

Good things are in store for those who love State. I appreciate your sticking with us through a challenging first season and look forward to enjoying our future success together as members of the Pack.

Sara and I hope your holidays are joyous ones with family and friends. We are proud to be at NC State with our three boys and to call Raleigh home.

1 Pack, 1 Goal.

Dave Doeren
Head Football Coach

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    Hey Bill. Does that blackboard thingy go for the football coaches in this here community, too?


    When Dr. Deb says “Everybody”… she damn well means…

    EVERY Effing BODY!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    There is iron in your words …


    Dyin’ ain’t much of a living, boy.


    Ah…Will Sampson. Ten Bears and “Chief ” from …Cuckoo’s Nest. That guy was one of my all-time favorite acquaintances.

    I got lucky enough to party with him several times, as a younger man. He was a huge fan of Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark…Jimmie Dale Gilmore. And he always took time to talk with me at the after show parties, courtesy of the Golden Bear…my first Ca. gig.

    He was an artist of Iron words. Thanks for the memory …Hadn’t thought of him in awhile.

    Doeren will be missed 6 yrs. down the road by those that couldn’t get over the obvious.


    I’m kind of disappointed the letter didn’t say:

    NC State Needs Baller Fans
    You = Baller

    All joking aside, can’t wait to see what coach has in store for next year.


    sadly I think the cowdog is right


    Coach D announces his QB for next year.

    IMO, a dumb move on his part, about like the attempted fake punt on 4th and 8 in his own territory early in the UNX game.

    What is the upside of a statement like that? Who wants to play for coach that predeclares who the starters will be. What if he now loses the QB recruit?? Tell me Tenessee won’t be all over that DD statement.

    I keep hoping DY forces him to replace his coordinators. Now is the time to do it. There is absolutely no downside to firing these two and hiring new ones. It will cost us some $$$, but that cost is small compared to the high risk of continued failure/embarassment.

    IMO, this year was a total coaching embarasment. If these coaches were any good, they would have won a couple of ACC games. The coordinators have to be the worst in the conference.

    Good luck, DD.


    I don’t and never will get the 4th and inches, and we go into the shot gun, instead of a quarterback sneak by a big Brandon Mitchell, and it happened more than once this season, not to mention the afore mentioned 4th and a mile, on our side of the field? We had games we could have won, but made poor choices. Much like the Duke game, I truly thing we could have won, and our two excuses for QBs throw pick sixes. Look forward to Brissette next year, regardless of what other schools know.


    “Coach D announces his QB for next year. IMO, a dumb move on his part, about like the attempted fake punt on 4th and 8 in his own territory early in the UNX game”

    Prob doesn’t want to hear/read all spring about QB controversy.


    Good letter. I think good things are in store. I have no problem with him mentioning Brissette. Everyone thought Matt Flynn was going to be the starting QB for the Seattle Seahawks about 16 months ago…..

    NC State does not need a “good” season to make us a relevant program. We need to build a program. There are only a few football programs in the ACC….

    1. FSU
    2. Miami
    3. VT
    4. Clemson

    The rest are “wanna-be’s.” We CAN get there, but we have to do what Beamer did 25 years ago….build it…
    Our fans need to give DD a few years to build some relationships with HS coaches, and players.

    COWDOG, I really bet about 4 people on this site know who Guy Clark is ….without Google.

    No matter what, I’m rooting for DD. This season has been tough, but a first year coach should not be expected to go bowling…


    I am pulling for dd. Every time I have seen his TV or heard him interviewed I have come away inspired and impressed. I am in his corner for at least 4 years.

    I am impressed with this years results? Heck no.

    We have a young coach…he will make mistakes. Hell, the best coach in America screwed up on his 57 yard field goal from a kid who was lucky to make a 40 harder.

    I believe that – especially in college- it is not so much the IQ of the coach rather how hard his guys are willing to play for him

    Alpha Wolf

    “Coach D announces his QB for next year. IMO, a dumb move on his part, about like the attempted fake punt on 4th and 8 in his own territory early in the UNX game”

    For those who were listening closely, that announcement was all but made before the first game this year when Coach Doeren said that this would be the season remembered as the one before Jacoby Brissett.


    I think that DD and staff can recruit. If he pulls off a top 20 to 25 class then we should give the man time to continue to build his program. You cannot rebuild a train wreck over night.
    Patience is a virtue.


    DD is a good coach, and he will be successful here. You don’t get anywhere without taking some risks, and I like the fact that he is willing to do it. He prbly made some decisions this year to test the water, both on and off the field. We will forget this whole season and everything around it, except the w/l stat, as it was forgettable for sure. With a good team, some of his decisions could have been called genius. One piece of advice in the letter going forward though: Replace “those” and “you” to “us” and “we”…for better or worse you’re in the boat with us DD!! Merry Christmas


    Doeren is gonna be very good.

    I like the letter – as a fan u can be unhappy w the results this year. But don’t ding the guy for stepping up and accepting it, and then putting on paper he will work tirelessly.

    Year 3 will be the year – do not expect miracles next year except to be a little better.

    Cow – agree w ya – feel it could be setting up like Mack in UNC – except . . . well, there are a few differences.


    If DD just reannounced that JB will be our QB next year, then he just repeated a mistake. Nothing to gain by it at all. All downside. Does nothing for the team or the players.

    I think DD is a good guy, energized, good recruiter.

    His coordinators have done nothing in their careers. And they proved absolutely nothing this year. I don’t see them all of sudden becoming brilliant.

    I see upside potential with 2 new hires and very little downside. There are plenty of guys out there we could get that have actually been very successful and proven they know how to plan for and call a game. The money would be well spent right now.

    Waiting a year to two and hoping for the best is not a strategy. The cost of not doing anything will, IMO, could easily cost DD his job in two more years.

    Objective analysis of each game and the progression thru the year of what was and wasn’t done with the players at hand and the strategies employed would support such a move .

    DD has all the makings of a good HC, but he need some analytic, innovative, smart coordinators to take us to the top 1/3 of the conference. He will fail in that goal otherwise.


    Trivia question: when was the last time we had a winning season without a future starting NFL qb behind center?

    Our QBs have masked how putrid the talent obrien brought in. He’s the one you should direct you anger towards.


    2005: 7-5-0
    Coach: Chuck Amato
    Bowl – Beat USF in Meineke Car Care Bowl

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