A Letter from Coach D

Dear Wolfpacker,

My staff and I have turned our complete focus and energy to bringing in our 2014 signing class and beginning our off-season strength and conditioning program for our returning players.

As that occurs, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your support this past season. You are one of the primary reasons I wanted to be at NC State – because of your reputation for being passionate about the Wolfpack every day. I especially appreciate the show of support you gave to our seniors in their final home game.

Our results on the field this year fell short of expectations, and I assure you that we feel the pain sharply as student-athletes, coaches, and support staff who come to work every day at the Murphy Football Center with the goal of creating a Top 25 football program. I also assure you that we are making strides in a number of important areas. Our goals and vision for the future of NC State football have not changed. We will continue to work relentlessly to make that vision a reality for all of you who love Wolfpack Football. Below are a few updates.

1. As a staff, we pride ourselves on working as hard at recruiting as any program in the country. While we won’t know until February 5th who our “Pack14” recruit class will actually include, our group is currently ranked in the top 30 nationally by Scout and Rivals. We feel confident about the talent and character of the young men who we are bringing into our program.

2. We played 11 true freshmen this season (one of the highest numbers in the country). They showed flashes of potential, and after a year in our off-season conditioning program, they will be much better prepared to compete successfully than they were in 2013. Of course, our off-season conditioning program is also aimed at protecting us against the number of injuries we faced this past season.

3. We have 20 talented returning players who red-shirted last season, and they will become valuable additions to our program in the future, including a quarterback who was ranked as the third-best in the nation coming out of high school and who transferred here last spring.

4. We have begun thoroughly evaluating every part of our program during the off-season, including offensive and defensive schemes, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and practice routines to best ensure we make the necessary adjustments to help us be much improved next season.

Good things are in store for those who love State. I appreciate your sticking with us through a challenging first season and look forward to enjoying our future success together as members of the Pack.

Sara and I hope your holidays are joyous ones with family and friends. We are proud to be at NC State with our three boys and to call Raleigh home.

1 Pack, 1 Goal.

Dave Doeren
Head Football Coach

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    Prowling Woofie

    To quote a Missourian, “Show me.”


    This is good stuff, and shows me he “gets it”. Really pulling for him to succeed as I do very much like him.

    Did you folks see Wake is hiring Clawson from Bowling Green, who knocked off NIU in the MAC title? Good coach. Bright mind from Williams College. Head coaching jobs at Fordham and Richmond. Was OC at Tennessee. Good hire.

    Notice how quickly schools are now moving to hire with the new recruiting calendar. It took U-Dub what, 2 days to hire Petersen from Boise State?


    Wake’s hire is a bit underwhelming to me, but I take that as good news. He was OC at UT when Fulmer got fired and Kiffin sent him packing. I want WF to suck out loud and I hope Clawson is the man to take them there.

    Peterson at UW though, great hire. On paper that’s an upgrade from Sark.


    It will be a small miracle if DD can hold this class together. When you have a season as bad as we did every coach in the chase for one of our commits will pounce and cast doubt about the future of this program and coaching staff.


    In regard to Wake, it is more about the academic focus. Clawson has done it at academically oriented schools, albeit not at this (ACC) level. The MAC has long been a breeding ground for ACC coaches. Grobe was from Ohio. Doeren drom NIU. Not sure what else Wake would have been looking for.


    Don’t really want to hear it. Just get back on course quickly. Need to win 6 and get back to a bowl for starters. If we don’t do that next year, I would say this crowd is not capable. The ACC is not that friggin good.



    A wise man once said, “Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean, I mean plumb, mad-dog (prefer mad-wolf) mean. Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.” I believe it was a prelude before an indian battle which is fitting because our team will have to eventually travel through Seminole country to get where we want to be. Take the fight to them, DD and start by winning the heart and mind of the one named Brock Ruble.

    Go Pack!!!!!


    Wake Forest isn’t the only ACC school I want to see suck out loud, as someone said earlier. I want to see ALL of the ACC schools, except us of course, suck out loud, and lose every time they go OOC.

    This is John Swofford’s ACC now. It’s not mine anymore. Why should ANYONE wish good things on the other ACC members? That just makes Swofford look good.

    I want to see the ACC look like the Sun Belt Conference in the next decade.


    Well, the ACC is about to get a national champion, and Louisville joins next year with Charlie Strong (still) at the helm, unless Florida fires Muschamp. So with FSU, Clemson, and Louisville, well, this ain’t the Sun Belt. In fact, it is pretty darn strong.


    ” It will be a small miracle if DD can hold this class together. ”

    Dont let the end of the season stop the “woe is me” bemoaning.


    I’m glad the ACC is looking better, it will make the Pack look better when we move back up the ladder. Go Clemson! I hate the Buckeyes. Though I think both teams are overrated, I’m not sure what will happen in this game.

    And I doubt this years record will much effect the recruiting class. We have too many pessimists ready to write off DD.

    Wolfman 9806

    5. I have also updated my resume just in case next season is as bad as this one.


    Just curious… What record would prevent our recruiting class from being poached?

    4-8 (1-7)?
    5-7 (2-6)?

    Or did we have to be bowl eligible this year for DD to get a break from the fans?


    Maybe coach D gets it or maybe not. I think he does. At the least we do know he was left with a mostly bare cupboard and thus the hunt for a QB for the past year. If there is noticeable improvement next season I’m good. If not that seat will get incredibly hot because of “passionate fans”.


    You have to respect him addressing the issue; a lot of coaches just hide away until spring camp. The defense worried me more than anything this year, especially during the second half of the season. The offense is hard to judge until a real D1 QB is in the position. Time will tell, but I think in year 3 we’ll know how things are progressing.




    Thanks for the note DD, I think you are sincere. We’ll give you this year.
    Now deliver that recruiting class, and set the recruiting standard for our future classes.


    Hey Foose, it’s called reality. I’m pulling for DD as always but on field results count. The best athletes want to play for a winner and we’ve had a lot of visits without committing. I’ll give coach 3 years but he has to show something positive next year to sell to these kids. Finishing with 8 straight losses and getting worse with each one has to change. Feel good letters won’t cut it.


    According to the local sports radio Orange Bloods is saying that highly placed sources have told them that Mack Brown will step down.


    I got this last night….read it….thought about it and re-read it. I was impressed by the sincerity of it. It came from what I think is his heart and there was not flowery PR or professional editing. We have seen a LOT of that in the news and we also get it in the paper from politicians (both sides, but predominately one clan).

    Therefore, I took it at face value and emailed some folks at NCSU expressing my support.

    Now (and you guys know this), my letter would have been a tad longer….

    BUT, I might have put in the word “Far” as to far below our expectations….but I do NOT know what Coach D’s were.

    I think that 5 & 7 or maybe a 6 & 6 was what I had in mind with no bowl…and until we go to a DECENT bowl, I do not plan to travel.

    SO, I will give the letter an A. By my memory, Coach D is the TENTH (10th) HC since I matriculated to Raleigh do years ago this past September. That is a LOT of coaches….

    This is the first time that a coach has actually come out and addressed his less than lackluster season and presented a plan to improve…..what I concept.

    YES, he needs to win next year. BUT, he DOES get it and he IS SINCERE….

    As previously posted, go back and look at NIU and the coach (Kill?) before Doeren and Carey (after). Look at what Doeren did with a new staff and TALENT. He and his new staff also brought in Talent (Lynch might have been a Kill recruit)….but he and his staff WON with Kill’s talent. Kill took the staff with him and his record at MN is not stellar. Carey also, with his staff, won. OK…Doeren is no fool, he brought 6 of them here….

    SO, he and staff have a record…..when they have TALENT. If he can overcome the W/L issues that MAY impact recruiting, then next year looks pretty promising.

    What I also looked at….he RED SHIRTED a BUNCH (20). Now I do not know what the ratio or number is or has been…..but he knew that he could “get away” with a poor season this year and held some trump cards for 2014. That is pretty savvy….

    I’m with him and expect an improvement and will bet that Debbie Yow has made certain that she is not going to judge him on just ONE year….BUT…

    Tis the season to be JOLLY and also to quit MOANING. Jimmy V said that he had to “pump himself up” in the summer of 1982 as he had NOT done what he knew that he and his squad was capable of …..YET and that the fans would expect, as he did, a marked improvement in the 82-83 season. He talked about spending many days at the beach just looking over the stats and working on areas where he and his staff needed to make changes and also where they needed to improve the skill set of his players….


    Auburn was 3-9, 0-8 last year.

    It’s our destiny!


    Since formal writing seems to be order of the day and it’s Exam Week….
    Everybody’s grade has been posted and you may log into your account to see yours.

    FWIW … The “curve” on this football season was a 49.

    That said everybody, and I mean “everybody”, will need to write on the Blackboard…
    “I promise I will not do this again next season, I will do better!”

    … 100 times to successfully complete this football season.

    Once you have finished this last assignment, please remember Basketball has already started and mid-terms will be in three weeks.

    — Dr. Deb

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Love Fastback’s quote from the great Western philosopher Josey Wales. IIRC, it was before he headed off to negotiate peace with Ten Bears.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Hey, they gotta beat us too, pal.

    Virginia Wolf

    I’m hoping for the best next season, but I’m not sold yet. If there is marked improvement quickly, we’ll lose the first game vs Ga. So. Make no misake, I’m all in and will be in may seats pulling for the Pack but like Prowing Wuffie, “Show me!”

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