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September 16, 2011


Ryan Tice (
Game slowing for Mike Glennon

The most noticeable thing for Glennon between his first two college starts was how the game began to slow down against Wake Forest, although the ACC opponents offered a stiffer test than Liberty, members of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).

“I think Wake Forest is probably more athletic than Liberty but I felt the speed, for me, seemed slower,” he said. “With them being faster guys and the game feeling slower to me, that is always a good thing. I think it will continue to slow down as we progress.”

Ryan Tice (
Q&A: Tom O’Brien talks receivers and more

T.J., Tobais, and Mike Glennon were all in the same recruiting class, although you had to wait a while to get them all on the field at the same time, but what did you envision when you knew that they could be your future passing game?

I think that T.J. and Mike hit it off from the day they came to camp. It’s one of those things that T.J. finally found somebody who could throw the ball longer then he run to catch it. They’ve been looking forward to this opportunity and certainly Tobais has a lot of speed, he was a running back in high school so he’s still learning the wide out position. As we said earlier, it was a little different look, instead of the big, powerful guys at wideout, we’ve got some little speedier guys right now so that’s where we are.

Pack’s Grant dismissed from football team
Gottfried Prepares For Military Appreciation Day Jump

Gottfried will be teamed with Army Sergeant First Class Mike Elliott, the Rangers’ Group parachute team leader, who has over 9,000 solo jumps and over 3,000 tandem jumps to his credit. Elliott has twice jumped with President George H. Bush and also with actor Dennis Haysbert and NBA legend Karl Malone.

On Thursday morning, Elliott put Gottfried through a 45-minute pre-jump training at the Murphy Center, instructing the Wolfpack coach on the features of the safety equipment and parachute; on the proper way to exit the plane; what to do and not to do during the jump and landing procedure.
Football Players Visit Elementary School

Three members of the Wolfpack football squad took some time this afternoon to visit with fourth and fifth graders at Kingswood Elementary School in Cary. Audie Cole, Curtis Underwood and Wayne Crawford talked to the young people about the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork at an assembly in the school’s gym.

Following the assembly, the students will write essays about what they learned. They will be judged on content, writing style, organization and creativity by representatives of the university’s English Department.
Thursday Football Notebook

Matt Carter (
Wolfpack commitments in action


Inside Wolfpack Sports

In today’s episode, Don Shea visits with Quarterback Mike Glennon after practice.

Ryan Tice (
The Wolfpacker Podcast: South Alabama preview

In the newest installment of The Wolfpacker Podcast, editor Matt Carter joins host Ryan Tice to give a quick scouting report on safety commit Josh Sessoms from Bailey (N.C.) Southern Nash High and preview two possible official visitors for the South Alabama contest. We also recap what went wrong in the loss to Wake Forest and preview Saturday’s tilt with the Jaguars from South Alabama. In addition, editor Jacey Zembal joins The Wolfpacker Podcast to wrap up with a game of over/under.

Riddick and Reynolds
R&R Podcast: Episode 18

Episode 18 is just your typical Riddick & Reynolds Podcast episode: a discussion about our men’s basketball coach skydiving into Carter-Finley, Chuck discussing Rocky Mountain Oysters and the second installment of The Sniff Ratings.

Oh, and we do say a few words here or there about the Wake Forest debacle.


Al Featherston (ACCSportsJournal)
Saturday Is ACC’s Chance To Shine

Brett Friedlander (
What the other guys are saying


Texas, ACC a good fit

It’s not out of the question that the school could stay put and use its clout to reinvent the Big 12 by helping to recruit from Conference USA and maybe the SEC. The Longhorns could go to the Pac-10 or take advantage of a lucrative television network and become an independent, like Notre Dame.

According to the report out of Austin, talks between Texas and the ACC have yet to reach a mature stage. But the overall uncertainty has reportedly led to action by at least one ACC school. The Palm Beach Post reported Tuesday that Florida State has formed an exploratory committee to evaluate its conference options, including a possible move to the SEC.

Brett Friedlander (
Relax, Texas is just using the ACC as leverage

Is anybody out there really buying this Texas to the ACC malarkey?

It’s an intriguing possibility, for sure, especially from a football standpoint.

And as card-carrying traditionalist, I’m all for any idea that will help keep the league’s base intact – even if it means expanding the definition of “Atlantic Coast” 1,200 miles to the Lone Star State.


NCAA’s follow-up visit over at UNC

NCAA personnel visited North Carolina (2-0) to conduct follow-up work related to the investigation of the football program.

The NCAA was not in town Thursday, team spokesman Kevin Best said.

Details of the reasons for the visit were not disclosed, and Best referred all other questions to the NCAA. In an email Wednesday, NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said that in order to protect the integrity of an investigation, the NCAA cannot comment on an inquiry.

North Carolina officials are preparing a response to NCAA allegations of nine major violations in the football program involving impermissible benefits and academic fraud.

The school’s written response to those allegations – which university officials have said they will make public – is due Monday.

UNC expecting ‘full allotment of players’ for Virginia game


Andrea Adelson (
Boise State gets three years’ probation

The Boise State football program will be docked nine scholarships over a three-year period, and the athletic department must serve three years’ probation as a result of widespread rules violations, the NCAA announced Tuesday.

Boise State had already self-imposed the probationary period in the wake of violations involving more than 75 prospects and student-athletes across five different sports. The NCAA added six scholarship reductions in football to the three the school had already taken away and cited the school for “lack of institutional control.”


Dan Wiederer (Fayetteville Observer)

Final farewell: My Five Favorite Players to Interview

Final farewell: The Five Best Tobacco Road Players I covered

Final Farewell: Three of the Stupidest Things I Wrote

Final Farewell: Three of the Smarter Things I Wrote


Kinston to bid Indians team adieu

With a cold front bearing down, it was the end of summer. With the Kinston Indians in the third game of the Mills Cup Championship Series, it was nearly the end of baseball season. With no new team in sight for Grainger Stadium, it felt like the end of an era.

The K-Tribe took to the field Thursday night in the third game of the best-of-five series tied one-to-one with the Frederick Keys of Maryland. It was bittersweet for the team and its fans; by Saturday, the Indians could be the 2011 Carolina League champions, their last championship in Kinston.

However the series ends, when it’s over, the Indians will leave for their new home at Five County Stadium in Zebulon.

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55 Responses to Friday Farrago

  1. packhammer 09/16/2011 at 10:09 PM #

    Good thing we have a game tomorrow. I swear if we had an open date this week TOB would be fired by the middle of next week! Let’s wait until we see what he can do this season before going all crazy.

  2. JeremyH 09/16/2011 at 11:12 PM #

    If you truly want to have a debate about this, then try to back it up with interesting data. Something interesting like “the data reflects that 80% of the time the record after 5 years is an accurate indicator of the record for the next 5 years”. That’s more interesting than “.500 is not good enough” vs. “but last year starts a trend of improvement” following by “TOB must go” vs. “no he shouldn’t” and so on. I’m not saying interesting data is easy to find or crunch, but clearly you have the interest and time : )

  3. NCStatePride 09/16/2011 at 11:32 PM #

    Hmmm… well, I have conducted a few analyses (example) regarding O’Brien’s performance and it backs up what I’ve been saying here… O’Brien is a coach with a great history that hasn’t really “brought the wow factor” to NC State. Doesn’t mean we need to ax him but… well, as you said we should back up our claims with analysis, so I’ll borrow a line from my last article on the matter…

    “Two out of the three analyses conclude that O’Brien is on the right track and taking beloved NC State where she needs to be. […] While a record of 8-4 would bring him in a transitional position between the lower echelon coaches and the high echelon coaches, a 6-6 record would [make] him appear to have more of the “up and down” trend of a Mike O’Cain.”

    So, yes, a lot of this already has been covered by in-depth analysis, at least the points I keep speaking to. The reason I keep harping on the FACTS is because when you look at them, the only conclusion you can draw is that O’Brien’s results this season will really personify last year as the beginning of the NC State program really turning the corner, or a flash in the pan.

  4. swfncsu 09/17/2011 at 9:51 AM #

    @sundrop- no one would discount years 1-3 of Lowe’s tenure because he didn’t have a “year 4.” If TOB had 0 bowl games, 1 win against UNC, and no end season ranking…I don’t think there would be any debate that he’d be gone (barring the year 5 miracle we all expected from Sid) after this year.

    Analysts take years out of context all the time. Look what they did to Bowden during FSU’s later decline…they consistently pointed out what Bowden had done in the last 3/4/5 seasons rather than his whole body of work to point out that the time had come for a change.

    They’ll do the same thing with TOB. If years 5-10 reflect year 4, then years 1-3 will be considered his “rebuilding years”. If years 5 and 6 reflect 1-3, then they’ll point out his total body of work with year 4 considered a fluke.

    I really wish we had a game this weekend that might actually shed some light on how bad/average/good we can be the rest of the season, because this “easy schedule” has suddenly started to look daunting in light of the WF game.

  5. erichack 09/17/2011 at 11:25 AM #

    Heads up…ESPN/CBS is reporting that both Syracuse and Pitt are asking for consideration to join the ACC…Based on what i am seeing in the reports, this appears to be a done deal per both ACC and Big East officials…huge day for the ACC with both this news and the possibilities with four non conference ranked teams coming to the ACC home fields…

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