Wednesday Woolgathering

August 10, 2011


JP Giglio (N&O)
Players start nonprofit chapter

Wayne Crawford graduated from N.C. State in May and could have coasted through his final college football season.

The Wolfpack’s backup center wanted to do more, though, not less. So Crawford, along with quarterback Mike Glennon and receiver T.J. Graham, started a chapter of Uplifting Athletes, a nonprofit agency that works with college football players to raise money to fight rare diseases.

Sammy Batten (Fayetteville Observer)
College Football Recruiting: Coach gives N.C. State another star

The last time Kevin Wilson sent a player to N.C. State he turned out to be the No. 1 pick in the National Football League draft.
Wilson’s latest contribution to the Wolfpack is no Mario Williams, but he certainly has star potential.

Defensive tackle K’Hadree Hooker, who plays for Wilson at South Lenoir High School near Kinston, became the latest addition to N.C. State’s recruiting Class of 2012 Friday. Hooker chose the Wolfpack over Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. Those schools had offered scholarships along with Arkansas, Auburn, Duke, East Carolina, Louisville, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Vanderbilt.

Akula Wolf (
SirChauncey And The Sun Blocker — A Glance At Liberty’s Impact Players

Which teammate has the funniest nickname and how’d he get it?

The team-mate who has the funniest nickname would have to be Sirchauncey Hollaway, in which we call “Gutta”. And no one gave him that nickname. He just called himself that so much that we just starting calling him that as well. He’s from this small town in Florida called plant city where they grow strawberry’s at, so I don’t know how her came up with this name.

A couple things here. Number one, you can’t give yourself a nickname. It doesn’t work that way. It shouldn’t be put up with under any circumstances and should be especially poo-pooed within the context of organized sports, which rely on nicknames for camaraderie and all forms of spoken communication.

Secondly, the guy’s name is SirChauncey–you have great material that’s been put on a platter for you. That pretty much is a nickname. You’re 90% there without having to do anything. There’s got to be a Chaucer or a knight or a crusader avenue that contains endless possibilities. “Gutta” — this is nothing but wasted opportunity and should be discarded. It’s like looking right past the gift present in the name “Dick Trickle” and calling the former driver “The Accelerator” or something similar. Just an inexcusable waste.

Andrew Jones (
ACC Rankings: Wide Receiver

10 – N.C. State – For now, the Wolfpack finds itself down here simply because it has no real proven receiver on the roster. T.J. Graham has corralled in 53 balls in his career, but he’s also underachieved. Seldom-used seniors and enticing youngins sill dot the depth chart. Remember this name, though: Tobias Palmer.


Lou Pascucci (
Torian Graham’s Decommitment: What does it mean for NC State?

According to Graham the decommitment was due to the fact that he felt he rushed his decision and wanted to be recruited by more schools. Funny, because it was only a few weeks ago that Graham told us he was 100% happy with his decision and couldn’t wait to don the Wolfpack red. Graham also said yesterday that while NC State is still in the mix, Kentucky has become his new favorite.

So what really happened between Graham and the Wolfpack?


Steven Lassan and Mitch Light (
Who Will Coach North Carolina in 2012?

It’s really no surprise North Carolina decided to end Butch Davis’ tenure. However, the timing of his firing was odd. With the 2011 season just a month away, the Tar Heels are scrambling and enter the year with a lot of uncertainty.

Although North Carolina’s last season of double-digit wins came in 1997, this is still a top five job in the ACC. There’s really no natural replacement that jumps to mind in Chapel Hill, but Athlon has 15 names to watch and some wildcards in the coaching search for 2012.

Adam Powell (
Fox weighs in on UNC situation

Fox says that he hasn’t had to do a whole lot of defending of UNC to outsiders, and he believes that its just a matter of time before the University moves forward with its reputation fully intact.

“I haven’t had to speak to that too much (having to defend UNC), thank goodness,” he said. “I don’t feel that I have to defend the University of North Carolina. I don’t know that our reputation has ever been at stake. I just think this is something that could happen on any campus, and we will move past it. I think we will be better off because of it.”

“It’s just happened to us, and it’s shocking because UNC has been the leader in being able to balance athletics and academics in such a positive and great way—we’ve been one of the leaders—but it’s happened to us and we have to deal with it and we’ll be better off for it, I think,” Fox continued.

UNC Football Polling (Public Policy Polling)

-UNC fans think that Butch Davis did a good job as coach, but they still support his firing. There’s no doubt that Davis got the team headed in the right direction on the field after the dark days of the Carl Torbush and John Bunting years and Tar Heel partisans appreciate him for it. 41% approve of the job he did as coach to only 21% disapproving, with 39% not taking a side. Those describing themselves as ‘hardcore’ UNC fans are particularly supportive of the job Davis did with 65% approving and only 19% disapproving.

Despite the on field success though 36% of fans support Davis’ firing with 27% opposed and 37% having no opinion. UNC alumni are particularly supportive of the decision, agreeing with it by a 50/32 margin. There is a significant divide though based on respondents’ level of fandom. Those describing themselves as ‘hardcore’ fans disagree with Davis’ firing by a 44/40 margin. They only account for 22% of the fan base though and those describing themselves as moderately big UNC fans (42/27) and casual ones (26/18) both support the firing.

Aaron Schoonmaker (
Rules, enforcement on Chancellor Thorp’s agenda at retreat

Wednesday’s meetings will address continued expectations for student-athlete academic success including initial eligibility standards, academic fraud and other topics as well as institution accountability and integrity.

All three areas of discussion are of particular interest to Thorp. UNC is one of a handful of universities across the country at the Division I level that has come under recent investigation by the NCAA. Allegations of against the UNC football program include academic improprieties, agent dealings and illegal benefits. Thorp and other representatives of UNC will be back in Indianapolis again on Oct. 28 for a hearing on the allegations.

One of the things that Thorp wants to address while at the retreat is how the NCAA handles enforcement after violations are found.

“Obviously that’s something that we’ve been experiencing in Chapel Hill. Are there ways we can do that better?” Thorp said. “There’s been a lot of discussion about the collegiate model. Could we do something that could help the student-athlete have a more normal college life?

“And then just the rulebook in general, the NCAA has got a pretty extensive rulebook,” Thorp continued. “And, you know, it’s hard. You know there are people coming in to get all those rules straight.”

MICHAEL MAROT ( AP Sports Writer)
NCAA calls for new scholarship rules at retreat

NCAA President Mark Emmert wants to cash in on the appetite for change that has been sweeping through major college athletics.

He believes scholarship funding should include more money for athletes. He expects universities to spend revenue more efficiently. He’s even willing to shrink the NCAA’s rule book.

And he contends all of it should be done now.

“There is a clear commitment on my part and on behalf of all of the presidents that we convert these conversations into action and we do so rapidly,” Emmert said Tuesday, after the first day of a two-day presidential retreat. “People are really in the mood to make changes, and I think that’s what you’re going to see. We want to do things thoughtfully. But doing them thoughtfully doesn’t mean that they cannot be done rapidly, and doing them rapidly doesn’t mean they can’t be done thoughtfully.”

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Class of '98, Mechanical Engineer, State fan since arriving on campus and it's been a painful ride ever since. I live by the Law of NC State Fandom, "For every Elation there is an equal and opposite Frustration."

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19 Responses to Wednesday Woolgathering

  1. tuckerdorm1983 08/10/2011 at 7:05 AM #

    Players start non-profit. Compare that to cupcakes and traffic tickets.

  2. Daily Update 08/10/2011 at 7:29 AM #

    Why do we need changes? Why can’t we just expect people to follow the rules?

  3. ppack3 08/10/2011 at 7:34 AM #

    “It’s just happened to us, and it’s shocking because UNC has been the leader in being able to balance athletics and academics in such a positive and great way—we’ve been one of the leaders—but it’s happened to us and we have to deal with it and we’ll be better off for it, I think,” Fox continued.

    We didn’t DO anything! These nine major violations sought us out and “happened to us.” Can’t everyone see that we had no hand in this fiasco? It just happened! Let’s move on, please. It could’ve happened anywhere, on any campus in the country. But, it chose us. So, we are forced to put our reputation on the line for the sake of reform. Your welcome, ‘rest of NCAA membership institutions!’ You all can pat us on the back when it’s your turn. Just take a number and file into the back of the line. You’ll get your turn to thank us. – UNC

  4. GAWolf 08/10/2011 at 8:45 AM #

    This morning that Erin chick from WRAL was on the radio because she’s at this symposium garbage or whatever it is for the NCAA… the party line is now clearly that UNC’s troubles are a problem with the rules.

    It’s absurd.

  5. projectwentynine 08/10/2011 at 8:56 AM #

    It’s the S&P’s fault!

  6. Hungwolf 08/10/2011 at 9:16 AM #

    You can’t expect a bunch of Swahili majors that couldn’t pass an honest Evelyn Wood Speed reading course to comprehend the NCAA rule book?

    100 plus institutions of higher learning have read and complied with the NCAA rule book for Division 1 football. Only a bunch of “basketball jones” at UNC-Cheat would say, “them thar rules to hard to understands” and this from the head man!

    Thorpe: “you know there are people coming in to get all those rules straight.” Wow! Just when you think he couldn’t say anything dumber. Yea it is called an NCAA investigation, because the people employeed at UNC-CHeat like your AD, compliance officer, and head football coach didn’t care about the rules and made their own. He just said the people paid by UNC to make sure the rules were followed didn’t do their jobs. WoW!

  7. runwiththepack 08/10/2011 at 9:33 AM #

    There, there, now, Chancellor Thorp – it’s ok. No one knows why bad things “happen to” good people.

    In Raleigh we understand. Selling sneakers and complimentary game tickets “happened to us” at NCSU a few years ago.

    Everyone is reeeeeeal understanding about these things, aren’t they, State fans? We got nothing but well-wishing, and even some hugs, when troubles found there way to NCSU.

  8. packof81 08/10/2011 at 10:08 AM #

    So now that they’ve been caught in an egregious pattern of cheating, they want to change the rules. After all, it just “happened to them” and gosh, it can happen to anyone. I mean, everyone’s doing it, right? And all those pesky rules! It’s too hard to keep up with that big NCAA rule book.

  9. LRM 08/10/2011 at 11:09 AM #

    The Carolina Way will not tolerate criticism or judgment from the lowly among us.

  10. LRM 08/10/2011 at 11:11 AM #

    Does anyone else note the irony in the Flagship being a champion of lower standards so they can adhere to them?

  11. TheCOWDOG 08/10/2011 at 11:27 AM #

    DU, I’m all for scholarship changes that potentially arise out of the conclave meetings. However, the rules regarding compliances seem to be just fine to me.

    Like you said…just comply like 90+% of the whole body does.

    GA and LRM. I found Thorp’s words absolutely true to form.

    EDIT: And Fox can kiss my ass then look over his shoulder.

    At Carolina, the problem is with the individual, never the environment…Ever.

  12. STLPack01 08/10/2011 at 2:09 PM #

    Somebody tell me now UNC is a top 5 football program in the ACC. In what universe?

  13. PackerInRussia 08/10/2011 at 2:33 PM #

    As a victim of the rules being broken on their campus, UNC should be put in charge of all decisions regarding future NCAA rules. What a brave group they are for enduring this test of character and exhibiting such moral fortitude.

    I watched an interview with Ahmadinejad last week on Euronews and the way he talked sounded strangely familiar. First, any question about things in his country that were wrong (example: imprisoning dissidents) were met with answers that basically said, “Everyone’s doing it” (every democracy has prisons). Second, he kept trying to identify his country’s ways with a higher way: (“as a democracy…” “you know we’re just like other democracies,” etc.). Third, he took issue with focusing on his country’s problems and instead tried to point out problems in Western countries. And then I look today and there’s Ahmadinejad trying to take on the role of moral compass by condemning Britain’s response to protesters. Sounds like he and Thorp are calling plays from the same book: “Advanced Deflection Strategies.” (or maybe Ahmadinejad’s just a big UNC fan; he may be wearing an “I Support Butch” T under his shirt)

  14. Hungwolf 08/10/2011 at 2:57 PM #

    Hope the NCAA noticed the pompous, arrogrant, and openly defiant statements by Thorpe. He bascially stated in the article the NCAA should be answering to Chancellors not the other way around. I really believe the UNX crowd not ever thought the NCAA would ever dare come to investigate them, that the NCAA would just take their word for anything like it always has until now. Hope the NCAA takes notice and sticks it to that pompous lying cheating a-holes!

    I am sure UNX’s new defense now will be that yes they broke the rules, but shouldn’t be punished for rules that were changed or should be changed!

  15. Virginia Wolf 08/10/2011 at 3:25 PM #

    The Whiners are coming out again! It’s never their fault! Someone else is to blamne! Give me a break! Follow the rules and quit trying to convince everyone you are the victim!!! Even if everyone else does it (Which they don’t), you should still follow the rules!!! The arrogance that continues just amazes me! I thought maybe Thorpe would change but never admit that anything UNX is wrong! Its the “Carolina Way!” I hope the NCAA is making note of all this and will stick them even more sanctions! And yeah, in what Universe is UNX a top 5 football team in the ACC???

  16. Hungwolf 08/10/2011 at 3:39 PM #

    VaWolf. That would be the UNX media losers universe. That top 5 program at the Hill hasn’t had a winning ACC record in football since 2004 and is 43-51 the last 13 years since Mack Brown left for what UNX fans called an inferior program at Texas. Mr. “UNC fans want you back” Davis never produced a winning record any year in conference play something even Torbush did once and Bunting did twice.

    I don’t see UNC as ever being a football school.

    I’d rank it this way: 1) FSU, 2) Miami, 3) Va. Tech, 4) Ga. Tech, 5)Clemson, 6) NCSU, 6) tie Maryland, 6) tie Virginia, 9) BC 10) UNC 11) Wake 12) Duke

  17. JeremyH 08/10/2011 at 5:08 PM #

    That’s really interesting. For those purely interested in football, all that basketball dominance by UNC and Duke over the past twenty years really doesn’t matter at all. (And for that matter, none of it matters for those who don’t care for NCAA sport fandom. What a way to live!)

  18. BureauOfMines 08/10/2011 at 7:02 PM #

    When the athletes UNC gets don’t meet their standards, they lower their standards.

    Thorpe needs a good, swift whack with the clue stick.

  19. JSRy2k 08/11/2011 at 2:37 AM #

    “…Remember this name, though: Tobias Palmer.”
    I think Palmer – or someone else in the receiving crew – stepping up could be a key to our offense being great rather than merely good.

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